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  1. Newcastle city council are taking pity on me for being a tit and refunding my parking tickets
  2. Aside from parking tickets, had an amazing weekend in Newcastle, got to see one of my new favourite bands (Slow Club, they are on 6Music in 20 mins if you havent heard them, theyre amazin!), had a great time with a fit lad and made some new friends who il also be seeing at Glasto Also im a bridesmaid in 3 days, rockness in 9 days, and will be setting off for glasto in 2 weeks and 6 days woop woop! Im pretty happy right now
  3. i didnt say anything derogatory :O

  4. *Insert vaguely derogatory comment after seeing your's from last month*

  5. well one of my friends knows someone who is selling a ticket so hopefully i'll get it :D:D xx

  6. coolio, u got a ticket? or just plannin to get one? x

  7. jilly, Might be going to T in The Park noww :D:D

    eee... im soo excited now! haha


  8. haha my hair is currently red.
  9. i think it might be herbal essences that i use.. cannae mind tho. just know its pink and green.
  10. Id love to be able to leave my hair to do its own thing! its naturally curly but very frizzy! Yeh i love my hair curly or wavy, thought if i leave it to do it iself it just goes like a pure bush, but to actually style it into waves or curls takes longer than straightening it
  11. im happy now because im off to Bournemouth for 5 nights, not quite turkey but may as well make the best of a bad situation and one of my best friends from when i lived in America lives in Bournemouth so i may get to see him for the first time in 2 years just praying for sunshine now
  12. haha! I had a few pints in the pub this afternoon, then just now when we got a phone call to say our holiday was cancelled I was awfy upset and he offered to go get me cider
  13. My dad is on the way back from the shop with cider for me
  14. and i still think you have red cat ears! ;o)