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  1. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Anyone know what Primary Entry is? Is it just like Airport Queue Jump?
  2. Iffy Turnouts

    Ride was very empty due to royal blood
  3. Distance walked

    My Fitbit says 87 miles Wednesday to Sunday. Would obviously include dancing though!
  4. Lost my Glastonbury ticket. How can I still get in

    Yeah I had to go there when my wristband was cut off in my sleep that was a horrible few hours not knowing if they'd let me back in. Luckily I still had my ticket and after a few questions about who I'd bought tickets with etc they let me back in
  5. Silly accessories

    We're having a Leia off at the top of the park on Thurs afternoon
  6. ClashFest 2017

    RTJ finish at 5.15, I reckon you could easily get to West Holts by 5.30 for Toots, weather depending. that's certainly my plan
  7. Breakfast recommendations

    Scone in 60 seconds?
  8. Who or what is the Big Secret ? Poll

    I put Other as I think it's Stevie Nicks
  9. The state of the ground.

    You lot will have the Soil Council after you
  10. "Really big secret"

    Page and Plant playing with Grohl and the lads?
  11. confirmed food vendors 2017

    Le Rac shack are there again thankfully! https://www.leracshack.com/
  12. First Time Driving

    If you've got people in the car who also can drive consider getting them put on your policy for a week so you can share driving home if necessary. It's usually only £20 or so but if you suddenly get tired in a queue it can be a lifesaver.
  13. Why no Stereophonics?

    Why no Spin Doctors?
  14. is it just me

    Bit disappointed, plenty I'd like to see but most I've seen before. Might have to weigh it up
  15. Daft Punk


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