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  1. Murder at Bestival

    With suspicion being the relevant word not murder, the police have explained the reason for the arrest - to interview under caution, if they interviewed him informally and it turned out he was responsible that evidence may be challenged, seems to me the arrest is a procedural thing rather than proof she was murdered. (doesn't mean she wasn't either). Very sad in any case.
  2. Murder at Bestival

    Some pretty big assumptions being made in this thread, that article doesn't say anything about anyone being murdered, they don't yet know the cause of death or the circumstances surrounding it, the reason for the arrest is also explained. May well be a drug related death.
  3. V Festival banning stage times?

    Quite a few festivals don't publish stage times and then charge for the lanyard, here's a tip, go to the mixing desk, the sound man will almost always have a printed list at the side readable from a distance, take a pic or write them down. Won't work for a big multi stage festival but for the smaller ones with just 1 or 2 big stages it can be worth the effort.
  4. Workers Rights at Glasto under Question

    You are quite right there is absolutely no need for people to be traveling from other countries to do this type of work, there are thousands out of work in Bristol who could have been doing it. The fact that they have come here in the hope of getting the same amount of work they got last year is unfortunate, the 'litter harvest' failed so there were no 'crops' to pick, it's an act of god (weather) and maybe a sign that the punters are becoming more responsible, protesting because they didn't get the work they were expecting is futile, it simply was bad luck for them. This situation has nothing in common with Zero Hour Contracts where your 'victorian' comment is spot on - the cherished EU workers rights people were afraid of losing via brexit are worked around or ignored by many employers, this is where Labour should be concentrating their attentions.
  5. Workers Rights at Glasto under Question

    http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/glastonbury-festival-litter-pickers-statement/ It wasn't a zero hours contract, 8 hours guaranteed.
  6. Kris Kristofferson.....

  7. Sexual Assauly at Silver Hayes

    I've been going to gigs for over 40 years and this has not been an issue until recently as far as i'm aware (though i'm sure there have been a few isolated incidents in the past). Maybe it's because there are more girls attending on their own or with female friends than there were in the old days when most girls were with a male friend so they are now seen as easy prey, whatever the reason, if bands are having to tell the audience not to grope girls there is something seriously wrong. This behavior could result in innocent blokes being accused of touching as it is next to impossible to move through a busy crowd without making contact with people, This needs reporting to security each and every time it happens and the offenders reported to the police, once a few get prosecuted (or even just ejected from gigs) the message will start to get through. If guys see this happening at a gig they need to get involved and put a stop to it.
  8. Nice Surprises

    Nice to see Toots and the Maytels at the truth stage after missing the west holts slot, wasn't expecting that!
  9. Should Flags be Banned?

    You could do what the 'help for heroes' flag dick did, use cable ties to tie it to the security barrier so he didn't have the inconvenience of having to hold it, was able to sit in his chair and cause other people trying to get through the crowd problems, what a hero.
  10. Name and Shame

    If the Police were involved they should have taken out the girls too and questioned them, it's an offence to make false accusations of a crime (carrying a knife). Really sickening that they got away with this.
  11. Campervans at Bath & West - what was it like?

    Forgot to mention the other big advantage, no queuing to get on to site or off on Monday, straight out onto the main road,
  12. Campervans at Bath & West - what was it like?

    Stayed in west campervan fields last year and would have done so this year if I could have got in, Bath & West had some advantages (quiet, hot showers, flushing loos) but the time taken to get to site and back on a night took too much time from the day for me. Realistically it was an hour each way all told so 2 hours taken from the time available on site. We usually end up at the Avalon / Green Fields end at night so the trek to gate A to get back was a pain. I'm seriously considering not using the campervan in future and going back to camping on site.

    They can't legally cancel your holiday at 2 days notice, there is a 50% rule for cancellation of booked holiday time, if you book a holiday 6 months in advance they have until 3 months before to cancel it, if you booked it 2 weeks ago the deadline for cancellation was 1 week ago. Speak to HR.
  14. George Michael wtf? Jesus 2016.

    Wasn't really a fan of his music, but he was one of the few to publicly denounce Blair over Iraq at the time, this interview is quite revealing, Hard to disagree with anything he has to say here, very astute guy.
  15. I've had to book for the B&W showground as my preferred West campervan option had gone, GFL haven't given a great deal of info other than there will be a 24hr shuttle. I'm assuming it will run from Wednesday morning but will you be able to go on site on Monday? Will it run to gate A only or are there other options? Anyone use it this year and have any advice? How long does it take? How long do you have to wait between buses? Any info welcome.
  16. Bath and West showground questions

    All sounds good, may well be a better option all round, especially if it's muddy!
  17. Bath and West showground questions

    Thanks for that Stuwilky, when I said can you get on site Monday I meant the Monday after the festival, there won't be much demand to go back on site so I guess there won't be a shuttle?
  18. Glastocam!

    If they do it will be partially covered by the mixing desk fence and delay towers.
  19. Does anyone know where the drop off/pick up point is for the B&W showground shuttle? Would it be an easier journey than the walk up to campervan west? Just considering the options.
  20. GlastoMap - new version

    Google maps shows the latest photo, you can still see the site in festival mode on google earth if you use the history function and go back to 2014.
  21. 2017 Ticket Sale

    Anyone have any opinion of the role cloudflare play in the seetickets setup? The images on the busy page are hosted by cloudflare and they are a specialist in anti ddos attack response. I am of the opinion that very few f5 pings actually reach see's servers, I think most of them are redirected/ignored any thoughts?
  22. 2017 Ticket Sale

    Turns out you were right! If they were switching between text and image pages that would defeat ANY auto refreshers not just refreshinator, very useful info for future sales.
  23. 2017 Ticket Sale

    ? That doesn't make any sense, if the page was being changed to an image to defeat refreshinator it wouldn't do so if it sent the regular page first, the user could still select the text to monitor, any later image busy pages would be ignored. If the busy page was to be an image they would all be an image not just a random selection. (unless the idea was to allow SOME refreshinator users to be sucessful). Ignore that! of course it would work, as refreshinator is looking for the text to disappear. it would then load the image busy page. Very clever seetickets.
  24. 2017 Ticket Sale

    It's over if you got a ticket, if not there's all the fun of the resale and the secret resales. Glad I got mine! Seetickets haven't changed the core booking system for years they may well use the fallow year to try to end the stupid F5 "arms race" that is currently overrunning the system, I hope they don't as i've never failed yet with it but plenty of people find it pretty unprofessionally run.
  25. 2017 Ticket Sale

    If you right click and select "view page source" you can see the page code, you can also select part of the text if you wish, that is how refreshinator was supposed to work.