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  1. I've just travelled from Anglesey to Manchester to catch the 10am coach tomorrow morning. My mate has travelled up from London to do the same Few beers tonight! Excited!
  2. Wow sweaty balls alert
  3. No, 2007 was worse.
  4. Tough crowd this, feel for him!
  5. He sounds shit to me
  6. I like it when the guitar bit starts!
  7. Depends on underfoot conditions, dry 30 to 40mins through the crowds, muddy double or treble it.
  8. Radiohead Sasha & Digweed Justice
  9. Dust please.. Where do I sign up?
  10. Altern8 are back again?
  11. Im on that coach too!
  12. Oh how'd I love a spinning plates piano version!
  13. 8! 9 this year. Everyone since 2007 apart from 2014.
  14. Bloom, Myxomatosis and the gloaming can all be dropped please