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  1. The XX

    Loud Places was absolutely amazing everyone around me was loving it!
  2. Did you leave a trace?

  3. Iffy Turnouts

    It was one of the smallest I've seen in the 9 years Ive been.
  4. Top 5 Acts

    Radiohead The XX Justice Royal Blood Foo Fighters
  5. Suicide Tuesday

    I could burst into tears at any moment!
  6. Surprises

    New stuff? They only played two from their latest release. Swap reckoner for creep and it was perfect
  7. New security measures in place

    Same here arrived on coach, no search, camping next to my mates caravan in east. Not been searched once.
  8. The National

    Oh yes can't fecking wait for this tonight.
  9. Confirmed secret sets 2017

  10. Thursday arrival - how are you coping?

    I've just travelled from Anglesey to Manchester to catch the 10am coach tomorrow morning. My mate has travelled up from London to do the same Few beers tonight! Excited!
  11. Weather 2017

    Wow sweaty balls alert
  12. Weather 2017

    No, 2007 was worse.
  13. Liam and Noel playing tonight

    Tough crowd this, feel for him!
  14. Liam and Noel playing tonight

    He sounds shit to me