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  1. Anyone there yet?
  2. Duck tape and a sharpie?
  3. I would try Pylon or Darble. Usually plenty of space there. Most other places you may struggle to camp together. Good luck!
  4. One of our best moments too Paul!
  5. He did this at West Holts last year. Love them!
  6. Looks like campervan tickets are on sale!
  7. I'm retired!
  8. Going with all the family to celebrate my 60th and 10th Glastonbury. My husband, our 3 kids and partners, sister-in-law and partner, another couple of 50somethings and our 4yr old granddaughter. Only two of the group are glastonbury virgins. Can not wait!
  9. Bump! We are a family group of 11 adults and one 4 year old. We tried unsuccessfully for tipis and family camping is our plan B. Our first choice would be Cockmills, how did others find it last year?
  10. Doing 5:2 and 4 dry days a week. Trying to walk every day between 3 and 6 miles. So far it's working. I have lost 4lb and hope to keep losing 1lb a week. I want to lose weight to improve my health and general fitness. I'm 60 this year and want to look and feel good Keep it up everyone.
  11. Never heard of the Saxon Market area!?
  12. Thanks. Odered 2!
  13. Please let this happen
  14. We just put our tent up in the garden. Thought we should check it over as it hasn't been used since 2014 as we have been in our campervan for 3 Glastonburys. If it had turned out to have gone mouldy we could have looked for an end of season bargain. On inspection, it just needs a few pole sections replacing so our 15 year old tent will see it's 7th Glastonbury next June. Happy days!
  15. Looks like 6_8 person scout tents are all that's available