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  1. Boomtown Festival 2015

    Yep - that was my booking. We had a few last minute ones pull - bands split, couldn't make it etc. This was after the whole thing had gone to press. Times and line-ups were outside the venue each day on the blackboard. Like Kerplunk said, these things happen, frustrating though it is
  2. Once Upon a Time in the West Festival

    and....and The Carny Villains !!!! Ticket update .. We have plenty of adult & car passes left, as we have upped the numbers on the license, but please bear in mind that we've already sold more tickets than for the whole of last years sell out event ( was on a smaller 499 cap) Of other tickets, we have left... 5 x 12 and under tickets, 3 x youth tickets & 17 x live-in vehicle passes. Word is very much out & about on this one....set to be a top Westcountry party
  3. Once Upon a Time in the West Festival

    Soo - more updates... Flipron have now been added to the bill, we have a new website ( although still being added to ) at www.outwestfestival.co.uk and we also have a brand spanking new licence, all signed off and sealed - splendid
  4. Once Upon a Time in the West Festival

    Sooo, for those of you not on FB here's a quick band update and in no particular order Meow Meows Doghouse BB The Boot Hill All Stars Inbredz Screaming Miss Jackson & the Slap ya Momma Big Band Shootin The Crow Curtis Ellers American Circus Johnny Cage & Voodoo Groove Poor Old Dogs Goat Ropers Rodeo Band JC & Hopeess Sinners United Stoats of America Quinns Quinney The Tatsmiths Cut Capers Zen Hussies Railroad Bill Ushti Babar JUnior Bill & The Scallies Rhythmites Los Albertos Hot Tin Roofs Buffos Wake Hodmaddodery Jack Ratts Gaz Brookfield Electro Swing/Ghetto Funk DJ's - Don Johnston ( Electro Swing, Glitch Hop etc) Slim Shaney ( Ghetto Funk from Shane Eat Static/Circus Warp) & more bands and DJ's tba!! plus real ales, handmade ciders, premium lagers, quality vittals and random nonsense all set in the Wiltshire Heartlands
  5. Once Upon a Time in the West Festival

    Happy New Year All. It would appear that half the country was struck down with man-flu of some sort or other, so just to cheer people up , we had a bit of an early release over the season. Here's what happened... Here it is....you asked for more Reggae/Dub, so for us the choice was obvious!.....if you didn't catch them first time round now's your chance..25years since the release of their first album, with an international career taking them to festivals all over the UK and into Europe..we are ecstaticly pleased that they can do the gig it's West Country Legends.... Rhythmites!!!!!!
  6. Once Upon a Time in the West Festival

    Yep - now with added Zen Hussies & Los Albertos!!
  7. Once Upon a Time in the West Festival

    Tickets on sale now here - http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/850585 All in, a quarter have now gone Just sayin.......
  8. Once Upon a Time in the West Festival

    thanks for that
  9. Once Upon a Time in the West Festival

    Sorry...sorry - a tad tardy with the news.......One of us has been in Europe scouring all the little events out there for the weird and wonderful for Glastonbury, Bath Fringe and OUT West...and others have been running areas at Boomtown, etc and pulling in all the feedback from this year's festy. Soooo.... Firstly, we'd like to say thank-you to all the brilliant crew, security, medics, bands, DJ's, Sally Croissant Neuf, G-Stages, R&B Marquees and Malinkeys, all of whom dug out to help us get this of the ground. Secondly we would like to thanks all the punters - we've had nothing but great feedback from the Village, Farm, local shops about how tidy & respectful you all are. There's a lovely piece written in the local Parish Mag about the event. Not one noise compliant So onto 2015...First Tier tickets sold out in 7 hours!!!! We're well chuffed. Second Tier tickets go onsale on 22nd October from here at 7.30am for £55 per adult- giving those who want to buy before work some time - you can also buy on your mobile device. And what's planned??? Well after the feedback we are looking at keeping everything we had in 2014 ( as you loved it all), putting in more loo's, a wider range of food choices and a quiet camping area. We are also looking into more kids stuff, an semi-open mic/acoustic venue and a few other funky areas/bit & bobs to keep things fun and fresh. Band wise we are keeping the same upbeat party vibe, - Swing, Ska, Bluegrass, Cowpunk, Dance, Dub, Rockabilly& Filthy Blues gilded with some Folk, some Acoustic, some Country and some off-the-wall acts. More news when it happens!!
  10. Once Upon a Time in the West Festival

    Nice one and glad you all had a good time seems like an age ago now, as we've all been straight into other events and not had time to catch up. However a meeting is booked in for tuesday and we will be making some decisions for next year-watch this space and hopefully we'll have some news for you next week :-)
  11. Once Upon a Time in the West Festival

    Thanks to everyone who came along and made it truly wonderful - absolutely fantastic time
  12. Once Upon a Time in the West Festival

    Had two visits to the site recently - even after all the rain - tis dry!!! Licence is all in order, cider and beer all in the pipeline ( hoho) and tickets sales approaching half sold out....live in vehicle tickets getting low too.. ticket link - http://www.outwestfestival.co.uk/
  13. Once Upon a Time in the West Festival

    Website is now live!! We're gonna be constantly tweaking it, but thought it was about time to get it out there..... http://www.outwestfestival.co.uk/
  14. Once Upon a Time in the West Festival

    Over 1/4 of tickets are now sold!! Really chuffed with everyone from bands to infrastructure pulling in the same direction to help us get this off the ground....much fun planned