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  1. It's best to start small and work up. You need a team of people and the more experience , then the better it is. Do not try to do it on your own. First question to ask yourself is "Why?", as I can guarantee you'll be asking yourself this again during the process. IT IS NOT EASY, GLAMOUROUS OR HUGELY PROFITABLE, but it can get an immense satisfaction. One of the main things to remember is that you have people's welfare on your shoulders. There are 4 licensing objectives that need to be fulfilled via an Event Management Plan. We run a 1500 cap event and this document is pushing 80 pages long. If money's no object, there are companies that you can bring in to do everything for you, write your plan, run the whole show. I know people who have done this - not the way we do things ( we write everything ourselves, as we are the ones who have to implement it), but it's possible. Small events on TEN ( Temporary Events Notice - under 499 cap) are the best way to start out to learn, but all the above will still apply.
  2. ***First Line-Up Announcement*** Pronghorn's Offical 25 Year Celebration As you may have sussed....this year is the 25th Anniversary of the inimitable Kings of Cowpunk..the mighty mighty Pronghorn and where better to host & celebrate the Official Party, than Once Upon a Time in the West 2017!! So what we thought would be a bit of a grand thing to do , was to assemble some of the associated bands as part of our line-up. Each band has Pronghorn members, past or present in it, so if you see any of them around site, shake them by the hand & offers of alcohol are usually embraced - don't be shy So OUT West are very proud to announce that over the weekend are playing..... Pronghorn - Kings of Cowpunk - job done The Guns of Navarone- Classic Ska, with a huge horn (section) - tight as you like, all the old fav's are there.. Cash Converted- the sexiest Johnny Cash band in known civilisation. JC resurrected & June Carter embodied Tapioka - like your Blues sparkly and lightly uplifting? In for a lesson with full on, in your face, dirty Blues. Championed by the one and only Suggs ( yep, THAT Suggs), catch them on the Thursday evening. tickets are £75 for the weekend inc camping The first two tiers have already sold out and we have a limited capacity of 1500 - once they're gone that's it. 4 stages over 2 1/2 days - local, national & international acts - late license - pub prices on booze - nominated for two awards in 2016 and known as one of the friendliest events in the UK.
  3. Rigger boots - cheap Dunlop ones cost roughly £30 - got toe protectors in them. More expensive ones are better. You can stand in water all day, easy to take off. Crew generally wear them cos they work. You'll need long socks
  4. We've got some photo's on these links from this year, should you fancy a perusal... Day 1 Part 1 Day 1 Part 2 Day 2 Part 1 Day 2 Part 2 Day 3 to come........:)
  5. Haven't had time to read the whole thread, but I reckon Kraftwerk may be in with a punt...
  6. Just up the road from the VP site and a week earlier, we run this Once Upon a Time in the West Festival . It's a collaboration between ourselves ( we used to be involved with Endorse it, Bearded Theory & now run this and Rusty Spurs in Boomtown) and Steve ( who used to run the third stage at the original Village Pump and still does Bath Fringe, The Bell and Glastonbury Bandstand). We have a wide range of music there and just moving into our 4th year......and all stages are under cover
  7. http://www.efestivals.co.uk/festivals/ouatitw/2016/galleries.shtml - efest photos.....
  8. I find each wet one a trial in it's own way. 1997 was the worst for me - the last year we did as punters and slept in the car for 4 nights. Now the site has drainage, properly controlled pedestrian flows and all sorts of other infrastructure. Considering this and the state of some of the backstage areas that crew are having to live and work in, I'd say that this year was one of the worst. It took two tractors 2 1/2 hours to pull our bus out. On the up side I'm now the same belt size as I was at the end of last season and more importantly, I'm ever so grateful that we don't have to live like that like some poor people not a million miles away from our shores.
  9. Under 500 adult tickets left now.No idea how quickly they will go, but if they carry on selling as they have done over the last week, we will have sold out by the first week in June
  10. I'm a similar age and we produce The Rusty Spurs ( Wild West) and play in a couple of bands ( The Boot Hill All Stars & The Back Wood Redeemers). Yep its tiring if you are wanting to roam around all day, but Neil has pretty much summed it up. I really enjoy the mix of ages, but there's a fair few ( loads) of the over 40's hanging out up townJust to add....the whole thing is a fully interactive theatrical experience - you can take part as much or as little as you fancy. There's a sitewide storyline that each area participates in, with own theatrical direction. Last year punters really got involved, did citizenship tests ( getting stuff from each area), dressed for their chosen camping areas etc etc......or wandered around, watched bands and watched the world go by....or both. I'm blown away by the enormity of the concept and how it's working - and it's a LOT of fun
  11. Got some great news today..we've been given a permanent license by the authorities!!!! It's been a load of hard work by all involved...us, crew and lovely punters
  12. The Back Wood Redeemers are a new project with promises of Dark Blues, Twisted Country and Religious Fervor. We've got a few festivals and gigs coming up over the coming year.....
  13. Yarp - here's the line up Still a couple to announce as yet.. The Destroyers, Urban Voodoo Machine, Frenzy, Gadje Scum, Pronghorn, The Skimmity Hitchers,Louis Barabbas & The Bedlam 6, First Degree Burns, The Boot Hill All Stars, Dana Immanuel & The Stolen Band, Hodmadoddery, Funke and The Two Tone Baby, Mr Tea & The Minions, Dub Class, Black Water County, Catratchers, The Inbredz, Key Lime Pie, The Kings of Outer Space, Mantic Muddlers , Muff Said, Poor Old Dogs, The Severed Limb, Sneak Eazies, Some Dogs, Gin Bowlers, Captain Cactus & The Screaming Harlots, La Flunch, Dusk at Dawns, Nick Parker & The False Alarms, The Malarchy Band, Calico Jack, Immigrant Swing and introducing The Back Wood Redeemers
  14. We've tickled your fancy with the releases so far, but not really let too much out about what is coming up. So on 18th Jan 2016 we'll be releasing the rest of the actsto date, inc 5 more headliners - bands from Bristol to Belgium and right across the spectrum of Rockabilly, Ska, Dub, Klezmer and beyond. Also some news on new things planned, new people onboard and the bit that everyone loves - Perry's new artwork!
  15. Yep - we're back for 2016.....As the description says - it's a great time in a field - simple as, but more than just the music We're going to be doing a big release of all acts in Jan 2016, but to give you a taste so far... The Destroyers Louis Barrabas & The Bedlam Six Skimmity Hitchers Dana Immanuel & The Stolen Band Some Dogs & plenty of Ska, swing, cowpunk, bluegrass, folk, dub, rockabilly & more headliners to be announced.