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  1. Dissertation help, has anyone been to glastonbury before?

    Done, even though it was another Logan's Run style age range. There's quite a few times where the options don't cover my answer, E.g. "While at Glastonbury how often are you posting online about your experiences?" - no option between multiple times a day and never. "Have images of Glastonbury that you've seen on social media encouraged you to attend the festival?" I was always going to buy tickets, since I've been going since before social media exists, but I also keep up to date with everything they post, so "No, I only started looking at Glastonbury's social media after I had bought tickets" is my closest option, but it doesn't fit.
  2. Plastic Bottle Ban?

    Banning single use plastics rather than all plastic containers makes the whole thing much, much more doable..
  3. Plastic Bottle Ban?

    What does "banned" mean? Presumably traders will be unable to sell them, but will there also be checks like Glasto has for glass?
  4. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Starts just after the 18 minute mark.
  5. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    At least you get a couple of ATP tunes
  6. Arcade Fire

    I've certainly no urge to see them again so soon after Castlefield and I think the last album was wonderful. Plus, I've seen them at the MEN twice and missed a few opportunities to see them. They're not exactly strangers to the area.
  7. Arcade Fire

    That's fair enough. Maybe it is because I saw them live and listened to the album on repeat, wearing it out over last summer that it feels so incongruent having Everything Now branded stuff all over a video.
  8. Arcade Fire

    I enjoyed it, but it seems a bit late to be doing this doesn't it? Everything Now seems like a lifetime ago, even though it was only last summer. I suppose the band filmed it a while ago, but it seems a bit weird to be revisiting the album like this. I was hoping for a new track or two, rather than a rehash of the album marketing.
  9. Deep Cut Sets and Old Gold

    A beautiful man
  10. Deep Cut Sets and Old Gold

    His brother used to do the karaoke at my local pub in the nineties. True story.
  11. My Bloody Valentine

    You would have thought so, yeah.
  12. 2019 Stage Predictions

    I'm kind of hoping Jon Hopkins could breakthrough to W Holts. Depends how this album goes.
  13. Deep Cut Sets and Old Gold

    Nal is pretending not to known Damon co-produced Bobby's last album after pulling him out of retirement to work on Plastic Beach. For some reason.
  14. 2019 Headliners

    She's the best thing on that record by some distance. Cracking performance.
  15. Future "Legends"

    More like it.

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