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  1. Live in ticket required for 2017

    Excellent that mate. It was our first year ever in a campervan at a festival last year and I gotta say I don't think I'll ever go back to tents. Makes life so much easier. Incidentally you're not Barney as in Barney from Red News mag are you?
  2. Live in ticket required for 2017

    I didn't think we stood a chance getting one on the waiting list this year but was surprised when I got an email a few weeks before. Easily got one. I think loads must have returned as it was hardly busy. Sign up and keep an eye on your emails everyday a few weeks before.
  3. Entrance to Emperors

    Cheers. Think you're right.
  4. Entrance to Emperors

    Can anyone answer a hypothetical question please? If you were to have a live in vehicle ticket and were staying in the campervan field but also happened to have an emperors ticket, how would you get into the emeperors field? Would you need to walk round to the main emperors gate and gain entry that way?
  5. Live in vehicle camping with mates.

    Seems strange as I was talking to the bloke who is selling me my live in vehicle ticket and he showed me pictures of what his kids slept in last year. It was a horse box trailer with a load of mattresses chucked in.
  6. Live in vehicle camping with mates.

    That seems a bit harsh. Surely as long as its a campervan that you can sleep in then thats all that matters. The condition of it is none of their business.
  7. Live in vehicle camping with mates.

    Cheers. Problem is our mates are coming on the Friday and we're going on the Thursday.
  8. Live in vehicle camping with mates.

    Brilliant. Thanks for the response. I've heard other people say this also. We'll see how it goes.
  9. So me and my wife are 90% sure we have bagged a Live in Vehicle ticket from someone I know. (We already have Thursday entry and Emperors to fall back on if not, we bought the van a few weeks after buying tickets) If the guy comes through with the live in vehicle ticket then we would like to camp with a couple of mates who already have a live in ticket. Does anyone know what are the chances of us being able to park next to each other? Is this something that could be arranged by contacting Kendal directly or can it be sorted on arrival. Help appreciated.

    Looking for a campervan ticket. We are picking our new campervan up this morning so would really love to use it at kendal.