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  1. Noisily Festival

    Has anyone been to Noisily Festival? Was wondering if was recommended and anything like small pockets of Glastonbury? Cheers
  2. 2019 Headliners

    Re: cure. I remember Michael being asked and he said that they discussed them playing but they always want to headline but they now weren't big enough to headline. Therefore discussions fell apart. Maybe at the the talk he did at the South Bank?
  3. Electronica/Dance

    Saw the show in London and loved it. Great to see a Sasha fan here. He really is a one off. What was your favourite moments? Cheers
  4. Electronica/Dance

    Can everyone please stop pretending to like Kraftwerk?
  5. Mark E Smith

    On refugees: "What I don't understand is why are all the men young? Why do they leave their wives and families at home? Two million fellas could beat any army. What if my dad went to a neutral country?" Vile wife-beating bully.
  6. Talking Heads

    Some more tips...(such a shame he's doing festivals next year on a fallow year) His first 2 solo albums: Rei Momo and Uh Oh are fantastic. As for live performance shows: Between the Teeth is incredible but criminally never got a DVD/ Blu ray release. (full bands starts at 10.50mins)
  7. West Holts 2019

    Peter Gabriel
  8. Bilbao BBK

    Recommend going to San Sebastian if staying on. Amazing town. Full of energy, beautiful and has everything.
  9. 2017 DJ sets

    Nick Warren's set from the rabbit hole this year. https://soundcloud.com/gouranga/nick-warren-live-from-the-rabbit-holes-funkingham-palace-june-2017
  10. Camp Bestival

  11. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    You can get away with not showing the band if the visuals are creative and interesting and add to the overall experience/ emotional impact. I had expected at least half creative, effective visuals, and half showing band playing live. It doesn't have to be massive and overwhelming - U2's recent Joshua Tree tour, with Anton Corbin doing the cinematography I hear was a good example. What I got, and I think the whole tour got, was Nathan Barley Shoreditch club circa 2002 shit. "Oooh look, it looks a bit 80s commodore 64..." To be honest I am a little annoyed not one of my Radiohead fan friends warned me about this. Good has come from it though. I will forever watch a band I love close to the Pyramid stage from now on...I cannot risk that again. Most of all I am furious with myself for not being close I am sure it was incredible up there.
  12. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    ...just don't get a b-tech media studies student to do the visuals on the next tour. He did scrape a D for effort though so good on him. Areas to improve were 'variety, originality and to try not to full back on dated clichés' Personally I think he was let off lightly with that grade.
  13. Camp Bestival

    thanks for advice. My children are 3.5 and 2 so probably going to aim it more at the older one and the other one can just potter! Would the insect circus and big nears big balloon disco appeal to someone 3.5? Cheers
  14. Camp Bestival

    It's next weekend!
  15. Camp Bestival

    So following on from this thread from last year we are going for a Saturday day ticket with the family. Any tips? Thanks in advance...

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