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  1. The tap water is absolutely fine/ clean and fresh. Do we need to add more plastic rubbish? Sorry, I'm not being very helpful.
  2. Thanks for all your updates always make a beeline for your info! Am I right you're not there until Friday too? I'm a teacher so also stuck here watching!
  3. Sleep in the shade of a wood/ bush don't need a tent. And put on suncream?
  4. That seems close but I think we can safely say that is still far enough to not be a risk at all. The nearest is around Portsmouth and that's about 80 miles away. Close to worry would be Bristol, or some years I've seen huge black clouds miss us by about 1 mile.
  5. Wear a fucking hat people!
  6. Anyone else wish they would ONLY play artists whom are playing at the festival or have at least a very strong link? Would be a great way of discovering a band that's playing that you might not have heard of.
  7. I have to agree. Sorry, but from the little insight you have given us as to her behaviour/ attitude I think you need to have some belief in yourself and not let her walk over you in the future. She messed up, only her, nothing to do with you.
  8. Agreed!
  9. Country file don't have access to any inside info on the weather. It's just the same BBC weather/met office that's on the news in a bit more detail. They get it from the same charts that people look at here.
  10. I reckon half of Led Zep joining Foos. After all, what was Brandon says "It's a whole lotta - I mean it's across the water..."
  11. Any one have tips for where to get to in the Glade area for headlining acts, (i.e Sasha and DIgweed) is there any room to dance anywhere?
  12. Huge love here. Going to be amazing. Also looking forward to Sasha on the Friday he is on the best form he has been since 2005. To be honest I'm not keen on Digweed on his own but seems to work when its with Sasha. I would suggest getting to both early it will be rammed.
  13. How anyone can say The Killers are 'shit' is beyond me. 'Not your thing' maybe, but I find it hard to believe you can listen to the above 2 tracks and say it's shit.
  14. So Elbow Park Friday, The Killers Sunday JP and Gorillaz somewhere more random, possibly SE corner late night. All 3 could could be headlines at most big festivals in the UK, Bestival for example couldn't afford those 3. Amazing Glastonbury does i again.