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  1. Best Kept Secret Festival 2018

    Were they? 2014 is the only BKS I've missed. Tried not to look too hard at the bill that year as I was forced to go to a family party and didn't want to get jealous...
  2. Best Kept Secret Festival 2018

    Me too. Also, Stuart Braithwaite and Martin Bulloch of Mogwai both have previous with BKS, having played there with Minor Victories in 2016. And they both seemed to be enjoying themselves then. That has to count for something... I guess.
  3. Pukkelpop 2017

    Back home now after another great festival. Day 1 highlight for me was PJ Harvey by a mile. Simply awesome. Followed by Interpol and Strand of Oaks. Loads of great music on the Friday. The Flaming Lips probably edged it for me on sheer spectacle: the sight of Wayne Coyne riding through the crowd on an LED-covered unicorn will stay with me for a while. But Newmoon, Elbow, The Shins and Parquet Courts were all excellent too. Yesterday's highlights for me had to be both Cocaine Piss and Ho99o9 (the "Napalm Death of hip-hop"). Glorious mayhem at both. Was happily moshing like a teenager at Ho99o9 - and as those on here who have met me will testify, I am very much not a teenager any more (my first Pukkelpop was 1990 - and my first-ever festival was in 1978...). I emerged from the tent dripping in sweat and only got one shoe in the ear from a crowd surfer, which was nice. I really have to cut back on the late-night prosecco though. I know I was at Band of Horses yesterday, but I can't for the life of me remember what they were like. And then both Mrs Trufflehound and I were found by friends snoozing in the hotel bar at 2am... Oh dear... Hotel is already booked for next year. See you all there.
  4. Pukkelpop 2017

    Looking at the timetable I'm guessing she didn't want to overlap with Stormzy.
  5. Pukkelpop 2017

    I just had to look up why it was we missed First Aid Kit that year. We blew them out for Omar Souleyman in the Castello (who fortunately was brilliant). Omar and FAK are also two of my biggest clashes this year (although not with each other this time).
  6. Pukkelpop 2017

    I like some of Cypress Hill's stuff, but whenever I watch a big hiphop name at a festival I usually end up underwhelmed. Oddly, the one exception to the rule was Coolio... Saw Moon Duo last year at BKS and this year in Eindhoven. They are pretty good live, and more importantly have given me the perfect excuse I needed not to accompany Mrs Trufflehound to Mumford & Sons. Result!
  7. Pukkelpop 2017

    With so many stages it's going to be inevitable, surely? Until they moved the Club last year, the Marquee and the Club always used to closh, which was usually a pain. For my tastes I wish the Lift and the Club were running alternately instead of at the same time - I've got clashes there for most of Saturday. Thursday before about 17.30 is looking the bleakest and least interesting period of any of the 15 Pukkelpops I've known. At this rate I'm going to end up seeing Enter Shikari and Cypress Hill...
  8. Pukkelpop 2017

    Timetable's upon the website!
  9. Rock Werchter 2017

    You are correct. Dutch trains often go around the houses to get to the end destination at weekends (or you wind up on a bus) due to engineering works, but on a Monday (and specifically next Monday) you shouldn't have a problem. And best of luck with the weather, but I'm not sure that's going to help much looking out of the window...! Looks like most days you should be able to dodge the raindrops, but you may need to take shelter on the Saturday.
  10. Rock Werchter 2017

    It's a bit hard for anyone to answer this one as you didn't say where you are starting from...
  11. Rock Werchter 2017

    Get the International Intercity at XX.45 every hour from Antwerp Central and it's direct to Amsterdam. It was necessary to change in Roosendaal a couple of years ago for while when they tried introducing a new high-speed train and it was a disaster (trains broke down, bits fell off onto the track), but that's fixed now (or at least, they put the old trains back in service).
  12. PS No one will nick your clothes...
  13. The site will have lockers you can rent for the duration of the fesitval. Keep you valuables in there. Alternatively, keep them in a moneybelt worn under your clothes.
  14. Best Kept Secret 2017

    Day One highlights (for me): The Parrots, King Gizzard Day Two: Froth, Thurston Moore, Arcade Fire Day Three: Kikagaku Moyo, Arab Strap, Junun, and probably Soulwax, although I left them quite early.
  15. Best Kept Secret 2017

    And another plus, my secret stash of coffee stout was on sale again at the coffee van behind Stage Two. They were beginning to recognise me by the end of the weekend...