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  1. Which festivals will sell out quicker next year?

    2014 was really wet - the site held up reasonably well on the whole (its next to the River Trent so is used to being wet!) there were a few dodgy places, but extra drainage was put in during Winter 2014 in a few places to avoid it happening again. I have never been as wet as I was during that PWEI set, nor have I ever seen a decent sized crowd disperse quite as quickly as that afternoon! Farmer Phils is lovely and chilled. Went in 2016, didnt return this year due to work commitments. Definitely going 2018!
  2. Festival cancelled due to mud

    I initially thought they were the same thing. Apparently not. Cant see the campsite one, but havnt looked very hard admittedly! I went to 6 KC's and enjoyed them, but by 2015 it had got a little more bored Cumbrian teenager than decent festival. PRob try it again next summer though having said that!
  3. 2018 Festival - Glastonbury replacement

    Went for just over two weeks in April. Amazing place. Happy to recommend places if your going to the same places. Send us a message if so.
  4. Gold Membership

    My gold expired over the weekend, bloody hells those adverts were annoying. Renewed!
  5. Car Parks & Routes 2017

    We usually hit at peak time - certainly did in 2014 and 2015 (the last times we drove that way) - hit traffic after Glastonbury town on the 361 about 730am, slowly moved for the 6 miles or so, parked by 8.30am - through the gates by 10am at Gate A. Fully set up in woodsies (sadly now hospitality camping) by 10.30 -11
  6. Car Parks & Routes 2017

    Thats the way I've always gone when in the car parks. Depending on your arrival time, there will be ques, but they usually park a few fields simultaneously so traffic keeps moving.
  7. Car Parks & Routes 2017

    There is a few different ways, but essentially somewhere near Bristol (depends on what time of day you approach) You need to come of the M5 and get on the A37 which takes you through the site. I think last year I went on the M4 and M32
  8. New security measures in place

    Its always said this Gommy.
  9. Wristband for Campervan areas

    The campervan fields get walked through on the way to the Pedestrian Gate so couldnt do a seperate writsband (certainly for CV East - and suspect CW West is too small to do something else. It works well.
  10. Journey to Glasto

    Fair enough - Im more suggesting that you really dont need to use them this time around. Should be the usual drive straight it at that kind of time
  11. Journey to Glasto

    There isnt usually much by the way of stupid ques any more. Last year was a "one off" certainly in the time Ive been going. Usually we get to site around 8-9 on the Wednesday morning. Slow down a little after Glastonbury town, but pretty much keep moving slowly until we get there, Daft country road routes should be left for the locals to go about their business to protect the festival.
  12. Gold Membership

    Cheers Milky. Definitely worth a few quid!
  13. Gold Membership

    This thread has just reminded me - I think mu gold membership is due to run out. @eFestivals - Neil, how do I find out/renew?
  14. Recommend NEW artists on the line up

    Theyve got 4 sets over the weekend I think! I gave up with Baggy Mondays a few years ago - we never get anywhere near!
  15. Recommend NEW artists on the line up

    If you like easy folky music check the Leylines out. They are playing a few times at various places over the weekend.

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