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  1. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Fuck I want Dream Wife at my gig. Pins are good too though.
  2. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    I'm a big fan so biased, but I think the 20 years tour has been really good. They are playing around 24-25 songs, a decent amount from all of their albums, and it's still sounding great.
  3. Nick Cave

    Oh yeah I know about the channels at the side, been to the O2 a lot. Was with a few people and felt bad about leaving them though. Never mind, it was still good, just not great.
  4. Nick Cave

    At the O2 we had screens at the side and back which were showing Nick (and occasionally the band when he was on stage) throughout. I enjoyed this gig but not as much as anyone else it seems Huge queues meant I missed the first song and was near the back, and found it a bit dead and not particularly reverent for the newer quieter songs. We managed to move forward in the encore when there was that massive crowd surge and that made it a bit better, but still not the best gig I've seen.
  5. LCD Soundsystem....

    Yeah we're also running a bit late! I have bright yellow short hair, should be easy to spot. Shoot me a message when you're about.
  6. LCD Soundsystem....

    I'm going with a few mates, we'll be there for joe goddard so you are welcome to join us
  7. LCD Soundsystem....

    Excellent stuff, it's well worth it to not trek up that hill! Have there been ID checks tonight?
  8. Nick Cave

    Dunno, its really weird. The drawings are kind of creepy though:
  9. Nick Cave

    Sadly there are no fun punny recipe names in it But there are a load of bizarre ms paint style drawings of nick cave shoving said food into his mouth.
  10. LCD Soundsystem....

    Come out of Wood Green station and cross directly over the many traffic lights to station road. On the left there is a normal bus stop, and then there will be one after it where the shuttle bus will be stopping. Its £2 I think for a return.
  11. LCD Soundsystem....

    The tickets we have all have the lead bookers name printed in big letters across it (which is not us, so it's probably going to be a faff with checking the twickets confirmation emails as well). I don't usually find the bars at Ally Pally too bad, but I waited about 25 minutes at the main bar when I saw the Maccabees there in July. I probably would have been better off going outside
  12. LCD Soundsystem....

    Be aware that they have said they will be checking names on tickets. Twickets is the official reseller of the gig so probably best to sell them through there if the buyer won't be going in with you.
  13. Foo Fighters

    My friend bought tickets off someone, seetickets changed the name to hers and she still wasn't let in because she wasn't the lead booker. Apparently it happened to tons of people, not sure how strictly advertised this was previously?
  14. LCD Soundsystem....

    Were they checking names on tickets?
  15. LCD Soundsystem....

    I've never been to a gig at Alexandra Palace where they have instructions to check names and photo IDs, so I'm not sure how much they will enforce it. I'm gathering they won't really check as its pretty big and can sometimes take a while to get in.. If anyone has Saturday tickets they want to shift, please let me know as I'm after 2.