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  1. Beyond The Tracks

    Well done to the organisers. They did a great job in putting on a quality event, when first attempts at a new venue can sometimes go wrong. Sunday was always going to be my best day and loved Slowdive and JAMC. The locals I chatted to were all very friendly but I thought it was a pretty poor turnout to be honest especially considering the number of local bands on the bill over the w/e. It was great only having to walk 5 mins to get to the Hotel but I did have to endure the land of the zombies to get back. It's sad that there are so many desperate people round there. Love to see it back next year but given the numbers I'm not sure it will happen. The signs saying Lunar Festival is back in 2018 might be the clue..
  2. Beyond The Tracks

    https://beyondthetracks.seetickets.com/event/editors/eastside-city-park/1089357/?offercode=btto25&direct=true £ 25 for Sunday.
  3. Latitude 2018

    Think Arcade Fire are too big for Latitude tbh. More likely to see them at Reading/Leeds. LCD Soundsystem and/or Nick Cave are possibles imo with someone like Catfish on the Friday.
  4. Beyond The Tracks

    Few cheapies flying around for the Sunday ( my best day but there you go) Editors social media platforms had some £25 tickets if anyone's thinking of making a late decision. Seen nothing for Fri and Sat so they must be selling stronger
  5. Festival Number 6 - Portmeirion, Wales

    Blown it out this year after three years. Going to Beyond The Tracks instead. Will be very interested to read the reviews to see if it has recaptured its former glories.
  6. Hope and Glory Festival Liverpool

    Nearly went to this and looks like I dodged a bullet. Gutted for everyone who has spent a lot of time and money staying up there. looks like yesterday was horribly overcrowded and a total shambles and after getting some stick on twitter the "organisers" have canned day two. Not a good week or so for festivals after Y-Not. AEG and Festival Republic get some stick but at least they can deliver the events!
  7. Family friendly festivals

    Lakefest is a very family friendly festival at the cheaper end of the price range.
  8. Truck 2017

  9. Y Not Festival 2017

    Global destroyed FN6 last year and they now appear to have destroyed this festival too (and binned off Field Day Sunday) What a right shower they really are.
  10. BST Hyde Park 2017

    Despite 65 k, it took me 5 minutes to get in, I was aware of the wristband set-up so got that sorted early doors. Never had to queue for the loo or queue for more than a couple of minutes for a drink. Ten minute queue for food. I was able to sit down whenever I wanted to and felt safe at the event. The bands started and finished at the prescribed time. That's well organised in my book. Yes it's corporate but you have to accept it what it is. I'm afraid knee deep mud or four hour queues to get onto the site doesn't do it for me anymore. Sorry.
  11. BST Hyde Park 2017

    It is what it is. Despite large numbers it's very well organised and they get big names there. Enjoyed both Thursday and Yesterday. Highlights Pixies, Tears for Fears and White Lies but the best band of the two days for me were Mystery Jets who I thought were outstanding. Thought The Killers were pretty ordinary myself. Wish they'd played Mr Brightside early in the set so all the talkers could have gone home. 6.20 for a Moretti is a new record high for a pint at a Festival. Can anyone beat that?
  12. Citadel 2017

    Went to Lovebox last year which is held on the Fri and Sat of that weekend and it was the tightest security I've ever seen in my 20+ years of festival going. Two bag searches and frisks and dogs. Have a couple in the pub across the road first as the beer is bottled and expensive.
  13. BST Hyde Park 2017

    Not cheap. Last year beer was £5/5.50 a pint depending what you want. Food £7 ish but there is a market place around by the second stage and at least it's nice.
  14. Blue Dot Festival

    Seems a Tory sized own goal on the Leftfield thing...
  15. BST Hyde Park 2017

    There is a BST App and the times/splits are put on that in due course