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  1. Confirmed for 12/14 Jan 2018. Butlins Bognor - cheapies on sale now and first acts announced April. It will be chilly down there in January but something to look forward to in the Winter. Taken the plunge and will be my first time at this "festival"
  2. Lorde maybe? No idea if she's too big, too small or just about right mind.
  3. Could anyone post a site map or tell me whether its possible to enter the festival from Steventon village at all?
  4. Lana Del Rey maybe? I'm amazed she's not been announced for a UK fest yet this year and think she's in France the same weekend?
  5. Think The 1975 are nailed on and LDR looks pretty likely too. Long shot for 3rd headliners Foo Fighters. No one seems to know and they have nothing booked that weekend. Everyone reckons Obelisk Airlines relates to Glastonbury but perhaps it doesn't.....
  6. Headliners are I suppose a little weak for the price of the festival but overall I quite like it. Undercard looks pretty good for me but I'd still like to know where my car will be parked first!
  7. I'll go for Jamie T, Jesus and Mary Chain and New Order. No idea but I'd be pleased if I was right!
  8. Blimey they've nailed this. Shame I'm so old!
  9. Anyone got any idea where the car park will be?
  10. Baltimora?
  11. Ok many thanks for the info
  12. Would anyone have a festival site map showing where the wristband exchange/arena entrance is. Thinking of maybe staying off-site and wondering if it's feasible to walk in each day. Many thanks for any help.
  13. The biggest announcement for me will be where the car park is. I don't think the festival have covered themselves in glory since September. It will be interesting to see how it goes this year.
  14. Thank you for that
  15. Hi there Thinking of giving this a go but I'm old and stay offsite usually these days. Could anyone point out clearly where the festival entrance is so I can see what options I have? Many thanks, John L