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  1. Still space in Darble
  2. I thought it looked loads bigger, taller anyway
  3. Hate to say it but it is too hot. Was hoping to get a couple hours sleep after pitching tent at half 8 but was warm enough then so now running on no sleep since I woke up at 5am yesterday. Sunburnt but thankfully they removed the tape at John Peel to give people a bit of shade
  4. I got in at 5 past 8 so they must have opened gates early. Just a quick pat down of my rucksack no questions and straight in. Literally the quickest I've ever got into a festival
  5. In the zig zag queue having got the coach in. Quite busy already
  6. Just finished and now officially off until July!
  7. I should be arriving by coach at half 5 in the morning so hoping not too far from the front, never waited too long there in previous years
  8. Off to work for 4 hours of training then leaving at 2. Gonna be the slowest day. Getting the coach at midnight tonight so should be there between 5-6am!
  9. Makes a change from last year
  10. Oh my word this better be true
  11. This! I've only been in 2014 and last year, both times the mud was ridiculous. You wouldn't complain about the sun on holiday and for many, Glasto is their holiday
  12. We recorded 40 degrees on the garden thermometer yesterday, 26 degrees was the forecast. Obviously doesn't take into account the strength of the sun now with burnt arms I'm off to buy a parasol for camp
  13. Little shops there sell bigger bottles of fizzy mixers, orange juice etc. Never seen these sell tonic though. But then the bars do soft drinks and often with ice if you need a cold one when out and about.
  14. Just updated our lot about the weather (as I have been doing twice daily thanks to this thread) and reminded them to pack suncream, only to realise I'm a massive fucking hypocrite because I've only this minute noticed my lobster arms
  15. Genius idea that