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  1. The National

    Glastonbury need to hurry with the lineup because all these rumours are killing me. Was considering trekking to Longitude for The National alone but maybe there's hope yet!
  2. Last 10 Albums

    Savages, Adore Life - Such a brilliant album and really hoping they play because they're still one of the best live bands I've seen Mystery Jets, Curve of the Earth - been on repeat since I got it. Not seen them for years so again I'm hoping they're on the lineup Diiv, Is the Is Are - Never really liked the first record but this one is a good listen  Porches, Pool - Only listened to it once so far but sounds promising. Sounds like it was released in the wrong season, probably be a nice summer soundtrack Bill Ryder-Jones, West Kirby County Primary - I'd love to see Bill at Glasto Sufjan Stevens, Carrie and Lowell - Only took me nearly year to get round to listening to this
  3. NOS ALIVE 2016

    I suppose when you think of it as a holiday its not too bad. Im considering leaving tues and coming back the next mon/tues. Surprised by how cheap hotels are in Lisbon too.
  4. NOS ALIVE 2016

    Has anyone managed to find decent priced flights from the UK ? Can find anything less than 200 per person from up north 
  5. Radiohead touring in 2016

    Muse were rumoured to headline Bestival last year for months and it didn't end up happening. Let's hope these rumours mean nothing because there's no way there can be more demand for them over Radiohead.
  6. Your 2016 Wish List

    My dream lineup for this year (and not too far fetched) would include Radiohead, LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip, The National, Kendrick Lamar, Chvrches, The Cure, M83. And Craig David 
  7. Radiohead touring in 2016

    Wolf at the Door Weird Fishes Climbing Up the Walls I Might Be Wrong Motion Picture Soundtrack and then you realise there's too many brilliant songs to even try narrowing it down   
  8. NOS ALIVE 2016

    The lineup is a dream tbh. Only problem is I can't convince anyone to travel all that way
  9. The Last Shadow Puppets

    I saw them in 2008 with a large orchestra. Dont think they could do any of their old stuff justice without that backing them. 
  10. LCD Soundsystem....

    I hope not. As much as I love Bestival I was planning on taking a break from it this year because it requires more planning than any other festival just to get there. If they're announnced as a Bestival exclusive then my plans will definitely  be changing.   So fingers crossed they take a trip to Pilton instead!
  11. Headliners 2016

    It is mad that Coldplay might headline again so soon already. Although I would love to see them only because I never got to. I remember the first time I ever watched Glastonbury on TV was the evening of my 11th birthday and Coldplay were on the Pyramid opening with Politik. I'd only heard Rush of Blood to the Head because of my dad but my mind was blown by how good it was (I was 11) and since then I wished every year that I was at the festival. So it'd be nice to spend my 25th birthday celebrations finally seeing them on that stage I suppose. 
  12. Best Albums of 2015

    Hot Chip, Tobias Jesso Jr, Chvrches, Bill Ryder Jones, The Maccabees, Everything Everything and El Vy's records have all been on repeat for me this year.
  13. Sigur Ros

    My head was far too clear that day so I remember it being good but not as good as I'd seen them previously. Opening with I Gaer was incredible though.  I honestly believe they could headline the Other. I'd say Park but it's probably too small. If they could get speakers up on the hill and have them play Park with people chilling up there that would be amazing. West Holts is probably more likely but then I reckon they have a bigger following than people would think.
  14. Sigur Ros

    I've seen them at two festivals now, subbing Stevie Wonder at Bestival around sunset and headlining Best Kept Secret. The whole experience is so much better when it's dark so they would have to headline somewhere if they play.   
  15. The Last Shadow Puppets

    News of this today got me listening to the first record for the first time in so long. Brought back memories of seeing them at Manchester Apollo - 7 years ago! Where the hell has that time gone?!  I can't even imagine what their new stuff would sound like though. They've both changed so much musically since then.