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  1. Hopefully, maybe late summer. INMusic festival is in early June and website says "Arcade Fire will take the main stage at INmusic and preview their highly anticipated fifth studio album"
  2. This video of Regine accepting her honorary doctorate made me smile on this otherwise shitty day. On the subject of ranking albums, my mind changed again after listening to Neon Bible today for the first time in ages 1. Funeral (has to be since I had the artwork branded on me forever) 2. Neon Bible 3. The Suburbs 4. Reflektor
  3. Was at all four of those gigs and Hyde Park too. Don't know if anything will top Blackpool although Nos Alive was incredible, best show of the year for me hands down.
  4. Got 4 tickets paid for by 9:12. Had my laptop on wifi and my phone on 4g. First laptop was fucked and wasn't loading anything never mind seetickets. Was stuck refreshing my phone on a white screen, no holding page. Checked Twitter and saw I wasn't the only one and then my sister runs in with her laptop on the add registration page. Got through and entered payment details and was waiting a full three minutes after clicking to confirm booking. Honestly thought it had crashed at that point. Longest three minutes of my life waiting for that page to load. Email confirmation through at 9:30. Carried on trying for someone else but couldn't even get back to holding page.
  5. Got four altogether 10 mins in. Tried to get back through to help someone else but couldn't get back to holding page
  6. I got my tickets at 9:12 and confirmation came through at 9:30. So unbelievably happy, had no hope after missing out on Thursday and my laptop failing to load anything this morning. All I saw was the white screen 'unable to load page' but my sister managed to get the booking page after one refresh when I called on her for help. Couldn't get anything after that though, hold page never even loaded again after I paid for mine.
  7. Most stressful sale yet I think. I didnt get a sniff of the holding page on my phone or laptop. Sister comes running in with her laptop after refreshing once and got straight to registration page. Clicked button to confirm payment and it was loading for a good three minutes before I got the words everyone hopes for, 'booking complete'. Horrible though, hope everyone manages to get through.
  8. Woke up after all day drinking at a festival in Manchester yesterday and not feeling very fresh. But laptops and other devices are starting up. So so nervous for this one trying to get tickets for the whole family for the first time. Good luck everyone!
  9. No luck here. Got no hope for Sunday now. Ive managed to get through to booking page every year I've tried whether that be for me or someone else. And for some reason I'm still stuck on the departure selection page I was on before tickets sold out so its giving me false hope
  10. Had a mini panic this morning when my sister decided she wanted to go and I thought we didnt have a valid registration for her. Eventually found one from a couple of years ago so now just to worry about actually getting them!
  11. Trying for four tickets in the coach sale tomorrow. Even finishing work at 1 to make sure I'm home and set up for 6. Fingers crossed!
  12. With the car park prices increasing its inevitable given that they have to rent the land and it got pretty churned up this year. Also a deterrent to get more people taking coaches/train. I dont drive personally but unless I had a campervan I would never drive to glasto when the coach journey is so simple and the walk from the coach park not far at all.
  13. Already booked half a day off work to get coach tickets on 6th. I imagine its gonna be even harder to get tickets with it being the last for a couple of years.
  14. Looks like they've completely banned them like a lot of other festivals this year. Also no gas canisters for stoves either. Suppose we'll see how it goes. If they're not gonna be selling firewood then people are just gonna start burning anything "Unauthorised bonfires/fires are not permitted anywhere at all at the festival. Anyone seen creating or fuelling a bonfire will be evicted from the festival site on the spot. Anyone found burning any unsuitable materials such as toxic materials, other people’s possessions or the fencing, trees or hedges onsite will be liable to eviction/prosecution."
  15. Last year at Leeds was ideal festival weather so hoping for the same again