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  1. No I didn't fly back til Monday but I saw so many people with Glastonbury wristbands and tshirts. Was surprised at the amount of british people there too
  2. What a bloody brilliant festival. Got near front for Arcade Fire and it was such an amazing party atmosphere. One of the craziest crowds I've ever been in for Wolf Alice too. Such a chilled vibe and the amazing weather obviously played a part. Only downside was the walk over that fucking flyover to the station. Lisbon is beautiful too, got back yesterday and never wanted to leave. I will definitely be back
  3. Also the trains to cais do sodre have been extended so run from the festival until just after 5am
  4. Arrived in Lisbon last night but my suitcase hasn't. Trying not to let it get me down cos I'm so excited for the festival but I don't know what to do if the bag doesn't arrive Just planning to drink lots and watch the football tonight.
  5. Disgusting. And the state of the inside of some of those tents, people live like pigs. Imagine all the pegs that people have to pick out of the ground too. I really hope those like Camplight salvaged a lot of them, some really decent tents still about too which I don't understand. If you can't be arsed to take it home with you, don't bring it in the first place.
  6. There was one place near the cider bus that did bento box/plate type dishes. I got the chicken katsu with noodles and tempura and it was amazing. £10 for a plate but it could've easily fed two people.
  7. I reckon you were very lucky to get in. At least two people in front of me at gate A were asked to show ID after the steward checked the tickets against their faces. I personally wouldn't risk it
  8. I used my Aukey 20000mah one and there's still one light left on it. Also I was really surprised that I got 4g signal with 3 all over the site, since last time I got pretty much nothing unless I was lying in my tent at daft o'clock in the morning.
  9. So exhausted and ill. Never been this ill after a festival before, proper horrible flu like symptoms and raw throat. Feet have just about recovered but my back is in pieces, luckily I'm only in work two days this week. It's my birthday today too and I'm just feeling extememly sorry for myself.
  10. I don't think its been moved, they've just put a green fence on the right side of the pyramid field which ended up causing a crush at one point. The whole thing with woodsies being closed for hospitality proper threw me. Was much nicer walking that way from Darble towards the pyramid via John Peel though instead of walking through Silver Hayes.
  11. I love the place but I'm yet to decide if I'll try for tickets again. The mud tired me out so much this year that I didn't bother with much of the late night stuff which is usually the best bit about the whole Festival. But then I know I'll have severe fomo if I don't bother next year. If not, I'll be going to more european festivals I think.
  12. I didn't expect to enjoy Adele's set but I was in tears during When We Were Young. Then again when Coldplay played tribute to Viola Beach. Another was when Ezra Furman covered my favourite Arcade Fire song with Crown of Love and I was beaming at that moment. Also the amount of people I saw helping those stuck in the mud put a proper smile on my face. One girl dropped her phone in the mud on Pyramid Field and as she reached down she decked it. I wasn't too close to her at this point but no one bothered helping her up. I ran up and grabbed her hand and ended up covered in mud myself. She was next to tears but she was so thankful and that made me feel good about myself in a daft way.
  13. That fence and the stupidly positioned ice cream van ended up in me getting stuck in a crush leaving halfway through the Madness set. At one point so many people were pushing forward that I didn't have anywhere to put my feet. Someone ended uo climbing the ice cream van to get out.
  14. The mud was horrible, especially when around silver Hayes and other stage when it started to dry up to clay. Outside the woodfired pizza place in Williams Green, the mud was some of the worst I'd seen. I was waiting for my pizza watching poor unsuspecting people getting properly stuck in the mud welly deep. Some guy in the queue helped unstuck a few before he ended up losing his own wellies.
  15. Mine went off when I got back to Liverpool yesterday evening. Did everyone just get handed their wristbands? In pylon ground and darble the security there wouldn't give them out unless you took a binbag to fill up with rubbish. Once you brought it back to the rubbish point, they'd hand you the wristband. I thought this was a good idea anyway.