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  1. Sigur Ros

    My head was far too clear that day so I remember it being good but not as good as I'd seen them previously. Opening with I Gaer was incredible though.  I honestly believe they could headline the Other. I'd say Park but it's probably too small. If they could get speakers up on the hill and have them play Park with people chilling up there that would be amazing. West Holts is probably more likely but then I reckon they have a bigger following than people would think.
  2. Sigur Ros

    I've seen them at two festivals now, subbing Stevie Wonder at Bestival around sunset and headlining Best Kept Secret. The whole experience is so much better when it's dark so they would have to headline somewhere if they play.   
  3. The Last Shadow Puppets

    News of this today got me listening to the first record for the first time in so long. Brought back memories of seeing them at Manchester Apollo - 7 years ago! Where the hell has that time gone?!  I can't even imagine what their new stuff would sound like though. They've both changed so much musically since then. 
  4. Who popped your Glastonbury cherry?

    Metronomy in William's Green last year
  5. What is your worst point between Glastonburys?

    Last year it was the journey back on the Monday for me. I was so ill. I also knew that I couldn't make it back until 2016 so that was miserable. But now I think the worst bit is the wait. Hoping for for an announcement before the end of the year to stir some excitement. 
  6. Best place to camp- in your opinion?

    Yeah 2014. I was up at the Park on either the Friday or Saturday night and it was basically a giant slip and slide. In fact I've never fully cleaned my wellies since.
  7. Best place to camp- in your opinion?

    I've only ever been once last year and carried way too much stuff. Only got the coach in at 7am Wednesday and decided camping in Woodsies was as far as I was gonna get. Definitely investing in a decent trolley next time. Not gonna lie didn't even get as far as the SE corner in the evenings due to the mud and crowds. My furthest walk back was probably from the Park and that took a good 40 mins in the mud. It was close enough to Beat Hotel and Silver Hayes though and I got a decent sleep so I'd probably stop off there again. Plus there were no idiots around, in fact the only downside was the compost toilets that were hardly ever clean.
  8. LCD Soundsystem....

    I want it to be true but I also don't want to be disappointed. The MSG gig looked like a proper farewell so that would all seem a bit pointless if the 'reunion' happens
  9. Was that fair?

    I didn't get anywhere with two different WiFi connections (in different houses). Both times I've bought tickets I've only managed with 3g or 4g on my phone. Don't know if there's anything in that but I know quite a few people only managed with their phone and mobile data.
  10. Got a coach ticket post

    Paid in full for the coach and 50 quid deposit per ticket. Need to pay rest of ticket cost in April
  11. best of luck

    Good luck guys. Keep calm and f5
  12. Is it ok to be bricking it about oct tickets already

    I tried on Thursday and got back to the holding page. I bought tickets on my phone and somehow managed to the press the back button whilst entering my card details TWICE! Had a mini panic attack but thank God it didn't take me back to the holding page. Instead I got back to the select departure page then straight to payment screen again.
  13. Quiet & Friendly Camp Sites

    I stayed in Woodsies at my first Glastonbury. Only ended up there because I couldn't be bothered walking much further after getting the coach in but it was fairly quiet if not a massive trek from SE corner. Even longer when it got ridiculously muddy. But I'd stay there again I reckon.
  14. best browser

    I got tickets today and used chrome with my phone on 4g. Was successful with the same thing two years ago. Somehow never manage to get past the holding page on my laptop but it really is just luck of the draw I suppose
  15. Thursday Coach tickets

    Through in 8 minutes. So so happy