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  1. Can't even put my current favourites in any kind of order, too difficult a choice About Today Graceless Vanderlyle Abel Slow Show Available Cherry Tree Squalor Victoria Daughters of the Soho Riots Mistaken for Strangers
  2. Hope the Green Day thing is true, saw them again a couple of weeks ago and returned to my teenage self for a couple of hours.
  3. Its happening!!
  4. Brilliant news! Love this forum
  5. The full set from Sydney Opera House is finally back up on Youtube again
  6. This is what I was thinking. Get them onstage like Metallica did in 2014.
  7. It didn't blow me away first listen, especially the first half but the second half of the record is incredible. Then I saw them play the songs live and its really brought a whole new life to their gigs. Like look at the difference between them on Neon Bible tour and now. Take themselves a lot less seriously and I like that
  8. Impressive. Haven't seen them as much as I'd have like to. Manchester Gmex, Hyde Park, Blackpool empress ballroom, Pyramid stage front and center, NOS Alive in Lisbon and soon to be Castlefield
  9. 8000 so pretty intimate for Arcade Fire.
  10. They usually have two or three supports so can't wait to see who's playing before AF. Will be finished before 11 with its being a residential area
  11. Great news! Glad to see so many on here got tickets
  12. keep refreshing gigs and tours and see, I got mine 40 mins after sell out in yesterdays presale
  13. Could've avoided that stress yesterday, onsale today seems pretty smooth. Got my tickets though see you down the front
  14. My sister managed to get one for herself 5 mins later too so looks like a few transactions have been declined maybe
  15. Just got 2 at 12:40! So glad I didnt give up