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  1. With the car park prices increasing its inevitable given that they have to rent the land and it got pretty churned up this year. Also a deterrent to get more people taking coaches/train. I dont drive personally but unless I had a campervan I would never drive to glasto when the coach journey is so simple and the walk from the coach park not far at all.
  2. Already booked half a day off work to get coach tickets on 6th. I imagine its gonna be even harder to get tickets with it being the last for a couple of years.
  3. Looks like they've completely banned them like a lot of other festivals this year. Also no gas canisters for stoves either. Suppose we'll see how it goes. If they're not gonna be selling firewood then people are just gonna start burning anything "Unauthorised bonfires/fires are not permitted anywhere at all at the festival. Anyone seen creating or fuelling a bonfire will be evicted from the festival site on the spot. Anyone found burning any unsuitable materials such as toxic materials, other people’s possessions or the fencing, trees or hedges onsite will be liable to eviction/prosecution."
  4. Last year at Leeds was ideal festival weather so hoping for the same again
  5. Looks like campfires are banned now too and if security spots one they apparently have the rights to remove you from the festival on the spot. Dunno what to think of this, never left leeds not smelling of campfires before
  6. Looks like Green and Brown Camp are open again this year judging by the new site map. So glad because Purple camp was absolutely rammed last year.
  7. No I didn't fly back til Monday but I saw so many people with Glastonbury wristbands and tshirts. Was surprised at the amount of british people there too
  8. What a bloody brilliant festival. Got near front for Arcade Fire and it was such an amazing party atmosphere. One of the craziest crowds I've ever been in for Wolf Alice too. Such a chilled vibe and the amazing weather obviously played a part. Only downside was the walk over that fucking flyover to the station. Lisbon is beautiful too, got back yesterday and never wanted to leave. I will definitely be back
  9. Also the trains to cais do sodre have been extended so run from the festival until just after 5am
  10. Arrived in Lisbon last night but my suitcase hasn't. Trying not to let it get me down cos I'm so excited for the festival but I don't know what to do if the bag doesn't arrive Just planning to drink lots and watch the football tonight.
  11. Disgusting. And the state of the inside of some of those tents, people live like pigs. Imagine all the pegs that people have to pick out of the ground too. I really hope those like Camplight salvaged a lot of them, some really decent tents still about too which I don't understand. If you can't be arsed to take it home with you, don't bring it in the first place.
  12. There was one place near the cider bus that did bento box/plate type dishes. I got the chicken katsu with noodles and tempura and it was amazing. £10 for a plate but it could've easily fed two people.
  13. I reckon you were very lucky to get in. At least two people in front of me at gate A were asked to show ID after the steward checked the tickets against their faces. I personally wouldn't risk it
  14. I used my Aukey 20000mah one and there's still one light left on it. Also I was really surprised that I got 4g signal with 3 all over the site, since last time I got pretty much nothing unless I was lying in my tent at daft o'clock in the morning.
  15. So exhausted and ill. Never been this ill after a festival before, proper horrible flu like symptoms and raw throat. Feet have just about recovered but my back is in pieces, luckily I'm only in work two days this week. It's my birthday today too and I'm just feeling extememly sorry for myself.