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  1. I think its probably unlikely as they played last year unfortunately
  2. Just noticed Peace and Fat WhitE Family are playing Y not so I wouldn't be surprised if Kendal announce them next
  3. Would be good to see a few more 'younger' type bands like Hookworms, Temples, Eagulls, Autobahn, Blossoms, We were promised jetpacks, Toy, Syd Arthur, Peace, Fat White family Also would love the horrors but probably no place for them
  4. Wens the next announcement coz the 1st ones shite

    Jesus, that clip is awful. I've never seen anything like that before in a festival. Hopefully nothing like that this year. Imagine fighting at a music festival?? Can't get my head round that at all!
  5. Wens the next announcement coz the 1st ones shite

    What's not to like? Libertines, catfish, shed 7, James, ocs, white lies, Peter hook, Sherlock's, Amazon's, twisted wheel. Bmx bandits. All indie tastic, which Kendal calling used to always be!
  6. Cheers for the reply. I was a bit concerned that it may have gone the way of Leeds and TITP but maybe this line up might lessen that to an extent. Im all for the yout having a bit of fun but if theyre considerably in the majority it does changes the atmosphere of the place. In 2012 it was mainly 20s/30s and family groups as far as I can remember. For me there's actually a lot this year that I would enjoy, about 5-6 everyday so all good!
  7. Really enjoyed going back in 2012 and considering going again this year. I'm aware the size of the festival has got a lot bigger and possibly the demographic? Just wondering if it has impacted on the festival at all. Our group is all early 30s and the prospect of spending a weekend with lots of teenagers sounds like hell tom me!
  8. Festival Number 6 - Portmeirion, Wales

    I've got a feeling that New Order might be added. The only reason I'm basing this on is I commented under their most recent post about New Order asking if they will be added to the lineup and FestNo6 deleted it! Could just be 2+2=5 but might be something in it.
  9. Festival Number 6 - Portmeirion, Wales

    Did this sell out last year?
  10. Festival Number 6 - Portmeirion, Wales

    I assume its unlikely then that the line up will change much? Not that it is bad, although wouldn't mind a couple more bands similar to Temples, Eagulls, Blossoms etc
  11. Festival Number 6 - Portmeirion, Wales

    Considering heading along to Festival Number 6. I am just wondering if that is pretty much it for the line up this year? Its quite expensive for a 'smaller festival' at £200! Ive been to quite a few festivals over the years now, how does festival number 6 compare to the likes of Kendal Calling, Greenman etc. Someone suggested that it is quite sensible, middle class types that go. I don't know if that is really my thing...