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  1. Got any gigs coming up?

    Did anyone go to see Sigur Ros over the weekend at Manchester? Saw them for the 1st time on Sunday and it was absolutely beautiful!! can't believe I'm so late to the Sigur Ros train tbh... No gigs until November now, which are The Moonlandingz and Royal Blood
  2. Neighbourhood Festival, Manchester

    Is there going to be any more additions? Venue splits were quite late last year but as long as you get them before the day it shouldn't be an issue, they gave out a free flyer when you picked the wristbands with all the stage time last year and I'm sure it was the week before on the website
  3. Bearded Theory 2018

    Bought ticket today on payment plan, finally getting round to going
  4. Which festivals will sell out quicker next year?

    You are not supposed to bring booze through but soft drinks and food okay... checks were lax though agreed but that's fine by me
  5. Neighbourhood Festival, Manchester

    it was great last year, total bargain for the price... definitely look to go again this year
  6. Hope and Glory Festival Liverpool

    What a pile of whinging drivel!!! they are getting crucified on social media for this pile of sh*t statement and rightly so!!
  7. Lack of facilities and end of Gate D hell

    This is not the case at all - My situation from parking up until getting through gates it was 5 1/2 hours - it was too long in the heat and it was hot (as it was across the site) and I got heat stroke despite taking precautions, which screwed me up for the rest of the day... but I'm not allowed to complain or anything am I? I am not blaming the festival however, this year they had 2 different Alton tower queue systems which was more than usual and it wasn't needed IMO, it just added more queue time (which was a killer in that heat). The stewards at the road as your crossed from pink also sent everyone up the hill to right saying that was for gate D rather than straight on, this then went up the hill and down again which joined the same queue at the bottom. Whether this was intentional (which it probably was) I don't know but it added another hour to your queue time There was also lack of steward about around the queue bet 9-12 - now I do think people should take responsibility, but if anything did happen there wasn't a lot of stewards to flag an issue up. We found a guy collapsed in the sun around 10.30-11am who had been left by his friends who had obviously on the beer, yes it was his fault for drinking but leaving someone in that state was not good and it took 8 people shouting over at a steward from the zig zag queue to come over (who was going to walk away) To me gate D was not as good at organisation as gate A (which always seems to be better) can't comment on B & C as never used them
  8. Lack of facilities and end of Gate D hell

    I mentioned it a few times as we do this every year I have to say gate D queue was awful as we joined queue in pink at 7am it was past 12 noon when we got through the gate.... I was dying and certainly suffered heat stroke despite wearing hat, Sun lotion and drinking loads of water (that we brought) I was give a bottle of water by steward as passed the start of the 1st Alton towers queue, but these were not obviously given out but I was bright red so probably pity taken lol The spraying folk down and handing water out certainly wasn't in D before 11am, as quoted in the press lol That 2nd Alton towers queue broke me as didn't realise there was a 2nd queue. Nearly burst into tears when going through that white arch/tent thing realising there is another 1-2 hours queue time Wednesday was ruined for me as trying to put tent up in 31 degree heat after 6 hours from car parking to tent spot was not fun. Seriously couldn't cool down until about 7...
  9. Blue Dot Festival

    Totally in spades!! What made me laugh we were talking to this obviously middle class couple on the Friday, wife was getting rather merry and husband had to drop the teen kids off back at the tent before coming back for his drink. He was like I'm not enjoying it as too middle class and not edgy, which we were like what did you really expect?? it was funny as he was the typical target audience - middle class family lol
  10. Blue Dot Festival

    It's like the lockups too, which close about 30 minutes after the headliner on Sunday!! which is no good for people in weekend camping as have to carry all your keys and stuff from lock up on the Sunday. Why can't they least have them open until Monday morning?
  11. Blue Dot Festival

    As per comment I posted from Bluedot they decided not to offer discount for pre sale, which is nuts tbh as most people will think what's the point and wait now I reckon I've bought tickets so I can spread the cost better and I do like it as a festival, but if it keeps going up year on year I'll most likely stop going
  12. Blue Dot Festival

    there was an instalment plan for 2017 festival too as that how I bought my tickets..... I've still bought tickets but charging £30 more just because they can is not great IMO Comments from Bluedot on FB page Dear bluedot festival goers, Thank you for your comments and feedback. To deliver a long term sustainable event featuring the wide range of content and high production values requires additional income for bluedot. We're keen not to increase the capacity too much and keep sponsorship at an appropriate level. In light of that an increase in the adult ticket price is required. We have kept kids tickets & campervans at the same price as 2017. Bluedot 2017 sold the majority of its tickets at £159, we think that's a fair price to go on sale with for 2018 so have not offered an early bird discount. The additional tiers will be £169 & £179 which is a £20 difference to 2017. We hope you come along with us in the journey of bluedot and appreciate the wide cultural and creative offering of the festival. So basically most people waited until lineup was released and paid the £159, so that's how they have decided the new start price should be I do like Bluedot just because of the offering but if they start hiking prices up like this year on year, it won't last too long as they have yet to sell out yet (with exception of Saturday last year)
  13. Blue Dot Festival

    Pre-sale prices released £159!! whilst I do want to go a £30 hike is a bit steep god knows how much that will make the final tier
  14. Your favourite bar at Glastonbury?

    All the bars in the T&C fields
  15. Blue Dot Festival

    Really? it's the start of the school holidays this way, that's a shame for you