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  1. I went to Skegness at the weekend.
  2. Kasabian 2007 Orbital 2010 DJ Shadow 2011 The XX 2013 M83 2016
  3. I must admit I never heard this directly but saw it on here years and years ago, subsequently I re-posted it and the original poster saw it and said: "I was the one that saw and heard that" Here is hoping he notices again: Someone inside in tent was doing a big line whilst wearing a head torch a passing wit shouts: "Put that light out it's like a bat symbol for cocaine abuse"
  4. Oh my god you are right not up to his standard of years gone by. My all time favourite: "Glastonbury Grand Slam"
  5. Seriously where is he?
  6. Everything crossed thanks for all the effort, you have my number
  7. Sounds good for Thursday I will be there fosho
  8. You better be you owe me a pint lol
  9. Go to Boomtown I was there last year fantastic, I am 10 years your junior but was with a mate your age and a younger crowd also would have meet up with Paul had he made it. All the same this year I will camp at which was Trench Town and this year seems to be Wild West. We will "adopt" you whether you want us to or not lol Likely a met at the cider bar, forget what it is called, which I missed last year also.
  10. I have done some reaserch and cone up with this: Faltering Fullback at Finsbury Park, nice pub, beer garden and next to 3 train lines and 3 stops to Ally Pally. The Worthyraver "Massive" will be there from about 6pm I noticed this on the Ally Pally website all bars and street food vendors are CASH ONLY
  11. Does anybody know a decent pre-gig pub near Alexandra Palace for Friday's gig? Somewhere like The Duke of Edinburgh is for Brixton Academy, if you know what I mean. Thanks
  12. I knew I would regret typing that.
  13. I was there last year, don't remember much I stole someone pint so I was told, sorry. I owe someone a pint this year then. I will regret typing that
  14. Beat Hotel you say I was there Thursday this year when my namesake Seth Troxler was giving one of the highlights of the festival for me fantastic. See you there next year!
  15. I was gutted when they took those two "cheeky" servers off line, it was shaping up to be the quickest t-day ever. Glad it worked for you on coach tickets day, I will certainly keep my eye on it for the resale.