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  1. Overheards and Funnies

    I must admit I never heard this directly but saw it on here years and years ago, subsequently I re-posted it and the original poster saw it and said: "I was the one that saw and heard that" Here is hoping he notices again: Someone inside in tent was doing a big line whilst wearing a head torch a passing wit shouts: "Put that light out it's like a bat symbol for cocaine abuse"
  2. Where is Tommmy?

    Oh my god you are right not up to his standard of years gone by. My all time favourite: "Glastonbury Grand Slam"
  3. Where is Tommmy?

    Seriously where is he?
  4. 2016 Secret Resales - Whatsapp Group

    Everything crossed thanks for all the effort, you have my number
  5. Boomtown Festival 2015

    Sounds good for Thursday I will be there fosho
  6. Boomtown Festival 2015

    You better be you owe me a pint lol
  7. Boomtown Festival 2015

    Go to Boomtown I was there last year fantastic, I am 10 years your junior but was with a mate your age and a younger crowd also would have meet up with Paul had he made it. All the same this year I will camp at which was Trench Town and this year seems to be Wild West. We will "adopt" you whether you want us to or not lol Likely a met at the cider bar, forget what it is called, which I missed last year also.
  8. Prodigy....

    I have done some reaserch and cone up with this: Faltering Fullback at Finsbury Park, nice pub, beer garden and next to 3 train lines and 3 stops to Ally Pally. The Worthyraver "Massive" will be there from about 6pm I noticed this on the Ally Pally website all bars and street food vendors are CASH ONLY
  9. Prodigy....

    Does anybody know a decent pre-gig pub near Alexandra Palace for Friday's gig? Somewhere like The Duke of Edinburgh is for Brixton Academy, if you know what I mean. Thanks
  10. Cabaret Field bar, Wednesday 6pm: eFestivals meet

    I knew I would regret typing that.
  11. Cabaret Field bar, Wednesday 6pm: eFestivals meet

    I was there last year, don't remember much I stole someone pint so I was told, sorry. I owe someone a pint this year then. I will regret typing that
  12. Jon Hopkins

    I was there front left next to the toilets, going mental.
  13. Campervan Tickets Now

    On Sale for East
  14. Electronica/Dance

    Beat Hotel you say I was there Thursday this year when my namesake Seth Troxler was giving one of the highlights of the festival for me fantastic. See you there next year!
  15. geeky techie chat about the ticket sale

    I was gutted when they took those two "cheeky" servers off line, it was shaping up to be the quickest t-day ever. Glad it worked for you on coach tickets day, I will certainly keep my eye on it for the resale.