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  1. Try here:
  2. I think you'll really struggle. I can't rememer how long it is before the train departs but last time I took the Eurostar I had to be there early to "check in", a bit like for a flight. Because you won't necessarily be able to get on the first shuttle either, I wouldn't be booking a train that early myself. I'd be looking at 2pm onwards to take the stress out of it. If you get to Brussels early you can just chill out have some "real" food after 5 days of festival food!
  3. Given your name, I'd have thought you were only interested in Lorde. (Ya, ya, ya...)
  4. I've been lurking/posting for about 10 years, and outside of the Benicassim threads, I've seen nothing but reasonable people on the international sub-forum. It's a shame that the tone of this thread has dropped considerably this year. In other news, I *CANNOT* wait for Werchter this year . Great line-up from my perspective.
  5. Find another hostel or camp. I can't see it being worth the effort of commuting to and from Brussels everyday.
  6. Cheers all, I will make sure to get them a couple of months before then
  7. Bit of a random question. Does anyone know how close to the festival pre-sale of food/drinks vouchers goes on for? I can't see anything on the website, presumably they will advertise when they will go off sale at some point?
  8. Sadly not a chance with at least half of these. This festival fell apart a few years back when the funding agreement with the local government changed significantly, the lineups have never been the same since.
  9. I know people who have flown, driven (via ferry from Hull), gone by train and by coach. Depends on which part of the UK you are coming from and what your budget is. The train to the festival is free once your in Belgium so as long as you get to Brussels, it's all good.
  10. KOL it is then (or possibly a big dance act)
  11. From my experience, the atmosphere was very different. Might have been because of the years that I went (only once to each) but PP was a much younger crowd than RW. Werchter seems to consistently have arguably the best lineup in Europe (certainly in terms of big acts), but a lot of people go to *listen* to the bands rather than go mental. The year that I went to RW, The Mars Volta (I think) had a bit of a strop on stage due to the lack of visible interaction from the crowd in terms of singing/dancing etc.
  12. Given the money that they will have lost last year for the cancellations, I would be surprised. RAR is still a headliner short so I guess that FF are a possibility there.
  13. Not a popular opinion I know, but I really am fed up with FF now. Particularly in the UK, they never seem to have gone away. Can't argue that they're not a top headliner though and a good draw for RW.
  14. Thanks, fingers crossed Graspop doesn't take away too many of the 'rock' bands this year. We're trying to decide between RW and Roskilde.
  15. What time are RW announcements made?