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  1. primal scream have just announced a couple of dates in italy the week of latitude which i'm hoping makes them even more likely. they'd be a perfect 6music headliner whilst the 1975 are on the mainstage.
  2. bjork would be about the best headliner latitude could get in my opinion.
  3. i much prefer your lineup to mine! bjork, massive attack and primal scream would be incredible.
  4. i'd say bestival makes the xx less likely but not completely out of the question as they weren't listed as an exclusive. at the moment though my headliner prediction is the 1975, lana del rey and fleet foxes which doesn't fill me with excitement at all.
  5. i think lana del rey is more than likely. she's not yet been announced for another uk festival that i can think of and we know she's around in europe in july/august. melvin loves an exclusive and she's played the festival before. her and the 1975 would certainly cater for the younger crowd so i'd love a slightly older 3rd headliner along the lines of the cure/morrissey etc. i notice beck has one festival in the usa lined up early july so is another that could possibly do latitude as an exclusive. i've a feeling that overall the headliners aren't going to be massively to my taste this year (as is often the case tbh) but i'm hoping the undercard can fit in some of the following... sleaford mods the jesus and mary chain ryley walker car seat headrest japandroids cloud nothings grandaddy british sea power wilco foxygen
  6. sleaford mods announced for beat herder on the same weekend as latitude as a northern festival exclusive. hopefully this means they're doing latitude too. one of my favourite acts in recent years and would smash it in the 6music tent (though i'd love to see them on the mainstage upsetting the families with picnic blankets.
  7. it's very rare latitude would have two american headliners so not entirely sure by that. the xx don't seem to be an exclusive to bestival from what i've seen so still a possibility they could play.
  8. pretty sure ryan adams is a green man exclusive unfortunately
  9. ride would be great. they were excellent at field day the other year.
  10. green man headliners are strong, shame they won't be at latitude. i'm quite excited that arab strap seem to be doing lots of festivals though, would love to see them at latitude. also i've a funny feeling liam gallagher may pop up on the bill as he certainly seems to be around in july and we all know melvin likes a gallagher...
  11. i think it's quite likely pixies could headline. especially as the new latitude booker has come from field day where pixies headlined a couple of years ago...
  12. whilst they're not to my taste at all and i won't be watching them, the 1975 is a decent booking. there's always one headliner "for the kids" and the 1975 are pretty much the biggest band in britain in terms of this catergory at the moment. they'll shift tickets for sure. hopefully they'll stick something for us oldies in the 6music tent whilst they're on like super furry animals or the jesus and mary chain.
  13. avalanches was the biggest disappointment ever
  14. i'm really happy with the stage times. has kept clashes to a minimum for me which is great.
  15. xiu xiu doing twin peaks would be incredible