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  1. It is on the poster at the top above Mumford's. I missed it at first too.
  2. looking at that nme link im pretty sure jack garrett isnt headlining 6music as he is listed below the likes of ride and lloyle carner
  3. hopefully jack garratt isnt headlinging 6music on saturday night to give a decent alternarive to mumfords. this time last year it looked like kurt vile was headlining 6music based on the poster then soulwax were inserted above him so still hope yet! the more i look at it the more things i find that dont make it an absolute disaster. on top of the acts i mentioned earlier i've always quite fancied seeing goldfrapp and fatboy slim and the likes of mavis staples, mount kimbie and lemon twigs will be decent.
  4. i'm torn. first impression is that its awful but ride, grandaddy, the horrors, john cale and divine comedy all make me happy so its not horrendous... disappointing though.
  5. john cale self confirmed on twitter! good booking that
  6. those 3 just don't look right for latitude either. looks way more vfestival. i accept it looks like we're getting 2 of them but i'm hoping for something slightly more credible as the third!
  7. lowestoft journal mentions mumfords,1975 and the killers but seems to be basing this on social media rumours. surely not the killers with the bst exclusive.
  8. that dork article is still showing the mumford stuff from what i can see...
  9. if it was the stone roses we would have had lemons appearing at southwold pier by now.
  10. ride are now looking more likely i think. just announced a tour of the usa in july but they have a suspicious latitude shaped hole between bennicasim and the us tour starting...
  11. Primal Scream are one of my favourite live acts but I don't think they'd headline these days. Sub or 6music headliner I could see though and they have the Sunday free...
  12. Would be happy with Charlatans on the bill again. They were excellent last time and Tim is based in Norfolk now so fairly local!
  13. solid but unspectcular if i remember rightly. i seem to remember the majority of people liking the undercard but not the headliners whereas i in fact was the other way round for a change.
  14. this time last year the embargoed lineup had been put out there and people were at least able to give opinions on it and how it would go down. be interesting to see if anyone has similar tonight.
  15. as i said earlier, mumfords have also had the likes of flaming lips and primal scream on the bill at their curated things before though so it might not be all bad.