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  1. What are you doing instead of Glastonbury this year?

    Heading back to Bestival. Really, really going to miss Glastonbury though
  2. Bestival 2018 incoming!

    I purchased my tickets before seeing the line up. Not too disappointed, but I made sure I didn't get my hopes up either. Very happy to see MIA headline as she was great in the Big Top a few years back. Chaka Khan will be great fun too. Would love for Britney to headline, but the Arcade Fire rumours are exciting as well.
  3. Disrespect in the Theatre & Circus fields.

    It would not surprise me if there is one rule for performers like Lee Nelson (it was him, wasn't it?) and the average punter. I think actively assaulting and ruining an entire act is a different thing though.
  4. Ban Grime at Glastonbury

  5. Disrespect in the Theatre & Circus fields.

    This really angers me. I think they should eject anyone who actively disrupts an act. They wouldn't stand for it if a headliner had their set interrupted, so why should they put up with it for a smaller performer?
  6. Distance walked

    45 miles. Didn't walk much on Wednesday as we spent many hours in the shade! Also did a lot more sleeping this year (due to heavier nights!)
  7. Your (potentially) Contraversial Changes to Glasto

    The age thing doesn't make sense. The most trouble caused tends to be from lad culture types aged at least 21, normally! Certainly the idiots camped near us leaving a mess and causing trouble were all around 30. What I'd change: - Stricter enforcement of rules/penalties for urinating in bushes. - More showers - Open up parts of the tented stages for when its as hot as it was on Wednesday to give people shade
  8. See Coaches - a bit of a shambles...

    So, I opted for the coach and ticket package for the second year running. On the whole it's a great service and I'd not dream of going back to the train or relying on a lift. However, I was really disappointed with what I saw this morning. Not a single person had their tickets looked at where I was and it became a total free for all. People who had specific coaches were being turned away whilst people chancing it were getting on any coach they fancied. Despite this and our driver getting lost on the way to the festival I actually rate the service. Just hope they can encourage stewards to be more vigilant with tickets...
  9. What made you smile ?

    Seeing tiny little babies and children having their time of their lives
  10. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Probably the best gig of my life. Perfect set list and perfect atmosphere where I was. We were all having a sing and dance (including those who admitted they barely knew them)
  11. How busy are the trains?

    If the train is leaving from Paddington I'd be very surprised if you didn't make it on. If you don't want to be waiting in huge queues at Castle Cary then I advise you sacrifice sitting on the train and stand by the doors on the train with your stuff nearby you. I managed to hop off straight away in 2015 and was on the first coach out of the train station.
  12. So... Who else is on their last day of work clock watching

    Fuck it. I'm off.
  13. So... Who else is on their last day of work clock watching

    Normally finish at half 5 but gonna leave an hour early. Can't wait a minute longer, frankly!
  14. Guardian Festival Bags

    I imagine so. I think they usually start selling them on Thursday?
  15. Best place to party Wednesday night?

    Block 9 is good fun on Wednesday. Both NYC Downlow and London Underground will be open until about 3AM, although noticeably less busy and less louder than the following nights!

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