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  1. Cheers thanks for that , How late to the buses go to Leuven after the festival is over?
  2. Is there any places near to stay if you did not want to camp?
  3. I know its probably been asked a good few times but is there anything much happening once the bands finish up?
  4. Have everything printed out and ready to hit Amsterdam tomorrow Have a great festival everyone. Looks like i will have to Brussels since my friends gf booked her train ticket from Brussels
  5. Do you need wifi for it to work (after you download it)
  6. Do they sell the timetables on site? Dont remember seeing them there back in 2010
  7. Cheers guys for the heads up on the train tickets
  8. Im going to Amsterdam on the Monday from Ireland till wednesday then heading to Hasselt
  9. Last time i was there in 2010 there were people selling crates of beer from their driveways (which was deadly to see) , Do they still do this .
  10. One question i am wondering is with regards to the campsites . We booked the Relax campsite and are thnking about getting one of the pre pitched accommodation things. They are all in camping Relax+ does that mean i need to upgrade my camping ticket or anything? Also is it far from the other campsite? I was at Pukkelpop 2010 but we were staying in the campsite across from the Main entrance
  11. Is there much overlap of artists from Rock Werchter and Pukkelpop?