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  1. Wouldn't recommend it myself - lot of people quite obviously on drugs. Kids field might be ok though, not sure about that
  2. Thanks mate.... Just goes to show, don't listen to anything I say regarding toots and bearded... (Although I did hear he was in advanced talks to headline the Sunday next year, word is that the prospect of playing what he refers to as 'the Ali Campbell ub40 spot' could be enough to coax him out of his unfortunate retirement....)
  3. My mistake. No idea where I got those (wildly inaccurate) facts from....
  4. Nah, toots not touring Europe at all now. He got hit on the head with a bottle whilst playing in Germany. Not even I believe toots will be at bearded anymore....
  5. Just watched the queen bit..... Ha ha ha. That really is a new level of shit.
  6. It's all a question of timing, and luck, tbh
  7. I don't think they were.
  8. watched it on tv - found myself just thinking "why the hell didn't you do this 20 years ago, when you were up to it?"
  9. some good reggae on tongiht in Bristol - at the Attic bar. Resonators album launch with Dub from atlantis too. Not sure if this is what this reggae thread is for, but I felt the need to tell somebody - and this seems as good a place as any.
  10. I hope the one love peace festy does better with Barrington than Boomtown did last year... It still hurts.