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  1. First act I saw on my own was The National. For me, this was a vitally important turning point in my Glastonbury career.
  2. Kate Nash, Pyramid Stage 2008
  3. I reckon it's gonna be The Prodigy, Bon Iver/Alt J and Pet Shop Boys
  4. Christ, if that were me I would have been so pissed off. All that build up and excitement to be ruined by a bunch of selfish nobheads. That's the main problem with watching Pyramid headliners IMO, if you don't arrive super early, you end up getting surrounded by dickheads who don't give a shit and just want to take selfies and send them to their mates.
  5. Nice. I don't mind the occasional comment about how good the gig is if someone is enjoying it - but the people that constantly talk shit throughout are really fucking annoying. Don't blame you for wanting to move away from your friend.
  6. Jeff Tweedy sums these people up perfectly:
  7. West Holts Sunday would be fantastic. I have a nasty feeling they'll be clashing against Radiohead
  8. Amazing photos Ian.
  9. Nice one Ben cheers, I'll have to scout it out next year. Although knowing me I'll probably get distracted by something else whilst trying to find it.
  10. I wasn't there in 2014 so that doesn't count
  11. It's cracking yeah, surely a West Holts sub slot isn't too much to ask?
  12. If his single is anything to go by, Bonobos latest will be a lovely way to start the new year.
  13. Never visited Strummerville because I can never bloody find the place. Also never been to The Park after dark.
  14. Backing this statement to the full. Van can play another day. Saturday afternoon with the sun blazing down and 2 double G+T's in my hand, preferably.
  15. Just noticed Swans on that Primavera line up. A mid afternoon set on John Peel would be monstorous.