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  1. Next Announcement thread

    Ahh damn it. Floating Points would be just as good in the sub spot. If Todd Terje can do it then Floating Points definitely can.
  2. Next Announcement thread

    All I ask is for M83 to sub Underworld on West Holts.

    Still can't get over how good Squeeze were. I wasn't even gonna see them but I felt a bit wobbly in the dance tent watching Astralasia so decided it would be better to watch something outdoors. Them and Asian Dub Foundation were my finds of the weekend.
  4. Next Announcement thread

    Hahaha, literally just happened to me.

    Put it this way - on the Thursday I was thinking about going back next year and the festival hadn't even started. Such a lovely, chilled out vibe, PIL were spectacular. Squeeze were a surprise highlight and Asian Dub Foundation were brilliant stand ins for Arrested Development. I loved the fact that stages were in easy reach of each other and I could just dart in and out of each stage and watch a little bit of this and that. Everyone I spoke to was really friendly and there force good time, and the food and drink was excellent. Jaipur X is so strong though! All in all, a great build up to Glastonbury and it has got me very excited for 4 weeks time.

    That was a fucking brilliant festival. Will elaborate tomorrow.

    All packed up and ready to go. See you all in a field in Derby tomorrow!
  8. You know you are obsessed with Glastonbury when ….

    Very true, Human Traffic is definitely a product of it's time. Even if it was set in London and they went to, say, Fabric or something it would still ruin it a bit for me. Would watch it if it ever comes out though, I could be proven wrong and it could be just as good as the original.
  9. Steve Davis

    Yep, if he's playing Stonebridge on Thursday I'll be there
  10. 4 weeks today ..

    I'll be on the coach, almost arriving, probably catching a glimpse of the site through the treeeees
  11. Confirmed Food Vendors 2016

    The Whole Hog is the one that claims to be UK's best, and to be fair on them, they do have the best Hog Roasts I've tasted on site
  12. Who would you love to see on the full line-up that isn't announced yet?

    I love how The Avalanches are now a realistic suggestion
  13. You know you are obsessed with Glastonbury when ….

    Yeah I read about this, not too sure about a sequel. Reckon they should leave it as it is.
  14. You know you are obsessed with Glastonbury when ….

    Cheers bud, Human Traffic is my favourite movie of all time
  15. You know you are obsessed with Glastonbury when ….

    When you're using every festival you're going to before hand as a warm up to Glastonbury.