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  1. Can you repeat the question?
  2. I managed to get through last year using my mums shitty Windows PC that has really slow internet so I have every confidence that I'll do the same this year ** It's vitally important that I get tickets this year. If 2018 is a fallow year then I'll miss 2 years in a row. **actually that's a lie, I'm shitting myself as always.
  3. Just ordered my tickets this morning. I was gonna leave it till next year but I thought I would rather get in there quick in case they're selling out fast, which it looks like they are. Opted for the payment plan is a great deal!
  4. Not surprised, it was very hard to spot. If I remember rightly, it was in the left hand market strip as you enter the Palais, right at the end of the kids area. It had poets there performing daily and looked a good place to sit and chill. If only I discovered it sooner!
  5. Glad that these it's just early bird tickets going on sale because at the moment I'm broke. I guess it'll be good to the initial line up first though. Loving the sound of the new Cinema, I think it's a great idea as sometimes during the day this year I found a bit stuck for things to do. For some reason I only just discovered creative intentions on the last day. I reckon if I'd have found that sooner I would have been in there alot.
  6. Ahh man, probably too early to ask for another Funkadelic set isn't it? I'd be happy with something like The Jacksons or maybe Diana Ross though.
  7. I swear I remember a Ferris wheel being there in '08 and '09. Or was that Avalon?
  8. I have a dream of The National subbing Radiohead on the Pyramid on Friday night. If Tame Impala can sub Adele then there's no doubt in my mind that The National can sub Radiohead.
  9. Best: Stevie Wonder Glastonbury 2010. 2010 was an amazing year for me, first time I arrived on Wednesday, incredible weather and a great feel good vibe all weekend. Stevie Wonder was the perfect way to close it. He was magnificent. Worst: Bruce Springsteen 2009. I was bored out of my mind watching him, I kept on nagging my dad to go see Jarvis Cocker on John Peel but my dad didn't want me to go on my own so I stayed put. It was just so boring. Most Surprising: Underworld 2016. I went along not thinking it'd be great tunes anything too special but I was wrong. An hour and a half of pure euphoria. Biggest Disappointment: Tame Impala 2011. Caught them on The Park stage cause I was a fan but left after two songs because they seemed disinterested. Glad to see they turned a new leaf on their performances though.
  10. Nice one! Thursday was a messy one for me too, and the standout of that Wheel Of Four Tunes show was a guy crowd surfing on a dinghy. Even better that it was an efester.
  11. Rewatched the whole of Underworlds set today and yeah, it was just as amazing and euphoric as I remembered it. Although at the time, it seemed to come and go very quickly.
  12. Jesus christ! I wasn't joking, and because of the time I posted it I can't even blame booze for that one. I was genuinely meant to say Diana Ross but for some reason got it mixed up. I'm going to change that immediately before anyone else notices... Oh shit, it's too late to edit it. The damage is done.
  13. Wheel Of Four Tunes was funny as fuck. Wouldn't have gone if it wasn't suggested on here.
  14. Yes Basement Jaxx would be brilliant. Have never seen them live before but always wanted to.
  15. Watching Air at Field Day was absolutely incredible. Would love for them to get a longer set on West Holts.