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  1. thye Common announces

    All his mixes are absolutely spot on.
  2. Feel The Real Soundsytem play disco and soul/funk. Last year I caught them at The Blues stage on the Sunday djing to a crowd of about 20 or so others having a dance. Other then that I can't really think of anything else. There are places other than Silver Hayes that you can go to that do play disco till the late hours. Ridge & Furrow bar had some great djs on late at night last year as well as NYC Downlow...
  3. Silver Hayes Lineup

    Been listening to some of the bands on here, so far I'm liking Batilda, Jungle By Night, Dele Sosimi and Sultan Of The Disco. Also hyped for Fatima Yamaha!! Any more Latin/Afro-Jazz type bands that I should have a listen to?
  4. Silver Hayes Lineup

    Ahh I didn't see that. You're probably right about The Blues. Can't see him playing anywhere else on there.
  5. Silver Hayes Lineup

    Neville Staple is more more of a Gully kind of act I reckon.
  6. Muse

    People were moaning about the headliners being'too old' in 09. After spending the year before moaning about the headliners being 'too young'.
  7. Next Announcement thread

    I'm sitting by my bed cause I can't be arsed to stand if that helps.
  8. Pub Crawl on Thursday

    Totally got Stonebridge confused with the bar by the acoustic stage. There's another one to add to yer list.
  9. Pub Crawl on Thursday

    There's the dreamtime bar by the other stage. Last chance saloon whiskey cocktail bar inside stonebridge and Theatre & Circus bar in Theatre & Circus, also The Cornish Arms. That's all I can think of for now.
  10. Post-Glasto Blues

    After Glastonbury I have nothing to look forward to. Last year I booked a bunch of holidays with my friends so it was easy for me after Glasto to just kick out the blues and thing about them. But this year almost everything I'm doing seems to be a build up to it in some way so I'm probably gonna feel it a lot more when I come back home.
  11. PJ Harvey confirmed

    I dunno really, I just feel like near the memorials doesn't really fit in the album and comes on a bit too strong for me. Now we have the album I'm anticipating her festival appearances. Hopefully seeing her twice this year, at Field Day and at Glastonbury.
  12. PJ Harvey confirmed

    Have had a couple of this and the first time I didn't really get it but it is slowly growing on me, the only tracks I dislike on it are Near the memorials and Dollar Dollar but other than that it's a great listen.
  13. Cabaret Field bar, Wednesday 6pm: eFestivals meet

    Brilliant, I look forward to the meets every year
  14. I GOT A RESALE TICKET!!!!!!!

    My mum managed to get 2 tickets for her and dad. They are so excited, I'm over the moon for them.
  15. The Avalanches

    Yeah that line up is really great. Means if they don't get announced for Glastonbury at least I have that to fall back on!