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  1. Some guys yelling out sexist abuse to some circus performer and basically ruining the first 5 mins of her show. The poor girl absolutely crumbled and couldn't continue with it. Very upsetting to see.
  2. I saw you in the urinals by west holt but didn't want to disturb you as you were taking a piss
  3. Last post before heading to bed - see you all tomorrow. It's gonna be a great year.
  4. Sorta confirms Gorillaz secret set if Jehnny Beth is gonna be there
  5. There's no such thing as too hot
  6. Looks like their definitely trying to ease the crowds in the SE corner then.
  7. £500 with £100 to spend a day. I save up all year for it (I know I'm not alone there) and it's my time away from a having to constantly have to worry about saving.
  8. It's alright guys. 2017 is going to be the year that 2016 could have been.
  9. Radiohead Solange Jah Wobble
  10. Clean fucking Bandit
  11. Creep or There There would be fantastic curveball openers.
  12. I really hope they don't open with Daydreaming
  13. Will have just watched The Moonlandingz, have some lunch then head up to Tricketts bar for a couple of Gin N Tonics.