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  1. Hey guys I've heard Green Day are going to headline the Other Stage at Glastonbury Festival 2017?
  2. Was check in at 6:00 for the live stream?
  3. I've heard rumours that Paul Morley is gonna be doing guest vocals for Evermore
  4. Imagine the scenes, people clamouring to get into a secret Ed gig at a pub near the farm, then he literally comes on stage, apologises, then leaves.
  5. New Thundercat now available on Spotify. Only listened to the first few songs but will digest it fully tomorrow
  6. Park Stage I reckon, mid afternoon.
  7. Giving "A Seat At The Table" a listen right now and I am really, really impressed.
  8. Spoon have a new single out. So hyped for their album. Also can't wait to hear the new Thundercat LP on Friday
  9. Lone Star is well worth checking out, only 9 minutes long which is quite short for Mr. Kozelek
  10. New Sun Kil Moon album is sounding great so far. Only half way through it, mind.
  11. But they look so coooool!!!11111one!
  12. ATCQ would actually be a decent fit on West Holts:
  13. Someone made an account under the name Blue Chicken and their only post was an announcement prediction on this thread. I can't remember if they got it right or not, though!
  14. Lammo is gonna have a field day if Elastica also reform this year.