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  1. Nice one guys, thanks for this!
  2. That would be great, but I honestly wouldn't mind if he brought his atomic bomb band along with him and did an early evening slot on WH.
  3. Absolutely. I was bored to tears watching that. All I can remember from it was a bunch of drunk people next to me shouting for Born In The USA between every song.
  4. My parents have told me that they would love to take me to Worthy Farm when the festival isn't on. So I have a couple of questions. Where do you enter the site from? Do you have to ask anyone to use the site or is are you just free to walk wherever you please when the site isn't on? What are the closes camper van sites to Worthy Farm? Obviously there is the Tor but are there any other local attractions worth checking out that are specifically dog friendly, speaking of which, are there any dog friendly pubs? Also while I'm at it, can I bring my dog to worthy farm? Okay more than a few questions, but if anyone can answer these then that'd be great.
  5. Had a dream the other night that Rolling Stones played again on Saturday but in the middle of their set there was this massive thunderstorm and the festival got cancelled so everyone had to go home.
  6. GET OUT.
  7. Thanks to your recommendations I discovered Bixiga 70 last year and they absolutely stormed it. Hoping to be pointed in the direction of more groovy latin shit next year!
  8. Agree with both of you in regards to schools. In our secondary school the people in the top sets were mainly taught how to become doctors, businessmen, lawyers etc. I was in mainly the bottom sets and we were not taught any of those, we were literally told 'one day you will have to settle down and get a job'. Where's the progress in that? What happens if you want to be involved in something creative? It's bizzare. I suppose the fact my town is about as true blue as you can get doesn't really help things either.
  9. They look completely ridiculous live, in the best way possible:
  10. Nice, I would love to see them live. The guitarist/drummer with all the lipstick on looks completely mental to watch.
  11. Just shows how forgettable Beady Eye's set truly was.
  12. ALSO: I've recently fallen in love with a band called The Lemon Twigs. If they don't open up the park stage on Friday next year I would consider it an absolute travesty.
  13. I need this printed on a T - Shirt in 2017 if he plays.