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  1. Just RSVP'ed to the 20 years of Blueprint Boiler Room thing. Really hope I get in, if I do then I'll have 4-5 hours of solid Techno to look forward to next week.
  2. The mere thought of that clash is giving me sqeaky bum
  3. Santana on the Sunday would make my Glastonbury absolutely perfect. Friday: Daft Punk Saturday: Radiohead Sunday: Santana. Doesn't get much better than that for me. PERSONALLY. OK?!>!?!
  4. Hopefully there will be something decent on in the Woodland whilst they're playing.
  5. "Did you want to see The Stone Roses? Well you should have been here 15 years ago ya lazy bastards!"
  6. Kind of in two minds about getting tickets to see Wilco in Nov, if I get enough money from work this week, then I'll probably get tickets. Completely bizarre that they haven't sold out yet though. Would have thought that them coming over to the UK is a really special, one off thing as they're usually touring all over the shop in America. I guess I've underestimated their popularity over here.
  7. 2014. It was my final year at Uni so I really should have been studying. Instead I didn't get tickets to Glastonbury, so I glanced at the line up and started watching the sets of the bands that I would have seen that weekend, whilst getting monumentally wasted in my room. One of the most harrowing weekends of my life.
  8. Would have resurrected an old thread but I figured you can never have too many Wilco threads. After not really enjoying Star Wars that much, I've just started listening to Shmilco and I'm absolutely hooked by it. It sounds really minimal but at the same time there's loads going on. I feel like a band that I loved years ago has returned in a really satisfying way. What are the chances of them playing Glasto next year? I reckon they'd be a very decent alternative to Daft Punk or Stone Roses on the Sunday and I'd be more than happy to see them at either the park or West Holts...
  9. Can you repeat the question?
  10. I managed to get through last year using my mums shitty Windows PC that has really slow internet so I have every confidence that I'll do the same this year ** It's vitally important that I get tickets this year. If 2018 is a fallow year then I'll miss 2 years in a row. **actually that's a lie, I'm shitting myself as always.
  11. Just ordered my tickets this morning. I was gonna leave it till next year but I thought I would rather get in there quick in case they're selling out fast, which it looks like they are. Opted for the payment plan is a great deal!
  12. Not surprised, it was very hard to spot. If I remember rightly, it was in the left hand market strip as you enter the Palais, right at the end of the kids area. It had poets there performing daily and looked a good place to sit and chill. If only I discovered it sooner!
  13. Glad that these it's just early bird tickets going on sale because at the moment I'm broke. I guess it'll be good to the initial line up first though. Loving the sound of the new Cinema, I think it's a great idea as sometimes during the day this year I found a bit stuck for things to do. For some reason I only just discovered creative intentions on the last day. I reckon if I'd have found that sooner I would have been in there alot.
  14. Ahh man, probably too early to ask for another Funkadelic set isn't it? I'd be happy with something like The Jacksons or maybe Diana Ross though.
  15. I swear I remember a Ferris wheel being there in '08 and '09. Or was that Avalon?