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  1. Nice one Ben cheers, I'll have to scout it out next year. Although knowing me I'll probably get distracted by something else whilst trying to find it.
  2. I wasn't there in 2014 so that doesn't count
  3. It's cracking yeah, surely a West Holts sub slot isn't too much to ask?
  4. If his single is anything to go by, Bonobos latest will be a lovely way to start the new year.
  5. Never visited Strummerville because I can never bloody find the place. Also never been to The Park after dark.
  6. Backing this statement to the full. Van can play another day. Saturday afternoon with the sun blazing down and 2 double G+T's in my hand, preferably.
  7. Just noticed Swans on that Primavera line up. A mid afternoon set on John Peel would be monstorous.
  8. No Cities was a pretty flawless album. Would be stoked if they played third down on the Park on Fri. Would give me enough time to run over to Radiohead.
  9. Would be more than happy to see BBNG take on West Holts.
  10. Surely the Don Letts confirmation means that Big Audio Dynamite are a cert? Half the members are there already.
  11. I can't wait until Russy sees this thread.
  12. Going to Corsica Studios for the first time tomorrow. Heard alot of good things about it on these parts. When is the best time to arrive? My mate has a flat in Elephany so we're having drinks at his and apparently it's like a 5 minute walk away from his place. If it turns out to be as good as people are saying it is on here I'll definitely be taking full advantage of my mates flat.
  13. Yeah definitely. I reckon things would have been completely different if U2 actually played in 2010. Muse, on the other hand, played one of the most forgettable pyramid headline sets I've seen. Should have gone to George Clinton.
  14. Wembley 07 was their best. Glastonbury 2010 was so dull. Can't remember anything from that gig apart from The Edge coming on at some point.
  15. Beautiful Days could be another option for me.