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  1. Self Confirmed 2016

    Good stuff. I presume she'll be in groovie movie on the Wednesday night. Great start to the festival!

    Very happy with Arrested Development. My Sunday night sorted.
  3. The Festivals angry neighbour....

    Yeah I do feel really sorry for him cause he hasdepression and the festival is probably a part of the reason for that illness. Must be tough having to, as russycarps said, stand up for what you believe in and not have anyone hear you out. Also must be though for people from the other side because there is nothing they can do about it. Tthe festival is so massive now that they can't stop running it because of one guy...
  4. Television - perfect for The Park

    I listen to Adventure and Marquee Moon by Televison only on the day before Glastonbury. If it's any other time of the year then I don't listen to them. So them playing Glastonbury would be a perfect fit for me. I don't have a clue why I do this, but I just do.  

    Does anyone else think that Underworld might be in with a shout for Sunday headliners?
  6. 24 Hour Bars

    Not 24 hours, but there are a fair amount of bars that open fairly early. I remember getting a rum punch from a place called The Cornish Arms at around 9AMish this year. A great way to start the day!
  7. Earth Wind and Fire in da house?

    Completely. And Bobby Womack in 2013 was something quite special, too.   
  8. Sunday Legend 2016

    Chuffed to bits with this news. Was expecting it to be something like Barry Manilow but I'm pleasantly surprised! Great work Eavis. 
  9. West Holts 2016 - would love to see list

    That's why I reckon George Benson will be on the "Saturday tea time Burt Bacharachesque slot"
  10. Things that ur happy about

    It is my Birthday tomorrow! Working 9-4 unfortunately but I don't mind working on my birthday. Had a pretty good night in London last night so I'm happy with that
  11. Camping Alone? Join us

    Sorry, that was my own fault I should have been a bit more clearer. I camped in Camp Solo last year. There were problems with a few years ago. I'll go and edit that now.
  12. Camping Alone? Join us

    Yeah that's the one.
  13. Camping Alone? Join us

    Yeah, it seemed as though there was a huge problem with cliques this year. I camped in Camp Solo last year and I'd be more then happy to go there again this year having met some decent people there last year but at the same time there was alot of trouble with because cliques started forming and people were reporting back saying that they didn't feel welcome there. This is why I think it's a much better idea for a different person to be handed over the baton of organizing a solo camp each time.
  14. Small Stages At Glastonbury

    Cheeeeers mate. Have applied. I've always wanted to go to EOTR but funds have pretty much only allowed me to go to Glastonbury and maybe a smaller one each year. The line ups have always looked fantastically diverse and right up my alley so I'd love to go there and it'd be even better if we played there.  
  15. Small Stages At Glastonbury

    Thank you all so much for your helpful advice - I've been at work all day hence the lack of any reply. I think I will try and get our band at Glastonbury 2017 instead of this years. Judging by most peoples posts it seems as though I've been a bit late on the uptake this year but I will definately convince my band mates that going to Glastonbury next year and playing some gigs at the smaller stages would be a great start! Also I'll definately be applying to the festivals above, infact I'm applying for Kendal Calling as I type.  For those curious, my band is called Haydn & The Normals, you can find our SoundCloud if you google that name and have a listen to some of our (very poorly recorded) demos. We're currently working on an EP and we hope to write, produce and self release an album by the end of the year. Also (and Neil - feel free to take this part of the post down if it's a bit too much shameless self promotion) we've got a gig on 3rd March at The Stags Head in Hoxton. Free Entry so feel free to come down to that if any of you are in the London area. Hopefully I can talk my band into getting tickets to Glastonbury next year!