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  1. Breakfast recommendations

    fair play to the bots, at least they're posting in relevant threads!
  2. Electric Picnic 2018

    sold out now.
  3. Electric Picnic 2018

    No. Arctic Monkeys played a few years ago, and Kendrick played a festival half the size here in 2016. they probably won't splash out on both of them though, especially after getting away with relatively low-profile headliners last year. Those gigs are with a different promoter so basically zero chance The National play. It sold out last year before the lineup was announced. They went on general sale on Saturday and still available, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if they sell out after the lineup announcement tomorrow. The War on Drugs are headlining a festival here in June, so no chance of them either.
  4. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    she's already done it once, I think Carter Inc. will be more interested in taking a pay cheque from IoW or elsewhere than accepting BBC coverage as part-payment.
  5. 2019 Headliners

    this brings back great memories of people on here seriously claiming that Bring Me The Horizon were Other Stage headliner level in 2016. e: just saw Bisque's post
  6. 2019 Headliners

    they may indeed be "in the ascendancy", but they're not there yet as they're not selling big enough for a new band to be headlining, don't have enough of a back catalogue compared with bands that have been around years that can headline, and are not playing big enough slots elsewhere to be in with a serious shout of headlining at the moment. if Glastonbury was on this year there is zero chance they'd headline. they'd get a Pyramid-sub slot at best. talk of them being big enough now to headline is absurd. maybe their new album will be massive and they will be in 2019. or maybe, like The XX, their 3rd album will sell less than their second, which sold less than their first....
  7. 2019 Headliners

    nah, FATM were far bigger after 2 albums when they were booked to sub the Pyramid (just before releasing their 3rd), than The 1975 are now. The 1975 are more like The XX after 2 albums, and I doubt anyone was calling for them to headline before they released their 3rd album.... look at the UK festivals The 1975 played last year - headlined Latitude along with Fleet Foxes and a down-in-the-dumps Mumford. headlined Parklife with Frank Ocean. subbed TRNSMT playing before Biffy Clyro. none of those are Glastonbury headliner level now, and neither are The 1975. subs is their level. even look at those festival headliners over the last couple of years; Parklife - Chems, Major Lazer / Disclosure, Rudimental. Latitude - The National, Maccabees, New Order / Alt-J, Portishead, Noel Gallagher those were not going to be Glastonbury 2017/2018 headliners. maybe if their next album is huge, and GFL have no other headliner booked, they might take a chance on them, but now, they're not headliner material by basically any metric.
  8. The National

    great live usually. Glastonbury set was good, although strange slot for them and played several new songs that hadn't been released (7/10). Boxer, High Violet and Trouble Will Find Me are the most accessible.
  9. 2019 Headliners

    Nick Cave is not headlining Glastonbury any time soon (probably ever). The 1975 are not headlining Glastonbury 2019. the delusion on here is staggering.
  10. 2019 Headliners

    I don't see it, but it's not beyond the realms of possibility if they're stuck. they're still doing arena tours and big outdoor gigs, so on the same level as plenty of other acts that are possibilities. they're no less irrelevant than Muse in 2016 either.
  11. Electronica/Dance

    they usually pop up fairly regularly on ticketswap. you might have to buy separate day tickets though, as the 3 days probably won't come up too regularly until close to the festival.
  12. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    hardly, it happens all the time when an artist is playing multiple dates. most people won't give a fuck.
  13. poll 2

    can't wait for next month.
  14. Kendrick Lamar

    it's beside the "Emily is again posting from a Kendrick gig and again he won't be on the lineup" gif
  15. Primavera 2018

  16. Glastonbury evolves

    they should move Glasto Latino to the Cabaret field. both areas are wasted at night while Block9/Shangri-La are bursting at the seams.
  17. Kendrick Lamar

    not unsurprising for the man that whores himself out for lazy guest verses with the likes of Maroon 5 and Taylor Swift, or milks fans with a "collectors edition" with an album tracklist backwards.
  18. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    there is no such thing as live royalties. you're only getting royalties for a commercially released recording. Noel will make precisely zero from Liam covering Oasis songs.
  19. 2019 Headliners

    Arctic Monkeys not being at R&L, and Florence not doing any UK festivals (as mentioned above), must surely be front-runners now.
  20. 2019 Headliners

    The 1975 are not headlining Glastonbury 2019. get a grip people.
  21. 2019 Headliners

    Fleetwood Mac, their last tour was 2.5 years, with 6months off in the middle. they're supposed to be starting touring later this year.
  22. Primavera 2018

    it's a few of the people that run Dekmantel festival.
  23. 2019 Headliners

    that isn't correct, it was reported as The Who by the music guy in The Sun and Neil then said the next day something along those lines too. not sure how long before it was announced to be them that was, but it was definitely speculated about quite a bit on here before it was announced.
  24. Lineup 2018

    page 439 onwards is a good laugh: http://www.efestivals.co.uk/forums/topic/212719-lineup-2018/?page=439

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