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  1. Aaahhh gotcha. Shame.
  2. What about Nick cave? No Hungary date on his tour in September.
  3. Hopefully she plays in a tent.
  4. But the anniversary didn't make any difference who actually played.
  5. Anniversary is just marketing rubbish that people always fall for. Out of all the so called anniversary festivals I've been to, none have actually been any stronger than other years. They will still have the same budget, have the same specific bands around at the time of the festival.
  6. Pj Harvey..... Lineup us shaping up nicely, some artists I adore and new stuff for me to check out before August.
  7. That is a brilliant line up and the editors, Interpol, the xx and Polly Harvey on one day is what dreams are made off for me.
  8. Used to love JEW when they first came out, not listened to them or seen them live for years though. May check them out depending who's on and the thirst situation.
  9. Pukkelpop is a wonderful festival for those considering it . Been a couple of times, a younger audience than werchter and with that a more lively audience during bands I found. One less day of bands though, it was cheap as chips when I went. No idea of the price now though, maybe more in line with wetchter.
  10. Best just to ignore him mate, that what most of us do on here.
  11. Isn't latitude festival a bit to big for Bjork to headline nowadays? Last festival headline was wilderness festival, which is about a third of the size of latitude.
  12. Get there day early, soak up the atmosphere and slowly get into the festival. You will get your bearings and be more chilled. I always get to festivals early to feel relaxed, rather than rush rush rush. I'm going to sziget 3 days before the music starts...
  13. Bjork gets predicted every year.
  14. I've been to werchter since 2010 or is it 2009, never seen a cross word on here until this year. This is your 3rd year isn't it red day? I'm sure you can say the same thing.