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  1. Football 2015/16

    Both will go down as one of the all time greats.
  2. Football 2015/16

    I'm amazed the TV companies allowed it to happen, perhaps they don't have as much power as people think.
  3. Football 2015/16

    Just reeks of a man Utd signing of the last few years. Of the peg signing without any thought going into it, for example Di Maria/scweinsteiger.
  4. Football 2015/16

    Another awful signing if true, another over inflated ego on huge wages. United should be buying young hungry footballers, not 34 year olds. I've heard people comparing it to cantona, cantona was 26 when we signed him.
  5. Football 2015/16

    No offers? Staying until he gets one.
  6. Football 2015/16

    Thought gotze to Liverpool was nailed on?
  7. Football 2015/16

    If you add Jose's and lvg premier league games this season(54), united still wouldn't of won the league. Haha.
  8. Football 2015/16

    Will be interesting how many fans moan about style of play, if Utd play shit football and win a title.
  9. Football 2015/16

  10. Football 2015/16

    Perhaps Jose couldn't manage in England until the next season, contract stipulation pay off from Chelsea. There are many problems at united, it doesn't end by just changing manager. UNited fans think it will all be OK now with Jose, what if he fails? Where do they go then?
  11. Football 2015/16

    And the grand national. Let's not forget his last team was close to the relegation zone when he got sacked. With a far better squad than he will inherit at Utd, united fans think all he needs to turn up to win the title. It's Jose's most difficult job in his career.
  12. Football 2015/16

    football writers have said it, so must be true.
  13. Football 2015/16

    All paper gossip haha, expect it to go crazy in the next few weeks. Jose/United will get more paper inches than england/euros through the summer.
  14. Football 2015/16

  15. Football 2015/16

    The lot of them are total hypocrites. They've be saying Jose parks the bus for a decade, now all of a sudden he plays great football.