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  1. He's not building to be a force in 18 months, he's building for now. Like he's always done and will always do. Nothing will change at utd until they start and actually build a team, rather than buying players for marketing and hope for the best. For example pogba, miki, blind, herrera, mata and the list could go on and on.
  2. Does Zlatan actually move? I'm 42, overweight and lazy and move around more than him on the sofa. 89m for pogba wtf.
  3. You do keep harping back to what he did years ago. Let it sink in that we went to liverpool and just literally shut the door. It was depressing to watch and it will be the same on Sunday. The argument is that Liverpool were in form, ffs it's Liverpool and not Barcelona. So is he going to do this when a team that is in form? Fans crucified van Gaal for his style of play and fans were saying style of play is more important than wins. Well that is total poppy cock.
  4. Fucking awful
  5. Those predicting utd will park the bus, you do realise utd don't have the personnel to park the bus. They don't have the defence or the defensive midfielders to accomplish that style.
  6. I'm sure most would bite your hand of for those headliners, I'm sure werchter organisers would.
  7. Usually the weekend after Glastonbury
  8. That's coldplay ruled out then.
  9. Any of you guys stopped in the benczur hotel? Seems not to far from the festival and reasonably priced.
  10. Have you ended up going to the new stadium?
  11. Surprise lvg hasn't been mentioned..
  12. Wouldn't they just do that straight away? Rather than giving Southgate 4 games.
  13. Those who are veterans of sziget and know the Hungarian music scene, what's the chances of Bjork? Back touring, playing Icelandic airwaves in November.
  14. Perhaps the most annoying part of festivals. Remember rock werchter few years back when Portishead played before coldplay, people taking no notice just chatting all the way through. Saying that as a massive xx fan, I would love them to play. Perhaps headlining main stage would be best, as no one would be playing after them. Headlining one of the other stages you would have the same problem.
  15. Liverpool 2nd favourites? Perhaps about right on that betting. De bruyne out for a month, time will tell if that has any affect on city.