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  1. Anyone know the set up for left luggage? IS it safe to leave expensive stuff there, im taking my dslr this year and want to leave it in left luggage during the evening proceedings. can not find any real info how secure it is, the lockers are to small to put the dslr and lens.
  2. I think that one might have slipped by nal.
  3. You would of imagined if the big carrott wasn't dangled, Utd wouldn't of taken as seriously through the season. The teams they put out would of been somewhat different that's for sure.
  4. Totally agree about better teams, it's a better season though. It's about winning trophies isn't it? When you think Utd (if they win Europa)will have the same end result as spurs and city, just 2 trophies more.
  5. So you think winning 2 trophies and a champions league spot is a better season than 4th with no trophy? Which only gives you a qualifying spot for champions league. Explain?
  6. If Utd do win the europa, will there be an extra space for an English club in europa next season? as it stands it's Utd (efl cup winners) and arsenal 5th place. Arsenal win the cup it will go down to 7th and Everton, if extra place as far down to 8th.
  7. José Mourinho is lucky in the sense that he masks a lot of his bad management and decisions by winning trophies" - John Aldridge.
  8. Time will tell pink, time will tell. I don't watch Dutch football so no idea how good Ajax will be or not. will be interesting how they respond to a big final because of there ages. They could easily thrive with a not care attitude or freeze on the night.
  9. Very debateable, I've read this week it could be dortmund or Napoli.
  10. Iim actually talking about arsenal, I don't think it's that important to them is it? on a side note, Liverpool haven't qualified for the champions league. All you've done is qualify for a qualifying round for the champions league. Utd are closer to a champions league spot than Liverpool.
  11. Is qualifying for the champions league that important?
  12. I wonder if it's the last Utd have seen of de gea..
  13. Utd are competitive, lets not forget Utd have won more trophies than anyone in the premier over the last 12 months. that before Wednesday as well, most teams would bite your hand of for uniteds haul in the last 12 months.
  14. I would of thought your hatred for Utd and Jose was a match made in heaven.
  15. more than odd I would say, cant bloody stand jose myself but does not stop me wanting united to win.