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  1. Victorious 2016

    load of bollox 
  2. Victorious 2016

    Will they still be having 'shortish' sets for the headliners? Wondered how its going to work with the manics and the anniversary shows.
  3. Rock Werchter 2016

    To be honest I think the last 2/3 years have been lacking, before then they had the best lineups in Europe. For my taste that is.
  4. 2016

    Been saying for years, organisers have missed a trick not booking more 90s indie/rock. Ticket sales have been dwindling for years at festivals like v/Leeds etc etc.  Festivals exploded sales wise from the mid to late 90s, why not tap into that market with acts the 35+ got into as teenagers. Even 3/4 bands lower on the bill or heading a smaller stage would ramp up sales. To counter that argument embrace's crowd was woeful.
  5. Rock Werchter 2016

    Werchter finally joining the UK in shit line ups.
  6. Truck 2016

    Just had look at editors tour schedule, looks like that event is all weekend. Not that the editors are playing in France all weekend, a combo off maniacs/editors would reel me in.
  7. Truck 2016

    Aahhh well that bit of excitement didn't last long.
  8. Truck 2016

    Where's the editors rumour coming from?
  9. Bestival 2016 Headliners?

    My fave cure tour, best album of all time.
  10. Football 2015/16

    Leicester could actually win the league you know.
  11. 2016

    Very much not convinced, probably special guest slot. We will soon see though hey.
  12. 2016

    He was due to headline a festival with a capacity of 30k less than 6 months ago, it was not even close in selling out. You really think he will headline a festival with a combined capacity of around 160k?
  13. Football 2015/16

    People keep giving that line about one season with Real Madrid.
  14. 2016

    Lets not get over excited hey, bieber might play but he won't headline.
  15. Football 2015/16

    Stuff Jose or any other top manager. Give giggsy the job, who cares if we totally implode. Got to be more fun than lvg or Jose. Still can't get my head around utd literally begging for Jose, same shitty football as lvg.