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  1. Site map

    This one? http://cdn.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/A3-MAP-2017-FINALa.pdf
  2. Who's playing which day 2017

    The Beat are playing Friday according to their site. Hopefully not clashing with the Flaming Lips. http://www.thebeatofficial.com/tour/
  3. The Mystery Pryamid Stage Sunday (Disco) Collboration Theory

    Is she. Tried to look in to her dates, the nearest one I could see was the 28th. Page must have been out of date. It was a good theory while it lasted.
  4. Stage Predictions 2017

    Ah...I enjoy this time of year, after the first poster. Watching the day and stage splits slowly take shape on the efests lineup page. West Holts Saturday is looking good.
  5. The Mystery Pryamid Stage Sunday (Disco) Collboration Theory

    Could Diana Ross be the special guest? Chic do play a couple of her songs. Might have been substance in that Sunday rumor after all...
  6. The Dirty Independence Question

    Sorry, I'm just too rational. I'll just need to suck it up and deal with all the morons screaming 'traitor' at me.
  7. The Dirty Independence Question

    She wanted to get it in before the party conference. She couldn't do at conference and have her announcement accompanied by roaring party loyalists waving Yes2 saltires at her. Better to appear dignified and statesman like, People assume Sturgeon doesn't actually want a ref. Of course she does. She just wants one under as favourable conditions as possible. If that's not now then when? Of course if it happens, the Scottish people would turn on the SNP once they saw the reality. But the job would have been done. The childhood dream realised. That's all that matters.
  8. The Dirty Independence Question

    It's now or never. It's that simple I think. The circumstances are far from ideal for independence (Brexit hasn't turned out to be the wedge they'd hoped) but there;s no sign of them getting any more favourable. As I've said here before, campaigning for a No last time wasn't a very pleasant experience. I'm not looking forward to going through it again.
  9. West Holts 2017

    Toots = best TBC thus far.
  10. Pet Shop Boys

    The last 3 God Like Genius winners have gone on to play. So you have permission to get your hopes if you're a Pet Shop Boys fan.
  11. Unlikely acts you'd love to see

    Tom Waits in the legends slot. An extreme long shot I admit. But it would be amazing. I'll enjoy Diana Ross too.
  12. TITP 2017

    Supported by Rancid no less! I'll definitely be picking up tickets on Friday. Pity it wasn't Glasgow Green though. That would have been much handier.
  13. The Dirty Independence Question

    It's pretty easy to get the numbers to add up if you just assume another country is going to pay for some of your public spending. Great idea. The UK should pay for and independent scotland's NHS too. Nice to see this thread is still going strong.
  14. Traveling from Glasgow!?

    You should PM theboilerman. He runs a couple of mini buses down from Glasgow every year. Don't think he'll be sorting them out til early in the new year. But drop him a line, let him know you're interested if there's space. I'm planning on travelling down with that bunch. Have done the last 4 times I've been. It's a great crowd.
  15. The Dirty Independence Question

    Agreed. Unfortunately I've been called called a traitor dozens of times. At least we can agree to be grown up and civil here.