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  1. 2016

    Coldplay festival exclusive me thinks
  2. 2015

    If V wanna make some cash back next year I suggest they scrap the bars and turn them into balloon dealers. I saw more money being made with the kids on the hippee crack than beer sales. One dealer in the Sure arena, whilst Duke Dumont was playing, hadthe longest queue of the weekend!
  3. Going it alone

    Got red camp ticket so wouldnt be able to camp but could meet up in the arena Fri night
  4. 2015

    I think they may have moved a smaller tent there perhaps the comedy stage, but the map isnt very clear. I could be wrong
  5. 2015

    The end is coming.....
  6. 2015

    Anyone else noticed the changes for Hylands this year. Looks like they have moved the Arena (i.e now dance tent) across to where the Futures stage was, but more significantly the size of the Yellow camp has reduced so nowonder that sold out pretty quickly.
  7. Going it alone

    Yeah sounds like a plan 2 me. PM if u do wanna camp together
  8. Going it alone

    I went alone last year and it is fine. I'm meeting my mates in the arena over the weekend, but will be camping solo as they dont like to camp, so you are more than welcome to join me if its a Red camp ticket you have.
  9. 2015

    They will do what they do best and completely ignore you. The best way to get to them is via social media, put something up on twitter/FB and you stand a better chance of a reply. I honestly think the PR is now run by two 16 year old girls.
  10. 2015

    You have your ticket so you are not a priority for V. What they dont know is I already have mine bought for a nice £134 for red camping, but I think even that will be way above the prices you will see next week. My guess is as low as £80.
  11. 2015

    Just received an email from V offering me VIP tickets for the price of a standard ticket as I have been a loyal customer over the years.... Half price tickets next week perhaps as I think they are now starting to worry.....
  12. 2015

    Bagged mine last week for £134 on ebay
  13. 2015

    Crap new acts and Olly Murs headlining. That is a joke in itself. Im not a fan of Paloma Faith but surely she should be on the mainstage and not the arena. New acts are: De La Soul Pendulum MNEK Nick Jonas The Coronas Conor Maynard Shift K3Y Sinead Harnett ZAC SAMUEL DJ James Glover Now where do I buy my £50 weekend camping ticket from???
  14. 2015

    2003 followed by 2006
  15. V fest advice needed!

    The showers near red camp are just past the fairground. Whatever campsite you choose you will be in for a trek and a queue