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  1. That college advert reminded me of this, an absolute classic. So many LOL moments.
  2. Yes. Exactly. It's horrific. The sheer popularity of the show actually makes me wish the world would end.
  3. Has anyone ever seen Mrs Brown's Boys? A colleague recommended it to me so I checked it out. There's not a minute goes by that I don't think about how bad it is. It's becoming an obsession - I just can't understand how it's so popular! Number one best-seller currently on Amazon > TV Comedies. I feel like I'm going mad, but it must just be everyone else that is mad. Check out the Christmas Special on Boxing Day and let me know what you think... or check out some clips on Youtube. It's so shite, it makes me want to go on a killing spree.
  4. My housemate has just got this new boyfriend, who I'd previously thought was gay - well they're not properly going out I don't think but they fuck all the fucking time, he's definitely not gay. Anyway, I heard sex noises a minute ago and planned on going downstairs to the living room to escape them, but then I realised the sex noises were actually coming from the living room. She's well aware that both her housemates are in the house. I don't really have a point here, just wanted to tell someone about this danger-sex. I actually think it's kind of out of order, the guy is really hairy and now when I sit on the sofa in future I'm not going to know whether his hairy ass sweat and ball juice is still on there. As far as I know she has never had a boyfriend/fuck buddy, so I sort of wonder if she's aware that having sex in the living room whilst your housemates are in at 8pm on a Sunday night is generally frowned upon.
  5. Yur welcomed
  6. Apologies if already been posted. This is the funniest thing I've seen in a while...
  7. unwatchable Almost.. he's now been dropped as presenter btw.
  8. All interesting stuff. I don't really buy in to conspiracy theories much, I think people tend to look for more than there actually is. Always enjoy watching the 9/11 conspiracy theory videos on Youtube and reading the comments for a laugh.
  9. Pretty goth girls in corsets. f**king hot?
  10. Got her number? You could send her a picture of your dong?
  11. Girls with dimples. Always hot?
  12. I've watched the whole of the first series of Arrested Development, I really gave it a chance as my friends like it so much, but it just doesn't do anything for me. It is funny in places, but I didn't do much more than snigger. And Ron Howard's narration really annoys me, he says "In fact,..." about six times every episode, does my head in. Vastly overrated in my opinion. Angry Boys is proving to be a grower though, looking forward to the last couple of episodes.
  13. That, friend, is a WIN
  14. Yeah how long you two been banging for now?