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  1. Things that ur happy about

    Your mum wasn't there when we were in, just a couple of young lassies on the tills. Aye, you're right about Willie's relations at Howbeg. You must have a good memory! Had a superb week on South Uist and the weather was kind again. They've told us that if it's the same when we go back next time then they are not letting us off the island!
  2. Things that ur happy about

    Thanks. Getting married in Oban at McCaig's Tower. Willie is great! We're heading to South Uist for our honeymoon! Willie's dad is originally from there too :-)
  3. Things that ur happy about

    I'm happy today because I'm heading to Oban later as I'm getting married tomorrow. Not only do I get to marry the lovely man whom I met via these forums (wullie72), I also get to have a mega party with our festival family who are making the long trip north
  4. The Dirty Independence Question

    That is exactly what we will do Neil. Why would we need the name of RBS?
  5. The Dirty Independence Question

    It's a plc. Personally i would have let all the banks go under but that's another arguement.
  6. The Dirty Independence Question

    The oil has already been decided by geography. The debt is divided by population and if not 9% will be very close to it.
  7. The Dirty Independence Question

    I have read many news articles about the independance question but none have touched me more than this from Ian Hamilton QC http://www.newsnetscotland.com/index.php/scottish-opinion/4354-soon-i-will-be-dead-but-oh-to-be-alive-at-this-moment-in-scotland I know which way I will be voting and will be actively campaigning for the YES vote on the streets of Dumfries Can i suggest The McCrone Report for a bit of light reading for anyong who needs a starting point to help them understand why some of us feel so passionate about the subject.
  8. Things that ur happy about

    The best sort of Christmas This is my first Christmas without all my kids here for Christmas dinner and it feels weird but I'm sure the delights of a beach party in Koh Pangang will in some way make up for missing my Christmas dinner.
  9. Things that ur happy about

    I'm heading off to Geordieland for an afternoon of music with some lovely people. Making a picnic to take with us Buzzcocks and Neville Staples all for £2.50! I've never been to Newcastle before.
  10. Things that ur happy about

    It's Friday. I'm not working. I'm heading off to party the night away with some of my lovely festival family at a wedding
  11. Things that ur happy about

    Today is my youngest child's 18th Birthday...it took me 3 atempts to have one with good musical taste and a love of festivals!! I'm also packing for my first festie of the season and experimenting with new flavoured jellies for next weekend
  12. Things that ur happy about

    Great isn't it
  13. Things that ur happy about

    My youngest child passed his driving test today so I now have a choice of 3 numbers to call when I need a lift home from the pub!
  14. Things that ur happy about

    I'm happy to have some of my festival family with me this weekend and sooooo looking forward to seeing the rest of them in a field next month
  15. Things that ur happy about

    *waves* safe journey Martin. I'll will follow your adventures via facebook

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