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  1. Who would you like to headline in 2018

    Seen the Charlatans about 6/7 times in the last two years & think they are top form & getting better. James are always decent, but better sound quality than last time please. Would rather someone different though. Prodigy would work, I think. Other bands I think that would work with the KC crowd include Specials, OCS, Weezer, Mumford & Sons. New Order, Public Service Broadcasting, Sleaford Mods, Moonlandingz, Dropkick Murphy's, Media Whores, also a few female acts this year, but please..... No Gallagher & no courteeners, not because they wouldn't work, but there were enough little arse holes there this year.
  2. Emperors Field and Deer Lodge reviews

    Usually bring our own tent to Emperors but this time had a podpad. Used these at a few festivals but will never take one at KC again. Whoever decided it was a good idea to place them on a slope, on the other side of a walkway from showers, a washing up point, and the toilets, is a complete idiot that wants sacking. That walkway would have been muddy regardless of rain. This is still a great wee festival but just signs that it's starting on a little bit of a slide. Security very shabby, to the point of being non existent in places, quite an increase in drugged up, scummy, filthy feral youth leading to more litter, more can throwing etc. stewarding & help also not of previous high standards, garbage bags never replenished where we were..... that kind of thing. I think there was an attempt to appeal more to youth this year with the booking of some acts & that's maybe attracted a crowd that would have went to T in the Park usually. As I said, I really like KC & think they need to have a little rethink & it wouldn't take to much to make it as good as it's been previously. I enjoyed myself as always but I don't want the festival to slide.
  3. 2017 Weather thread

    Forecast was always for rain this morning, brighter later with some sun & wind. Hopefully be ok. Still be damp underfoot Thursday, but hopefully not enough to churn to the thick muddy stuff.
  4. Lesser known band suggestions

    Trumps me by 6 yrs
  5. 2017 Any help or advice needed ?

    First time in Deer Lodge this year, usually in emperors. What's the facilities like? Showers, toilets etc? I've had poor health this year & couldn't handle humphing & erecting my big tent.
  6. Armed police to patrol Kendal calling

    I watched a couple of lads climb trees to get over the fence on the Friday night. There were police about 50 yards away in each direction but the lads got in. yeah, the armed police were very visible there.
  7. Armed police to patrol Kendal calling

    Personally,I think the armed police is overkill, though I get people's fears. Hopefully they'll be out of sight. Dog patrols are just the norm now & only the dafties will get caught out.
  8. Umbrellas

    Yep...... should start from front in rows of small people, in height order to the back for all the giants. I'd probably be in the middle. with a half decent view.
  9. Umbrellas

    Equally annoying. Go and stand right at the back & do it.
  10. 2017 Any help or advice needed ?

    Thanks for the reply. my mate has been trying to contact them for a week, via email & social media, but no response yet.
  11. 2017 Any help or advice needed ?

    Has anyone stayed offsite before? im in Deer Lodge this year but I have friends with weekend tickets that are booked into a hotel or b&b in Penrith. Are they able to come & go daily? cheers.
  12. Umbrellas

    Agreed. And flags. Please, no.
  13. Some Deer Lodge stuff on sale again

    I've been in emperors a few times, but went for a podpad this time. We've been doing the podpads, yurts etc at more & more festivals over the last 6 or 7 years, and I like it. It's a wee bit more expensive but I'm getting old(er) & not humphing all the camping gear is a plus. Thinking hiring a motor home might be the next thing to try, but I'm not finished with camping quite yet.
  14. Thursday addition?

    Anyone noticed this? Not sure it was there yesterday? might be nowt though.
  15. can you drive off site?

    I'm unsure how far, or if it's possible to walk. I have been told it's a fair walk when a bit wobbly. the thing about driving out is you might struggle to get close when you come back.