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  1. See you in the hills ?

    After years of it being pretty poor, I thought KC got the main stage sound right last year.
  2. These are probably mid afternoon types, but I think Kendal would really suit The Rifles The Skints Smoove & Turrell (late on woodland stage would be ideal). The Interrupters they all have crowd pleasing tunes, interact well with the crowd, & there are a couple of females there, which has been lacking on main stage recently.
  3. Run DMC as Saturday headliner

    Seen Run-DMC twice last year & they were awful. 6/7 tunes, waffle political posturing, self backslapping, garbage. headliners my arse. Catfish ive seen a few times, including at Kendal. Again, not got loads of recognisable tunes & it's run of the mill indie fodder, but didn't the Killers only have one album when they headlined Glastonbury the first time? Headliners? not sure. Libertines. You'll know more tunes than you think, and if they are on form are a pretty tight band. Headliners? I wouldn't have had them closing on the Sunday, but they should be ok. all in all I'm not overly impressed with the headliners, but I don't go to a festival just for the main stages. plenty on the undercard already for me.
  4. What's everyone think then?

    Like most regular gig/festival goers, I've seen a lot of these, some many times over. I've never thought that headliners were the be all & end all of a festival & im sure I'll see new things & have a blast whatever happens. kinda looks like there were financial restrictions somewhere though.
  5. Radio X

    I'd hope there was more than one
  6. Radio X

    Would there be daysplits this early? I'm not so sure.
  7. Radio X

    Catfish headlining? cant see that.
  8. Radio X

    Oh there was no Confusion here
  9. Radio X

    Seen him loads & agree he can be hit & miss. When he gets it right though, it can be great. I like that he plays a few Jam songs these days as that keeps the neutrals happy but I'm happy with his solo stuff.
  10. Radio X

    I see what you did there:-)
  11. Radio X

    dont think we'll get the Temptations. Would be a good singalong though.
  12. Radio X

    I'm staying TRUE to my favourite little festival and have FAITH that could be special;)
  13. Line up prediction game 2018

    Won't be Headlining no, & unsure if it's with Jacqui. Still not sure if it's 100%.
  14. Line up prediction game 2018

    Paul Heaton playing Friday, I'm hearing. Hope it's true.
  15. Hands Up If You Hate The Hotpots

    Oh yes. And I have managed it many times.

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