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  1. General News Discussion

    http://m.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/newsnight-denies-altering-jeremy-corbyns-hat-to-make-him-look-more-russian_uk_5aad5659e4b0c33361b0e4e0 Owen Jones does have a point about the suit.
  2. Things that ur happy about

    Thanks TGT. The goodwill I've received since my diagnosis has been awesome. If only we could always extend this goodwill to each and every one of us. Kindness costs nothing.
  3. Brexit Schmexit

    If the disillusioned of other countries are numerous enough to get their views represented in elections and other EU members threaten to leave, then the EU might compromise. And if we have a different EU to vote for, maybe another referendum. Can but dream
  4. Brexit Schmexit

    No just thinking that it's not just the UK that seems disillusioned with the EU. Nothing relating to Corbyn.
  5. General News Discussion

    Eagle seemed to hold him responsible at one stage. I do understand how scary it would have been after Jo Cox, but the Britain First criticism would be far more valid because they do stir up hatred. I have seen videos where it's pretty clear that Momentum members have placed themselves strategically in order to heckle, but I'm also sure that some of the Corbyn supporters were just that, and Eagle et al. shouldn't have dismissed all criticism as Momentum intimidation. They should have listened.
  6. General News Discussion

    I don't have any personal experience of Momentum for one thing. And there is a difference between random numpties claiming to support Corbyn and Corbyn endorsed intimidation. Like so called football supporters out to cause trouble. Or tugs attacking people because they don't like the look of them when really it's just an excuse. It just got so horribly personal. And a high IQ just means I'm good at particular tests.
  7. Things that ur happy about

    Scary. When I was in I found myself trying to console a member of staff who was finding it difficult as I reminded her that her mother's cancer had returned and she was also undergoing chemo for the second time in just 2 years. I used to work on the bereavement line in our contact centre so understand how personal life can impact on your professional one. But NHS staff are off the scale for being on the sharp end.
  8. General News Discussion

    I'm not arguing about it. Just trying to work things out.
  9. Brexit Schmexit

    We got Boris ready to come to the rescue.
  10. Brexit Schmexit

    I'd be interested to see what would happen if the EU was forced to reform itself under pressure of the threat of other members becoming disillusioned and threatening to leave. Would a reformed EU validate and trigger a new referendum?
  11. Things that ur happy about

    I got taken in recently as my temperature rose quite dramatically. Luckily my neutrophils were high meaning my immune system was up and running. They wouldn't let me out till my temperature returned to normal though. It seems to have been a harmless viral infection. Otherwise known as a cold.
  12. Things that ur happy about

    Last chemo done. I got a certificate and to ring the bell while the staff lined up Oh and my hair is growing back, if this last cycle hasn't reversed that.
  13. Things that ur happy about

    Congrats on being let out of hospital, hope you're well on the way to recovery yog.
  14. General News Discussion

  15. General News Discussion

    I think it's the idea with Eagle was that Corbyn and Momentum were identified as the offenders rather than random numpties. I'm nor denying that the leadership contest triggered it, it was more the assumption that Momentum was behind any abuse she got or that corbyn was personally accountable. In all the other abuse complaints, it's the abuse that's discussed with no finger pointing at rivals. I equally condemn the abuse. But also the unproven implication of organised intimidation.

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