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  1. Things that ur happy about

    The first house we bought had no central heating and had a hot water geyser and gas fires instead. The previous owner ripped out the hot water geyser.
  2. Things that ur happy about

    Ah well done grumpyhack. It's shit having to think of finances at times like these so you're doing him a huge good turn.
  3. Things that annoy you ?

    I agree. I'm going to be far more proactive when I get better, to speak out for people like NHS staff who are taken the piss out of and taken for granted, and can't fight back. We're totally fucked without them, and carers, who do an incredibly difficult job, and pretty much keep society going. It's been an eye opener being in here.
  4. Things that annoy you ?

    We should all go on strike to support them, since they can't.
  5. Things that annoy you ?

    Thank you. The poor staff here are right at the sharp end. I can't even begin to quantify their value but it's a hell of a lot higher than they get in pay. They are extraordinary people who need far greater recognition and support for the incredible job they do.
  6. Things that annoy you ?

    Will get reviewed monday. Third op to open me back up and wash out all the gunk. Plus IV antibiotics. Got to through this all again one day
  7. Things that annoy you ?

    Yes being diverse in an organisation that prides itself on its diversity .... Hope you're enjoying your time in HMRC. It's an exciting time to join xx
  8. Things that annoy you ?

    Back in bloody hospital on sepsis screening
  9. General News Discussion

    I think they were just using an example of why you can't really calculate it on a simple basis, because of the way tax trickles back to the treasury. it was something I wanted to explain to counter the free money argument, but that person (who isn't Murph) did quite a good job of illustrating it. I agree with you about money flow abroad.
  10. General News Discussion

    http://www.taxresearch.org.uk/Blog/2017/10/11/answering-the-question-how-will-you-pay-for-it/ from the comments underneath, shich argues what the real government cost of public sector spending is:
  11. Things that annoy you ?

    Thanks yog, much appreciated xx
  12. Things that annoy you ?

    So so. Things didn't quite go to plan so will try plan b. On the positive side I'm here to tell the tale.
  13. Things that annoy you ?

    And don't hate me yog. We're nice in Cardiff (my office exceptionally so)
  14. Things that annoy you ?

    And this. https://www.gov.uk/tax-appeals/reasonable-excuses
  15. Things that annoy you ?

    Found this yog http://taxaid.org.uk/guides/taxpayers/tax-returns/late-tax-returns