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  1. General News Discussion

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/consumer-affairs/first-buy-to-let-now-holiday-homes-end-second-house-dream/ I found this article interesting. It's looking at how different authorities are trying to deal with second home ownership, differing opinions as to whether the policies work and whether they're discriminatory.
  2. General News Discussion

    How do I add that to my signature? It's worthy of posterity.
  3. General News Discussion

    OK, Apart from you trying to put words into my mouth, you still haven't said whether you think calls to oust English people from Wales, because they were pushing up house prices while not actually living in the houses they bought - was justified. Or - should the Assembly have looked at the whole picture, and tried to sort out the housing issue, Help to Buy schemes etc? Don't forget, the people who were calling for Wales to restrict English people buying Welsh houses had a point. Not only was this a real thing, and not an unfounded fear, as well as impacting negatively on local people, no longer able to afford to buy a house, these English houseowners were destroying the local economy - they were only there 2 weeks of the year, so local businesses suffered, as they were not contributing to the local economy.
  4. General News Discussion

    Though I'm baffled what all that has to do with my opinion that this is still racist. I'm saying nothing about people being irredeemable. And I agree that demonising them won't help, which is why I sometimes try to reason with people (while refraining from reminding someone stating the streets are no longer safe since 'they' moved in, that their son is banged up for violent street robbery). You can't allow ignorance like this to go unchallenged. Whether you'd call it hatred, I'm unsure. I'd definitely call it racist.
  5. General News Discussion

    well since I hadn't actually said that in the first place..... do I think objections to Welsh people getting priced out of the housing market by mainly English newcomers is racist? No. Do I think blaming the English newcomers/calls to remove them is racist? Yes. Do I think analysing all sides of the housing shortage is racist, even if it includes pressures caused by newcomers? No. You're confusing two issues here. If people with a particular illness were causing hospital bed shortages, it would be discriminatory to turn them away because they had a particular illness. Or decide the NHS was crap because of it. This doesn't mean you can't look at the best way to prioritise resources, you just don't scapegoat one group. cause and blame are distinct. And in this case, there's little evidence that fears are well founded. The UK is getting privatised and outsourced at an alarming rate. An influx of immigrants will get blamed for causing shortages now, and their removal will be used to justify cuts later (less demand).
  6. General News Discussion

    I'd say no, because the first question that entered my head was 'objections on what grounds?' second was 'what do you mean by objections?' Do you think all objections to non Welsh people in Wales are racist?
  7. General News Discussion

    and how exactly does that translate into saying all objections to immigration is racist?
  8. General News Discussion

    find a quote of me saying that then.
  9. General News Discussion

    unethical, at least. it's probably at risk of contravening the Equality Act, but more likely to be on disability grounds etc. indirect discrimination - standard practice putting a protected group at a disadvantage. I'm not sure how the law would stand on locating and deporting people who are here illegally. You can legally discriminate if the job entails it ie asking for women only in a women's refuge etc. But it would disadvantage pregnant women, mentally ill people etc., who may feel intimidated regarding seeking help. This one's a massive grey area.
  10. General News Discussion

    No, I was arguing that claiming that immigration was the sole source of shortages of jobs/housing, was racist. a racism encouraged by the government to deflect from their culpability. For all I find it frustrating that the Assembly focused on the housing situation in the articles I linked to, and South Wales seemed to be overlooked, at least they addressed it without scapegoating the English incomers. They COULD have restricted English retirees (supposing they had the powers - in principle at least). I'd have found that racist.
  11. General News Discussion

    the population growth id from more than settlers in the UK. God chill! anyway I'm on cancer meds, I'm allowed to be batty!
  12. General News Discussion

    ah there you go: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/wales/10878554/Welsh-could-become-a-minority-in-Wales-as-English-set-sights-west.html This is what I'm getting at. we're not blaming migrants, but you must appreciate the impact this has on housing, since houses here are cheaper. it makes sense to retire here, but this isn't brilliant for our economy. Notice the difference in rhetoric though. This is what I'm trying to get at. The Welsh Assembly has been responsible for changing attitudes: prior to its housing policy to address the housing crisis - from 2002: https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2002/mar/01/wales.devolution
  13. General News Discussion

    Chill! I just wanted to clarify if you meant non natives.
  14. General News Discussion

    Only to make a point. I don't think English people should leave Wales - I've made this point myself, that they're probably employers (or NHS professionals). I just want you to admit one way or the other, whether it would be racist to object to Wales' newcomers. If you don't think it's racist to object to mainly English people 'over here, stealing our jobs' - fine.
  15. General News Discussion

    population growth will include births, which I'd count as newcomers, not incomers. and your mate Abdul isn't on my tenancy agreement, so he's not legally allowed in. if he lived here, and we were skint, should I lobby the council to get him kicked off the tenancy because he was last on it?