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  1. Prime/Netflix me

    I turned on subtitles. It is really good.
  2. Brexit Schmexit

  3. Things that annoy you ?

    I have found those microfiber multipurpose things, I find them good for a quick cover up and to contain all the sodding moulting.
  4. Brexit Schmexit

    And who is she holding accountable?
  5. Brexit Schmexit

    We might as well draw a line under this, we're never going to reach an agreement and we both agree (I think) that there are more important things to worry about.
  6. Brexit Schmexit

    He didn't fake stuff. You're choosing to view it that way. just as I put forward the idea that eagle could be accused of similar. Personally, I disapprove of all this nitpicking, and each side having to counter all this crap (often it's even to check what was really said in the first place, as you point out). We need solidarity.
  7. Brexit Schmexit

    That's why in my edit I said I agreed with the principle that tax is a subscription fee for a civilised society. I like that notion, I've always thought so. maybe if labour can campaign to persuade people along those lines, they won't have to compromise principles to get elected. move people to them, not the other way round.
  8. Things that annoy you ?

    yeah I still have some hair, it's the crown that's thinned so scalp showing. So far braving the bald has left me less self conscious than wearing headwear. I still haven't ventured out in my wig for fear of it being lopsided. I went out in a hat with lacey bits but thought I saw someone laughing at me so took it off. I'll stick a booble hat on for casual things, shopping etc. but what to do indoors when you want to dress up a bit? I'm just feeling like I have nothing to hide, and trying to hide is making me feel more insecure and self conscious. maybe if more hair drops out, I'll feel differently.
  9. Brexit Schmexit

    In defence of the Canary and its ilk, there's so much anti Corbyn bias that's it's difficult to find something that lists pros and cons objectively. And it's difficult to find other sites that are happy to link to actual primary sources. I do fact check, and I know no evidence was found regarding the window smashing. And I know loads of people corroborated Corbyn's account of people sitting in the aisles. Plus, his video stated: 'this is the situation facing people every day' (paraphrased) so it was illustrative. it was literally not a news item, as it was a fanzine piece of how fab Corbyn was. The Guardian admitted this.
  10. Brexit Schmexit

  11. Brexit Schmexit

    It's non news. I'm getting distracted by how different the Tories and labour party are approaching the infighting. And how people on here respond to media reports.
  12. Brexit Schmexit

    Well Farage, or Boris then. or Britain First etc. Soubry didn't point to anyone besides the media, she kept it objective
  13. Brexit Schmexit

    I did start thinking, 'shit I'm turning Tory', when I posted that.
  14. Brexit Schmexit

    Didn't she? It gets confusing sometimes, because on here it gets suggested that it's his fault. I think it's better to focus on genuine concerns around his leadership, than the shitstorm the media likes to stir up. The Guardian screwed up with Traingate, Eagle was a bit too quick to jump to conclusions, etc. I can't see the difference between her being subjected to being fact checked and corbyn being fact checked. It's just as nitpicky, which is my main point. Because focusing on this is a distraction from real issues.
  15. Brexit Schmexit

    Because this was all in the context of the leadership challenge, and accusations and counter accusations. Whereas Soubry could have gone down this road, has avoided it, and has come out looking more objective and emotionally strong. Plus, I blame the media too, rather that 'supporters of Tory Brexiteers', therefore, it's the media that are accountable, rather than the Tory hard Brexiters. Unless they're actively in collusions with the press of course.