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  1. Moderat, Jaar and Trente ruled out imo because of other Belgian festival dates. Röyksopp would be ace. Or could it be a band Pukkelpop and Rock Werchter both wants them to play? SLOWDIVE?...
  2. and I still think the missing band on Friday is HVOB, and they will get announced soon, because their Brussels Show in April is sold out.
  3. could HVOB be the missing Klub C head who is playing against Radiohead? Think so... They have a show in Brussels in mid April and are not playing any other Belgian Festival...
  4. does anybody know: is the trainticket from Brussels Airport to Hasselt (direct train) free with the festivalticket?
  5. @xxialac: regarding the dance acts, and knowing that you like Tycho, i would suggest to see TALABOMAN and HVOB. as mentioned above, the Beach Area is great, even in the afternoon.
  6. Last year on Thursday Disclosure Main Stage till 02.00h. This year Kings of Leon only till 00.40h? Is this because KoL want to be last on the bill? Or is there still anything coming? But it's strange to have the Chainsmokers NOT on the main even there would be time for it...
  7. could the remaining Klub C Head on Friday be: The 1975 ? looking at their tour dates and their popularity and no other Belgian dates, it seems logical to me...
  8. Chainsmokers are massive now and will be even more with their Album coming out in April (I know, not in this Forum ), I still don't see them in the Klub C?
  9. Chainsmokers in Klub C?? Isn't this waaaay too small for them??
  10. Flume is at Pukkelpop this year.... very small chance for RW... sorry to tell you..
  11. Oh wow LEVELLERS would be fantastic, and PAUL HEATON & JACQUI ABBOTT as well....
  12. I've been to PP a few times. Actually, they do check your ID there. DaveRSV4 is absolutely right. You need to contact the Festival and get a ticket with the new name.
  13. I think the Shelter Stage is important for Pukkelpop. Won't be dead but maybe something different.. i hope BEACH HOUSE will get announced (they're in Europe in August). would make the line up really special.
  14. I like Sóley as well. And Low Roar, who aren't really from Iceland but sound like that :-)
  15. having talked about this earlier: when do the combi tickets usually sell out? already in February or later?...