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  1. Primavera Sound 2016

    i have a vip ticket. do i need reservation ticket to get in the Apolo on Wedsneday night? Since i will be attending the Suede concert at the Forum from 22-23.30h, i won't be there too early...
  2. Primavera Sound 2016

    with the last album, the live experience changed a lot! I've seen them a few times, the first time 2010 @ pukkelpop early in the club :-) the concert in August 2015 was the best one, so I'm very happy to see them again.
  3. Primavera Sound 2016

    John Carpenter vs Tame Impala is one of those things...
  4. Primavera Sound 2016

    and Beach Slang (2.6), Shura (3.6) and Cass McCombs (4.6) at Firestone Stage, whereever this may be...
  5. Primavera Sound 2016

    not being able to get a ticket is not an option. Lush are my 2nd favourite band in the line up... but - as mentioned above - with Radiohead playing on the same day, you can't really see what happens...
  6. Primavera Sound 2016

    i hoped there would be an Information desk at the new Beach area where you could get the hidden stage tickets early from 12h and then would have the possibility to see the concerts in town or be in time in the auditori for the start of the concert at 16.00h. because of the massive Suede/Daughter/c+c=maxigross clash, i'm missing c+c=maxigross on the forum site, and in the town i can't see them because i have to get the ticket for Lush...
  7. Primavera Sound 2016

    but where exactly is this information desk on the Parc del Forum Site? it's the one inside and not outside, correct?:
  8. Primavera Sound 2016

    last one: where exactly do you get the tickets for the hidden stage/lush? the homepage does say at the info desk. but isn't that one outside of the Forum or after the first wavebreaker near the point where you get the viptickets? or is it inside near the cash machines? i remember rushing there to get the ticket for MERCURY REV in the auditori a few years ago?...
  9. Primavera Sound 2016

    thanks to all of you for the answers! :-) another one: is it ok to get a ticket just about at 16.00h for Lush or will there be a huge queue and you have to be there an hour or so in advance... i'd like to go to the daypro/martini concerts, but that doesn't seem to be possible if you have to queue up for the Lush tickets... i don't know, maybe it's just me, but i think Lush are massive and way too big for the hidden stage?...
  10. Primavera Sound 2016

    Even I've been a few times, I'm not quite sure: As a VIP you have a special entrance at the Auditori, right? Can you enter after the show has started? I'm asking because I will have to buy a ticket for LUSH at 16h at the information desk (where is that exactly? as i remember, it's outside the Forum just near the entrace of Auditori?... and exactly at the same time, Lubomyr Melnyk starts in the Auditori. Strange organisation if you ask me... Second Question: Suede in the Auditori. You need no ticket, right? Does that mean, as a VIP, being there at 18.25h will be fine?...
  11. Primavera Sound 2016

    what's the deal if you want to get a ticket for LUSH at the hidden stage, but want at the same time see the concert at 16.00h in the Auditori on friday??
  12. Primavera Sound 2016

    LUSH! I knew it... perfect Where exactly on the site is that Information desk?
  13. Primavera Sound 2016

    cans. and other things...
  14. Primavera Sound 2016

    beyond my imagination.. Lush and after that Beach House in Mordor... De-luxe!!
  15. Primavera Sound 2016

    Lush will play. still can't imagine primavera sound without them. they can play both primavera sound and this is not a love song festival as Beach House do. my two favourite bands…