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  1. I think the Shelter Stage is important for Pukkelpop. Won't be dead but maybe something different.. i hope BEACH HOUSE will get announced (they're in Europe in August). would make the line up really special.
  2. I like Sóley as well. And Low Roar, who aren't really from Iceland but sound like that :-)
  3. having talked about this earlier: when do the combi tickets usually sell out? already in February or later?...
  4. @nmarquesantos: i would try to write to Malon Hotel or La Royale, these are Hotels at the station in Leuven and sometimes they have rooms available which you don't see on last year i missed the last shuttle from the Festival to the Station and managed to get a taxi. this did cost me 50euro from the Festival to the Station. Heavy traffic all around... Staying in Brussels isn't a good idea I think...
  5. Broken Back in the Klub C would be nice... Thanks for the Arcade Fire vid. Great live Band!!
  6. With Eurockeennes in Belfort on the same Weekend, and not sooo many other Festivals on this date, may there are a few bands playing both Open'er and Eurockeennes. Eurockeennes so far: Arcade Fire, Justice, Phoenix, Moderat, Iggy Pop, DJ Snake I think The xx will get announced later after having plaid the shows of the current tour in France. A chance for Alt-J as well.
  7. Can please someone tell me: Is there a possibility to get back to a hotel after the concerts, is there a shuttle bus, f.e. to Lelystad?
  8. other possibility Alt-J sub to Radiohead...
  9. I guess St. Etienne on Wednesday as were Suede or OMD the years before?....
  10. the new poster reminds me of My Bloody Valentine, The Cure and The xx. last years rocket reminded me of Air and Beach House, so I was 100% right.
  11. because of the cancellation this year, they tried to get many bands from this year's line up. very happy about Editors playing next edition.
  12. This Damien Rice concert was one of the best concerts I've ever been und my most precious concert of all the Rock Werchter years. There was some magic in the air.
  13. huuuuuuuuuge disappointment, i can tell you! it was my 15th Southside Festival.. so I know what i missed :-( refund etc. will take time, there is a lot of time till june 17.... but that's life, festivals are outdoors... that's what it looked like at 8 in the evening...:
  14. i was there at Southside Festival. On the day 35degrees and in the evening a huge thunderstorm :-( Saw Balthazar, Tom Odell & Bear's Den then they cancelled everything....
  15. what a Festival! it was my 6th appereance and my favourite primavera.. Eventually..... to see LUSH was fantastic Suede were in very good shape. The best of setlist was great. From Sometimes I feel I'll float away into Everything will flow was my Highlight. Have seen so many great concerts. Outstanding was SIGUR ROS. But then, a lot very very good. Air, Tame Impala, Julien Baker, Cavern of Anti-Matter, Beach House, Deerhunter, Wild Nothing, Moderat, Radiohead all on the toplist. And Younghusband in the Apolo was fun too.. :-)