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  1. Who's Touring Around Glastonbury 2017?

    Ah I see
  2. Even if they do which is yet to be seen, Catfish have already entered arenas off the back of a 2nd album and they will only get bigger. It doesn't matter what you did then, it's what you do now, but subbing Kasabian is what I invisage. I don't think they'll quite do enough myself to be higher.
  3. Download 2017

    I think that might come down to who they got to sub them. I don't see Download getting Green Day....I don't see them wanting Green Day on the baking of the rubbish they produced last and 21st century was poor too.
  4. Download 2017

    I think you can rule out Download. Bringing back Green Day after 4 years wouldn't be an issue though if Blink are doing it again.
  5. Headliners 2016

    I'd have thought if any of it is true, doubt it is but if TITP is more certain and those are the dates then there is no reason they couldn't do Glasto. Their own shows would sell out no bother, WAY before any Glasto announcement and I'd imagine if Glasto didn't have them on album release year then they won't.
  6. Headliners 2016

    Not quite as nice as the burrito my ticket will get me but I've seen worse!
  7. Headliners 2016

    The thing is though, without Puzzle on-wards they wouldn't have made headline status as their 1st 3 albums weren't close to mainstream enough. As I said, BMTH needed to do it and some people I kno wwho wouldn't even touch a record of theirs before enjoyed it. The interesting this is what Neil thinks they are doing as he commented not long ago when someone suggested them for Soni that he doubted they would be there as he believes they are looking at something much bigger. Slight
  8. Headliners 2016

    I'm with Foo's, FM and Coldplay with FF being busy over the Pinkpop weekend. If they are signed up for Bonnaroo, being middle of June they probably had that signed before any of the leg break situation came about. If it's not the Foo's, I don't actually think AC/DC is too bad a shout. I would certainly say that Download would have grabbed AC/DC if they could but I imagine it would require them doing their own shows around it to make the money like The Stones did even though they did a stadium tour this year and AC/DC are one of the bands that can do that.
  9. Lineup 2016

    Based on the fact Glasto is sold out regardless of what the reaction is and R&L needs to book to sell out....they really can't.!
  10. Headliners 2016

    I was going to suggest this, I wasn't sure about Coldplay a while back but I wouldn't argue against them atm. If you're thinking of the next one's, I'd stick Ed Sheeran firmly at the top Yes he is, denied a lineup poster was real that KISS had uploaded when not long after he just uploaded it himself. He would of known what he was saying, more than likely pissed off he couldn't get Foo's and decided to play a game for a day.
  11. Headliners 2016

    I have to agree, no interest in seeing AC/DC. I'd quite happily miss them even though it'd be 'that moment'. They don't touch The Rolling Stones on a 'you were there' show.
  12. Lineup 2016

    Agreed some people can't help themselves, that one below you being one.
  13. Headliners 2016

    Fair to say he doesn't need the hype, his album is still right up there at the top.
  14. Lineup 2016

    I have doubts Flo will be there but if they are, they aren't co-headlining with anyone at R&L. At IOW/T it's a little different as there is a closing dance act now but Flo going on the same time as a sub would, nah! Keep believing that.......the bollocks you run away with.
  15. Lineup 2016

    It is probably somewhere between flopped and forgotten about tbf, really hasn't stood any test of longevity. It's a small arena tour though, look at someone like Mumford, Biffy, The Libs (awful album mind you), even QOTSA, Paramore (who got the 2nd Wembley date out, Paramore who had declined a bit from the Brand New Eye's tour which was massive, could of probably headlined before they did), and some of them are no brainers. They only feel confident with one 12k venue in the capital city. I think co-headline is the most they can hope for and that might be a stretch. Much more likely to sub imo.