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  1. Who's Touring Around Glastonbury 2017?

    Ah I see
  2. Even if they do which is yet to be seen, Catfish have already entered arenas off the back of a 2nd album and they will only get bigger. It doesn't matter what you did then, it's what you do now, but subbing Kasabian is what I invisage. I don't think they'll quite do enough myself to be higher.
  3. Download 2017

    I think that might come down to who they got to sub them. I don't see Download getting Green Day....I don't see them wanting Green Day on the baking of the rubbish they produced last and 21st century was poor too.
  4. Download 2017

    I think you can rule out Download. Bringing back Green Day after 4 years wouldn't be an issue though if Blink are doing it again.
  5. Rolling Stones...

    yup, it won't be them, but i didnt read that before mentioning it haha
  6. Rolling Stones...

    i'd say the two most likely are Muse and Bon Jovi. Another site has Bon Jovi
  7. Rolling Stones...

    Just to ask, if it was Green Day does that make T anymore likely? Especially if they announce Slane the same weekend at T next year?
  8. Rolling Stones...

    same could be said for Radiohead? But I'd say they could do one off(s) like that
  9. Rolling Stones...

    surely be bon jovi and stones, can't see chilis, they're dates didn't fly this year
  10. Rolling Stones...

    You could argue that for a lot of big outdoor venue's though. Hyde Park is shit, as is Heaton Park.
  11. Rolling Stones...

    well, keith said to 6music glasto interests them. surely if they weren't interested due to money he'd have just said no. hyde park for they money and a glasto slot looks an option?
  12. Rolling Stones...

    if not the stones. Whats the chances we could be looking at. Radiohead, Macca and Lady GaGa. Macca has a new album, does he not and isn't going to be performing even to the standard live as he does forever, not played it since 2004 so a fair while. This gives u your current rock band, old style legend and if he does say hard rock calling too that's ya pay day, plus he 's charity man anyway. And GaGa i just think it'll happen. Can.k see big stadium dates next year due to this year and could easily still do pay day shows with glasto too.
  13. Rolling Stones...

    The Stones paid for much of their own set from what I remember hearing. They just wanted to play and knew Eavis couldn't support it all in funds themselves.
  14. Rolling Stones...

    Not sure but IOW booker was also their agent at the time

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