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  1. I am happy to be quite over the top this year. This is the best week of my year, and if I want a cocktail or some slightly extravagant meal for £12, then I am happy to let myself do that. That said, I am also completely content with cans of tent-warmed Strongbow - my understanding is that this means my opinions don't matter.
  2. Oh my god it already looks like home! Thanks so much for this. You seem like a lovely person.
  3. Tankus the Henge are Glastonbury through and through. Great watch!
  4. Suppose you can just hope it rains and use the long drops!
  5. Hi Matt - your face is so blurry it looks like a pair of shoes.
  6. We're gonna have a fucking blast.
  7. I know this isn't new - and I've never heard them before - but the best cover band I have ever heard of is an Elbow cover band, called Arse.
  8. You're tearing me apart, Lucy!
  9. One of my faves was Pip the Human Jukebox. A guy that wheels himself around at 3 in the morning in a mini wagon, with a guitar and a book full of songs, happy to play any of them for 20p I had such a great time dancing in the dark with three other randomers in the middle of a deserted Green Fields to a Belle and Sebastian song I didn't know. One of those true Glastonbury moments for me.
  10. Just be aware mate, I'm not sure how open people will be to giving a randomer that's never posted on this site before access to tickets, considering the current security climate etc and not going through the proper channels.
  11. I'm mainly disappointed that there's no showing of The Room.
  12. I'd agree with most other people that the last thing I would want to do at a festival is watch a film in the late hours (certainly enjoyed a midday showing in the past as a way to relax). But I suppose this might be a good option for those that aren't into getting wasted every night.
  13. A White Russian with worthy farm milk, that has to be the way!
  14. Thank you both! So, I was half-right... Just not the best half to get wrong.
  15. Genuine noob question, not taking the piss: Why do people enjoy shisha? Is it literally just nice tasting smoke that doesn't kill you?