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  1. Glastonbury flu

    I'm glad it's not just me! (In a non-selfish way). I feel like someone left my snot tap on and went on holiday. I can barely hear anything except my pathetic coughs every 3 minutes.
  2. Worthy Farm is clean!

    Do you need any training for litter picking, or can you just pick it up as you go along?
  3. Dave Grohl & Famous People

    My friend saw Kit Harrington having a wander around.
  4. Dick move of your festival......

    I kept mine hanging down my left let the whole time. Feel like I've missed out now!
  5. Flaming lips

    I have barely heard a Flaming Lips song before and this was by far the best set I saw all weekend. Puts every other band to shame. That ballon was bloody hilarious.
  6. Best cover version of the weekend

    I don't know if I thought it was the best, but I had great fun dancing to this in Leftfield. Great choice of song.
  7. I will show you mine if I can see yours ...

    My god - someone had a Spam towel? I need to find this person. Totally not jealous...
  8. What made you smile ?

    Also - the girl who brought along bags and bags of vegetables and a huge drill and let us make vegetable instruments with her. The potato kazoo was sublime. You don't get this sort of stuff for free anywhere else but Glastonbury. And the four people dressed as immaculate air hostesses that rocked up at the bridge near the cabaret tent field and 'welcomed' everyone who crossed over. And the sheer number of people who jump at a chance to take a photo for your group. And on the last night in Chameleon Bar, we went to get a photo with a guy dressed as Po the Teletubby. Instead everyone in their entire bar got in for a group photo.
  9. What made you smile ?

    This baby. Having a boogie with the disco fish parade. (Is posting a photo of someone's baby weird? If so I'll take it down)
  10. A video of the site

    Oh my god it already looks like home! Thanks so much for this. You seem like a lovely person.
  11. Wednesday/Thursday Recommendations

    Tankus the Henge are Glastonbury through and through. Great watch!
  12. flushing toilets

    Suppose you can just hope it rains and use the long drops!
  13. new here? introduce yourself

    Hi Matt - your face is so blurry it looks like a pair of shoes.
  14. Pictures of your Glasto gang!

    We're gonna have a fucking blast.
  15. Best Cover / Novelty Acts

    I know this isn't new - and I've never heard them before - but the best cover band I have ever heard of is an Elbow cover band, called Arse.

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