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  1. Wanted to give you 'reputation' (up vote) but I have no more 'reputation' till tomorrow apparently. lol.
  2. OK - in case anyone was interested in my case.... in the face of adversity, Royal Mail have found our tickets! And have them back out for delivery for tomorrow.... Good luck to everyone else..
  3. Good luck - still waiting for Royal Mails '3 football stadiun lost propert warehouse' (see earlier post) to source my ticket... Hoping it's when, rather than if. Lost in the post, nowt see will do as signed before by someone else. in a weird way, this thread is keeping me sane! sending you all amazing vibes - good luck.
  4. Ahh bless you sir!
  5. Already looked into the same day flights to Belfast - it's a secure centre, no public access.
  6. WIll do. We're continuing as planned - I'm just staying home. Hoping it's a case of when we get them, rather than if.
  7. Yep spoken to them multiple times. They're saying cos someone previously signed for them (the lead booker, not us) then they can do nothing. TBH, I've been lucky for 15 years, but the fact that such a genuine reason for loss - ie Royal Mail are prepared to tell See that they have them, they just can't route them to us (if it comes to that) and See still won't issue new ones, is a bit harsh.
  8. Ugh - I thought I'd escaped the perils of the secret resale by scoring tickets in the normal resale. Turns out we're now in the crap The 'lead booker' received our tickets and accidentally posted them to an address that doesn't exist instead of to us. It's someone we know too, so a 'genuine' mistake. To top it off, she didn't put a senders address on it. Not deliberate but bloomin awful! As a result, our tickets are currently in Belfasts Lost Property office - three football stadiums big. It normally takes 6 weeks to process something that's gone there. They arrived there on Friday. And they're doing all they can for us. I'm hoping Royal Mail pull this one out the bag for us. Champagne in the post for them if they do. Can't tell you how bad we feel at the moment
  9. Still food porn atm.
  11. The address that the person put on the delivery swapped 275 to 257... 257 doesn't exist (if it did, it would be 1 mins walk from our house). It's been bounced as a 'no address' and en route to Belfast. Doh.
  12. Hello people There was a spelling error on our address - not on the one we registered, but on the delivery to our house from a friends house (the lead booker who got all three). Turns out they've been rejected and are now en-route to the main UK Belfast returns office - which handles the whole of the UK's returned or bounced mail(!). Obviously cutting it fine... phoned see and they are going to phone me back... Anyone lost tickets before and had success? I've heard of a 'box office' on site - curious to hear if others have had similar experience? Trying to remain zen about it all....(!)
  13. Stick.
  14. My crew. I'm the one with the head in the middle of the stage. Though for the first time this year it's just my wife and I! Can't wait
  15. I'm confused by this - who/where sells these? Just seems random compared to Glastos official 'we're sold out, do not use other traders' line?