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  1. Glastonbury Research

    Done, I give the attendee survey 3/10
  2. I saw a Blue Whale Today

    Did you get a pic?
  3. What are you doing instead of Glastonbury this year?

    I’m not doing anything exciting due to new baby but if you are a fan of the glade area and west holts area I would suggest BeatHerder, line up out now and looks good.
  4. Dissertation

  5. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Looks like a snow globe out there today, hope I get some time off work with this impending down pour of snow. Hope everyone is well, I'm just rejoining the efests fun after 6+months off!
  6. 2019 Headliners

    first time back on this forum for ages and already I'm filling out surveys, oh well better than doing work :-)
  7. Your (potentially) Contraversial Changes to Glasto

    Put all stages at the bottom of hills like the pyramid so you get a good view all the way up. get rid of any food stalls I don't like and get more of the ones I do like. travellator tracks on walk ways to save steps, 20,000 a day is too many
  8. Random hookups

    I met the lovely @H.M.V and @fatyeti24 today :-)
  9. The Jacksons

    Just try and get forward and central and it will be fine
  10. P!ss!ng on the farm

    True but just had two girls take a piss next to me, not right...but didn't take their pic
  11. P!ss!ng on the farm

    Upload the shame! Dirty b@stards
  12. Random hookups

    I know such a trend setter :-)
  13. confirmed food vendors 2017

    Hippie chip is between Avalon and greenpeace. wheres good for breakfast? Greenpeace cafe was sold out yesterday....unless they got a delivery?
  14. Random hookups

    I will have a flamingo attached to my rucksack and some brightly coloured feathery headwear on, feel free to say hello!
  15. 5 Flamingo's..

    I count seven

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