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  1. Rolling Stones

    Bobby Keys in houzizzle
  2. 2018 New Music

    One listen only, but I dig it. It has that Tom Waits / Tonight's The Night thing going on. Home Alone's a bit of a slog (basically sounds like Fucking Up meets Adam Raised A Cain) but otherwise it's got a wasted smacked out shambles vibe that I can fuck with.
  3. Best ticket buying experience AXS

    Stones tickets are an odd thing, controlled by wyrd science and arcane algorithms. They sell out and then go on sale again hour by hour. Prices rocket and collapse like the tides. The stadiums will be busy enough....but the fact that there was no second Manchester date announced pretty much says it all.
  4. 2018 New Music

    Bwahaha - just got to the shout outs at the end of Like A Rolling Stone.
  5. 2018 New Music

    My god it's a fucking cracker
  6. Best ticket buying experience AXS

    I suspect the AXS system has proved plain sailing for the Stones for a lot of people this time around cos the demand wasn't all that high.
  7. Taylor Swift

    You prefer long queues at bars?
  8. 2018 New Music

  9. Nick Cave

    Early view of the audience
  10. Nick Cave

    Audience Q & As are the worst. Endless people taking the mic to then not even ask a question but just make rambling statements about being big fans.
  11. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    It was when they brought out their last album...
  12. TRNSMT Festival 2018

    Seems pretty clear about 4 headliners.
  13. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    JME headlined the Other Stage last year...sort of.
  14. Rolling Stones

    Yup - you need to go to the box office on the night to collect them.
  15. Taylor Swift

    Is that also in the UK?
  16. Rolling Stones

    I've never had them, but if the tickets are on the same order I'm pretty sure you'll be sat together. Unless you both get into the pit.
  17. 2018 New Music

    They also think that Hookworms have upped their game?
  18. 2018 New Music

    Descriptions of music have upped their game.
  19. 2018 New Music

    Its just a thing I've heard.
  20. 2018 New Music

    It's been widely said that with their new album Hookworms have upped their game.
  21. 2018 New Music

    I need to get on that Hailu Mergia album. Any good?
  22. Rolling Stones

    There isn't one they're guaranteed to play, I don't think. Maybe Wild Horses or Angie, but neither of them will be nailed on.
  23. Rolling Stones

    Charlie's the cool one
  24. Rolling Stones

    Jagger is still brilliant and gives it full welly. Ronnie is sober now so better than he ever was in the nineties or early noughties. Charlie is Charlie. Keith has obviously deteriorated, but if you're going to a Stones show hoping for polished perfection then you're in the wrong place.
  25. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    They wouldn't recognise the voice these days either

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