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  1. LCD Soundsystem....

    How Do You Sleep? is a sub-PIL skipper. Fuck that jam.
  2. Acts you don't "get"

    Sweet Little Sixteen's not in the top 3?
  3. Clash regrets...I've got a few

    It was the facking tits. As much fun as I've ever had in a sun-soaked, vodka jelly-fueled Pyramid Stage pit.
  4. Pop Music

    When Pezza deployed Roar at G17 we all like:
  5. Mercury Prize 2017

    Is that the quality of live performance that Alt-J brought to their Other Stage headline slot?
  6. Acts you don't "get"

    Getting into S-Sondzle. Digging the witch's rap from Into The Woods.
  7. Undercard Yet To Play Glastonbury

  8. Old Music Thread

    I always forget how genuinely great this is: "Rasta Ozzie from up de hill....."
  9. Taylor Swift

    Hopefully you undertake the same stringent vetting on all artists your niece listens to.
  10. Kanye west confirmed

    Granted no-one uses it any more, but it's still ticking quietly away, amassing scrobbles from off of Spotify, Sonos, etc
  11. Kanye west confirmed

    You didn't use last.fm?
  12. Foo Fighters

  13. Acts you most definitely do "Get"

    smdh. I can't believe the prejudice faced by groups who do acapella cover versions of Yazoo. Sometimes you need to cast aside your scepticism and look beyond the snowmen costumes.
  14. Acts you most definitely do "Get"

    Love these lads
  15. 2019 Headliners

    * Madonna it's happening gif *
  16. 2019 Headliners

    Arriving later would probably be the safer bet....
  17. LCD Soundsystem....

    Call The Police is definitely up there with the best things they've ever done.
  18. Which festivals will sell out quicker next year?

    Ah - indeed. I must have missed the tweet.
  19. LCD Soundsystem....

  20. Which festivals will sell out quicker next year?

    AEG Presents is planning to launch a huge new festival at Knebworth Park next summer, Music Week understands. The multi-day event, which is yet to be confirmed, would help plug the gap in the festival calendar created by Glastonbury’s fallow year and would be the first concert to take place at the 125,000-capacity Hertfordshire venue since the 2014 Sonisphere festival. The Rolling Stones - who previously played Knebworth in 1976 - are rumoured to be in the frame to headline. AEG offered no comment on the speculation, but has a long-standing relationship with the Stones, who performed at the promoter's Desert Trip festival in 2016 and played two nights during the inaugural edition of its British Summer Time Hyde Park series in 2013 - the band's last appearances in their homeland to date. The company is also producing the Stones’ upcoming No Filter European tour, which begins in Germany on Saturday (September 9) at Hamburg’s Stadtpark. The tour will then go on to visit stadiums in Switzerland, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden, before concluding at the U Arena in Paris on October 25. Tweeting back in May, the legendary rockers all but confirmed that domestic shows would follow. “Sorry to our UK fans there are no UK dates on this run, due to lack of available venues because of sporting fixtures. Hope to be here in 2018,” they said. Knebworth was the site of Oasis’ era-defining 1996 shows and has also hosted the likes of Queen, Robbie Williams, Pink Floyd and Red Hot Chili Peppers. http://www.musicweek.com/live/read/aeg-to-launch-new-knebworth-festival/069701
  21. 2019 Headliners

    That'd probably be the ideal scenario, as it would also likely lead to her unleashing the hits.
  22. 2019 Headliners

    Is she notoriously pricey? Granted she hasn't done many festivals and I'm sure she costs more than the Arctic Monkeys, but I'd imagine she's easier on the wallet than the big heritage rock acts. The ideal situation would be to book her when she's not flogging a new album.....but then given how rehearsed, choreographed and machine-tooled her performances are there's probably not much chance of her performing a one off. But even a night comprised 50% bangers and 50% middling newbies is gonna be better than Catfish on the Other Stage.
  23. 2019 Headliners

    She played Coachella IIRC, though I think it was on a smaller stage.
  24. 2019 Headliners

    Probably because three of those were in the setlist for her previous tour so they came out of the rotation when she was touring Rebel Heart in favour of things like La Isla Bonita and Material Girl. I'd be surprised if the setlists figure into any decision to pursue Madonna has a headliner. If you're booking the Pyramid Stage she's got to be near the top of any shortlist that you have on your fridge.