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  1. Easy access to water and wet wipes to remove facepaint.
  2. Yer man from Justice striding out over the crowd to grab the big cross on a pole was a fun moment.
  3. You could tell that Old Man RagBone's crowd was gonna be a whopper by the way it built and built during the Dropkick Murphys.
  4. Classic case of bottlenecks at the main entrance points. We just soldiered through and, as per, there was tonnes of room in the pit.
  5. There seems to be fewer and fewer of them every year now. Our view of J-Corbz was, however, spoiled by a row of folk holding up placards. Ban placards.
  6. She aced it. Was a wee bit concerned by the tent being quite empty when she was just starting, but by the time she left the stage the joint was jumping. One of those acts where people are walking by, like what they hear and go investigate.
  7. I always find it a doddle to get really close. We arrived about 2 minutes before Justice started and wound up in the front centre sweet spot with (relative) ease.
  8. To be fair a lot of them were also waving Palestinian flags at Thom and co. We met Wayne earlier down the front of Kris Kristofferson. 4 o clock in the afternoon and there he was, dressed as a fucking bright green frog. The man doesn't have an off switch.
  9. They've still got the moves alright.
  10. Less easy access to face painting.
  11. Big old crowd for it too. I think they were the chief benefactors of Radiohead scaring away the non-hardcore.
  12. The place was almost spotless as we were leaving. The best I've ever seen it looking on a Monday morning.
  13. The 'Islands In The Stream" Treble: Achievement Unlocked
  14. #RightBazza into this crowd was about as much fun as I've ever had at the G. An absolute riot.
  15. We had a bet in our team as to who would get weepy first. But no one bet on it being The Bazster.