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  1. Victorious Festival 2018

    Hang on hang on hang on! Something is not quite right with this poster. Took me a while to figure it out but I finally got it....Paloma Faith sub-headliner...that can't be right surely!?
  2. Victorious Festival 2018

    Yeah...in fact I think the fact they tour so infrequently helps keep their stock up. They are also headlining or high up the bill on the Cov leg of the BBC 'Biggest Weekend'. Personally don't mind them...seen them a fair few times and always enjoyed their set, got plenty of songs people know...plus seem like genuinely lovely blokes. Definitely think so. Went to the Editors day at 'Beyond The Tracks' last year and it was a terrible attendance, especially as it was a homecoming gig of sorts. They were doing all kinds of cut price offers in the lead up and it was still virtually empty. Got even quieter after Jesus and Mary Chain finished and loads of people sodded off. Shame though...Editors did a brilliant set (probably in my top 5 from last years fests along with the Pixies, Jesus and Mary Chain, BSP & Frightened Rabbit)
  3. Victorious Festival 2018

    Reckon Snow Patrol will be one of the headliners and think LG with Richard Ashcroft subbing might be shout.
  4. Cool Britannia

    Wow! £135 adult weekend camping. Harrods pricing for a Kwik-Save line-up
  5. Cool Britannia

    Be interested to see what this is priced at and the capacity. Normally I would associate Knebworth with 100k capacity super gigs. I'd be amazed if this is even a tenth the size of that. Don't think OCS sold out 'Beyond The Tracks' in their hometown last year with a better supporting line-up than this one (very good weekend it was though!), and Happy Mondays and Embrace have done Godiva (free) in recent memory You don't want to see any festival fail but can't help but think this one is going to struggle unless its very cheap and quite small. Being optimistic, maybe they are aiming to start small so they can make sure the infrastructure is in place and then aim to grow it organically over a few years
  6. Cool Britannia

    Imagine if you'd been in a coma for 20 years and woke up and saw that line-up...you'd think you'd only nodded off for 5 minutes.
  7. Victorious Festival 2018

    Yeah...I'm edging towards them having learnt their lesson from last year. The bit that was open was nowhere big enough for the number of people in it...and the queue at the bar was probably one of the worst I've ever experienced in 23 odd years of festival-going. Cracking line-up the Friday. If the rest of the weekend is in a similar vein can't imagine not going.
  8. Victorious Festival 2018

    Torn...came down to Victorious for the last 4-5 years from Brum and always brought a crowd with us and had a great time....except for the Friday last year which was pretty impossible to get a beer and felt pretty crowded. Looking now, gonna cost just over £300 for my partner, babby and myself inc camping so pretty much on a par with a lot of the bigger festival except the campsite is a bus trip away. Why do festivals always have to grow and get a bit crap!?
  9. Blue Dot Festival

    I'll be there in my cardy and slippers...bobbing my pipe along to 'Do You Realize!?' Can sort of see the point some people are making about the cost...but its a 5K daily capacity (based on what it says on efestivals) so for a festival that small to get bands the size of Flaming Lips and Chemical Brothers you're gonna have to pay more...if you have a small, cheap festival you're going to get small, cheap bands. Personally I'd rather pay a bit extra for a smaller, friendly festival and still have decent bands, rather than pay less for a bigger festival, especially now we've got the babby.
  10. Blue Dot Festival

    Saw them there as a one off gig about 5 or 6 years ago (think it might have been the seed for Bluedot) and it was immense. Always amazing live but a setting like that makes it that little bit more special. Happy days!
  11. Blue Dot Festival

    Holy shit. Need to check with HR and see if having a festival boner is sufficient grounds to go home sick
  12. Blue Dot Festival

    Seriously!? Naaaaah...can't be!
  13. Blue Dot Festival

    Ha ha! I wish! I'd start walking up from Brum now if that was the line-up
  14. Blue Dot Festival

    Hillllllllo! Is there anybody there??
  15. Blue Dot Festival

    Hoping for Flaming Lips and Future Islands but not holding my breath