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  1. Decent priced walking boots

    Army surplus. Gore Text inner. £35 local army and navy store. Solid boots. If not, good leather walking boots should be ok.
  2. Rolling Stones...

    *smug mode*
  3. Rolling Stones...

    Bleeding hell - all I said was that would be playing....... It's gonna be like Alamont again!!
  4. Rolling Stones...

    Sorry.....I will go and throw myself in the river......
  5. Rolling Stones...

    Nothing is 100% until the day, however my contact is pretty reliable.
  6. Rolling Stones...

    I have heard from a v.reliable contact that they will be there in 2013!
  7. Alright Karl...I tried to find you on facebook but it didnt work...


  8. Tent Robbers

    I know you
  9. Tent Robbers

    I walked back to the tent at Glasto around 7am on the sun morning and my tent door was open. Nothing was nicked as I had all my valuables on me. But for 5 mins i was quite pissed off!
  10. so long and thanks for the smiles

    Very sad to hear mate. Love & wishes to all concerned K. xx
  11. sup karl? hows things we'll have to catch up sometime ! come over if you want