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  1. Films

    Am I the only person disappointed that you didn't get to see the fish monster's penis in Shape of Water?
  2. WWE

    I reckon it's a case of first thing first and to make sure she's a star, they are playing the long game with her since she's gonna be around for the next few years
  3. Rolling Stones 2018 support act speculation

    Not to be that guy but there is a thread for the Rolling Stones in the other festivals section; www.efestivals.co.uk/forums/topic/222056-rolling-stones
  4. Meltdown 2018

    They are fantastic live, they have a tremendous stage set up. The last time I saw them play they grabbed Gary Numan onstage as well.
  5. Meltdown 2018

    I'll just echo fucking hell, that's a nice line up.
  6. There's some good additions to the line up but I'm still disappointed it's just Brody and not The Distillers.
  7. Films

    Yes, no, maybe. 10 years ago when the comic movies were of the ilk of Fantastic Four, Daredevil etc people were saying it's a fad and then Dark Knight and Iron Man hit which took it to a new level. The danger isn't so much oversaturation as the Marvel movies shows people are happy to go see him, the problem will be with cruddy superhero films sour people's taste like Batman vs Superman. Tbh action blockbusters have been massive for decades and they aren't going away and that's what the Marvel films are.
  8. Films

    Also look at the pace of them, Bond has around 25+ films over 50 years, Marvel has been around for less than 10 years and are on 18 films.
  9. Films

    Watching Black Panther I just wanted to Michael B Jordan to take over as he was so much better than Boseman. The whole cast is fantastic but I struggled with Boeman who seemed so flat throughout the film.
  10. WWE

    The story I heard was Vince was selling a small amount of his shares into get funds for the XFL and Fox (a side company of Fox which Disney wont own) felt they wasted their money on UFC TV rights compared to what they could get WWE rights for. So they approached WWE about just out right buying them rather than just replacing UFC tv for WWE tv as they figured it'd be a good deal but WWE aren't interested in selling as the McMahon's want to keep control.
  11. WWE

    TBH it did raised a smile from me when Braun tried to teach Alexa Bliss how to lift a car.
  12. The Gaming Thread

    There's a few tricks you can try a to extend the battery life of the Switch like turning on airplane mode, decreasing the brightening etc.
  13. WWE

    I'm the opposite and really enjoying them. They're match ups not seen before and are quick bursts of fun, they are what all the filler matches on Raw and Smackdown should be. As a tournament it doesn't feel that important and Beth Phoenix isn't adding much to the commentary team but I've been looking forward to them anyway.
  14. WWE

    I enjoyed seeing Lita, Trish and Molly Holly more than seeing Ronda.
  15. WWE

    I like Drew Gulak and Gran Metalik from 205, Drew getting over with powerpoint presentations is brilliant. Maybe with the additional of a GM they will start building it as another Raw/Smackdown type show rather than a Sunday Night Heat. Apparently the orginal plan for Raw was Enzo was gonna get all the finishers from DX and Hall.

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