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  1. Films

    I've had friends who've gone before and said it's great but I can't be arsed with it myself.   I watched Joy last night, it was pretty good but 2/3rds of the way in there is a scene that just screams oscar fodder look at the acting type shit which afterwards disconnected me from the movie. 
  2. Things that ur happy about

    Happy birthday!
  3. WWE

    I wouldn't say a stable and a tag team are the same thing, Ambrose had the US title for a long while whilst he was in the Shield.
  4. WWE

    I thought it was but I always think of the young/in his prime Jericho as having long hair and a goatee.
  5. Films

    Considering what he looked when he died they should cast a white female rather than a black male.
  6. Films

    I liked Mad Max, it does blasts you too much for too long as you watch it but you do go away thinking this bit was cool, when that happned it was great etc afterwards. 
  7. WWE

    Is the first guy Jericho or Michaels?
  8. WWE

    I could see Ambrose being a great champ, when he was in the tourney for the new champ he was promising to turn WWE into his own personal asylum if he became champ and tbh I'd like to see it. Just have him be crazy and do the unexpected every week with an angle of heels/authority work against because they want the status quo to be maintained and wanting him to be a tradition champion. The biggest problem with the WWE in recent years (besides not building new talent) it has became the same old-same old and playing to Ambrose's lunatic angle could help break up the formula.
  9. Films

    Nah, I wasn't really replying to you but my point is the Oscars are hollywood patting itself on the back bullshit and social justice warriors declaring Oscars hate black people because Ms Wicki Wicki Wild Smith says so is also bullshit.
  10. Films

    The funny thing is if it was last year with Selma getting a snub (which would of been too close to 12 Years of Slave winning for a racist claim to be seen as true) or it was about Latin American/Indian actors in general (rather than an empty holywood pat on the back award) I'd actually agree but at the end of the day there wasn't a stand out film you can say should be an Oscar slam dunk. Although I would if liked to see Idris Elba get an Oscar but a straight to Netflix movie wasn't going to be taken seriously.
  11. Films

    Eh, that's my first post about him. In anycase this all got started in this thread when someone else posted something about Ms. Wicki Wicki Wild Smith's rant about racism in in the Oscars which is less about equality and more about him getting a snub so why should I take her or this seriously. The "black" films that could of got Oscars didn't play the Oscar game and Wicki Wicki Wild Smith is just like Tom Cruise and isn't respected in Hollywood enough to get an Oscar.    
  12. Films

    The funny thing about the wicki wicki wild Smiths being bitter and playing the race card for Will's oscar fodder film being snubbed was he couldn't do it in the years he was actually nominated and lost as he always lost out to another black actor.
  13. Films

    They don't even look at films, the films that get awards are the ones that get campaigned for. Creed fucked up by thinking it was sequel/reboot territory so wouldn't be oscar worthy and left it to the last min to hype it with Stallone being the easiest to boost, Beast with it's Netflix release fucked it self and Will Smith is just a c**t.
  14. Films

    I disagree with the sould and emotion bit, I really bought into the start of the film with the Mum (I would of loved to seen more of their relationship) and the fight at the end where he's refusing to give up as he says something about proving he's not accident and then hitting the rocky theme after not using it throughout of the rest of the film.   Also fuck both the oscars and fuck the social warrior rubbish.
  15. Films

    Fuck all this social justice warrior bullshit, it's getting in the way of what really matters like who's wearing what dress on the red carpet!