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  1. WWE

    Apparently the WWE Sep India tour is being advertised with Jinder defending the title... Rusev is a heel so I can't see a match there but my guess would be Sami next.
  2. WWE

    I like the idea but c'mon, Jinder as a champ?!?!
  3. WWE

    ^I kinda agree with that, fantastic wrestler but for example her matches with Nattie where almost identical to the ones they had at NXT but just not as good. A good chunk of her matches were ruined by relying on her Dad interfering too often.
  4. WWE

    If you go onto WWE's on-line store and select all items and sort by best sellers, Roman's first item is pretty far down the list.
  5. WWE

    His merch sells ok but he isn't the top seller (it's still Cena) and is pushed a lot more than the others, apparently the reason Ambrose became champ when Reigns was suspended was because his merch sales were better.
  6. WWE

    There's 2 big returns and a NXT call up.
  7. Apparently Fifa Switch will be using a custom engine, also there's a story floating about that all EA sports games will coming to the Switch on the condition there's no rival titles which also includes Mario sports and generic Nintendo motion control sports games.
  8. Oscars screeners have probably been sent out.
  9. The Wii was a mega-MEGA seller but maybe you're thinking of the DS which is the biggest selling portable console of all time and was only a million units off from overtaking the PS2 completely.
  10. ^the PS2 is the biggest selling console of all time, the Wii was the biggest selling of it's gen.
  11. That's Nintendo, they like to live in their own little world.
  12. Not really as Nintendo (who openly admit it) aren't about selling consoles, they are about selling their own games which happen to be on their own consoles (fuck knows they have to make their own consoles then), so for someone like you who just wants to pick up cheap 2nd hand games then there's not much in it for you or Nintendo as they don't get money from 2nd sales and 2nd hand Nintendo games like Mario Kart don't drop off much in price for years unlike 6 month old Xbox and Playstation games or Steam with it's regular massive sales.
  13. The sad thing is they went to alot effort to bring up a guy from EA just to say there will be a FIFA switch game, they've sunk that low that a FIFA game isn't even the norm when FIFA will be released on anything.
  14. I wouldn't say that, Nintendo's audience has always been familes by sellling nostalgia to the Dad, gimmicks & affordability to the Mum and Pokemon & Mario to the kids, if they get into an arms race for Xbox & PS fans they will end losing as those aren't Nintendo's strengths.
  15. I'm in two minds myself, Zelda is a day one FUCKING MUST and I can grab an inferior Wii U version or bite the bullet with the Switch (I know I'll buy it sooner or later) and wait til the summer for Splatoon 2 whilst making do with ARMS (which actually looks kinda intresting but isn't even a launch game) and Mario Kart 8's few extra tracks. If they had just a £280 bundle with Zelda it would have been so much better, hopefully some 3rd parties will announce launch day games.