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  1. 2015 Wishlist

    That's nothing worth going out of my way for.   Isn't it about time for a new thread for 2016?
  2. The Gaming Thread

    http://www.find-game.co.uk/   Try this site, type in the game and it'll bring up the cheapest site offering it.
  3. Lineup 2016

    I've got to walk past the Alley Palley later anyway so I will see if I can get a cheap tix from a tout otherwise I'm not fussed.
  4. WWE

    What about Kevin Owens? He's great at being hated but having the Intercontinental belt, being fat and has been in the WWE proper roster for less than a year has probably hindered him for the main title.
  5. Lineup 2016

    It's a shame Itch became such a c**t towards the end of The King Blues otherwise I might care they are back together.
  6. WWE

    As crap as Sheamus becoming champ for no reason is I do like the idea of a Sheamus, Barret and Rusev faction.
  7. Download 2016

    I saw it a week or two ago and that's pretty much how it works, Henry Rollins will at least be there as he's the narrator.
  8. WWE

    Well Survior Series sucked. It was only the Divas match that really satisfied me.
  9. Who's watching what on tv

    Just started watching Jessica Jones, fucking great so far.
  10. WWE

    Isn't that kind of a problem if you listen to wrestler's podcast though?
  11. BST - Hyde park 2016

    I've done similar before where I've gone for the Hyde Park support acts rather than the headliner yet still saw the headliner but fuck no to Mumford, they put me to sleep when they supported Arcade Fire there.
  12. WWE

    Cheapest tixs are £20-35 with the crap view and high up is around £45 and the lower teirs are £40-70, if you go ticketmaster you can see the price ranges. I'm planning on grabbing tixs to take my baby brothers to see them as it's around their birthdays in April.
  13. WWE

    Kevin Owens is great on twitter, all he seems to do is argue with people which currently includes Sabrina the Teenage Witch after she called him lazy on the last Raw.
  14. Got any gigs coming up?

    I can't decide if I should go to see Space in a few weeks...I think I'll flip a coin to decide.
  15. Lineup 2016

      Bookies don't need to be in the know to make their money, odds are based on how people are betting. The more people bet on the same thing the lower the odds to cover a payout.