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  1. Hurt/Heal game Reading and Leeds 2016

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  2. WWE

    Wrong thread?
  3. WWE

    Sunny went off the rails after her hall of fame induction I think. Yeah, with her dead it'll be easier for her to get into the Hall since Trips and co wont have to meet her and avoid the inevitable argy bargy, apparently Stephanie has been tweeting her respects if thats a sign.
  4. WWE

    Meh, I'm not a fan of her at all butimo at the end of the day she's a jobber who gets heat and is so rarely onanyway. Her role is just to lose to whatever face needsa win where as the useless ones on Total Divas will have to have a match for the sake of having a match everynow and thentaking away from the one women's (at best two) match they will actually have on.
  5. WWE

    Why do people keep saying Summer Rae when you have women wrestlers like Rosa Mendes and Eva Marie who's sole purpose seems to be give them a nothing match every now and then just to justify having them on Total Divas?
  6. WWE

    Well they could not film Superstars before Raw though although saying that my baby brothers loved the Big Show's comedy match and Kallisto high fyling which they would of missed otherwise. Not sure if it's true or not but there's talk about Conor McGregor going to WWE, he has been teasing making an appearencewith them before.
  7. Ufc

    Not sure if it's true or not but there's talk about Conor McGregor going to WWE, he has been teasing making an appearencewith them before.
  8. WWE

    Yeah Reigns got the biggestreaction the whole night, he's becomemy 10 year old baby brother's favourite wrestler at the moment (mostly because his name is Roman too plus he's the champ) and I had to explain to him why they were booing him as he got really excited whenReigns came out but got really startled aboutthe crowd'sreaction.My brotherkept looking behind him for most the night when he heard people shout stuff like "Roman sucks" etc thinking it was about him. Jericho was fantastic, always an entertaining dick the whole night and Cesaro who I've always been lukewarm on managed to really draw me in. Raw really does need to be shorter as with the dark match at the end and Superstars on before Raw it felt like a slog at times, Crews' match had no energyuntil he started pulling some flashymoves and the long opening promo feelsworst live.
  9. WWE

    This "the guy" thing hasn't really worked since Hogan, even when Austin was "the guy" it was putting the belt on Foley that cemented the start ofWWFwinning the Wars. Have lots of the "the guy" so every segement is great.
  10. WWE

    ^I like Kane, Show and R-Truth, as long as they are used for the lower card they are fine it's when they are used as the main event on Raw every week that's the problem. Also R-Truth is the only one that has made be laugh on the show inthe last10ish years with the ladder in the Rumble bit. I'd cut stuff like the New Age Outlaws coming back formatches and titles.
  11. Comic Books

    ^You may want totryPreacher, AMC who do WalkingDead, Breaking Bad etc have a show based on it coming soon which will probably be big. I'll add Doom Patrol to the best of Morrison list, after Batman it's my favourite work of his. His Justice League run was great too. As goodas Red Son is it isn'tthe best sell of Superman as a character howeverLuthor is pure scene stealer in itimo. I thought Batman Earth One was alright but with so many elseworld Batman titles having been done I've become jaded by them all,Year 100 is the only one I can go back to and read again and again.
  12. Comic Books

    If you're a Bat-fan (which I'm assuming you are since you read Killing Joke) and want to read Morrison's Batman work be prepared to buy alot as his run lasted for years and is split between 10+ collected edition books which are all connectedunless you want to start small with Gothic and Arkham Asylum which are self contained stories.
  13. Comic Books

    Yeah, Grant Morrison.It's normally between Grant Morrison and Alan Moore who comic fans like to bitch and moan about how's the best ever in an empty ongoing circle.
  14. WWE

    Some one like Reigns get's X-Pac heat but I disagree Miz does.Miz does very well at being a lower level heel by mostly talking about how he has main evented 'mania and how he is high profile compared to the likes of Neville,AJ etcwhich works on smarks rather than his gimmick of being a Hollywood ego star pisses off the crowd and wouldn't be effective on the likes of Cena, 'Taker etc who actually are maineventers. It's when they work stuff like this into the current scene of wrestling is when it works at his best rather than the 80's standard of clean cut faces like Reignsand foreign heels like the Leaegue of Nations, if they use people like the Total Divas as heels for being reality stars and models rather than wrestlers, Baron Corbin going after indy starsare good example of how they should be adapting. So both 'Taker and Bryan have been pulled from the UK tour next week, it's so fucking annoying as you assumed they wouldn't be when tixs went on sale only to then find out they will be and have it taken away. I told my baby brothers whoI'm taking to their first showthey were gonna be there and both of them are two of their favourites.
  15. Comic Books

    ^Jason Todd and Bucky are alive and have been for the last 10+ years.