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  1. WWE

  2. WWE

    The easiest solution to that would be just turn Reigns heel rather than having this inverted cheering the heel and booing the face situation.
  3. Got any gigs coming up?

    I saw Courage My Love tonight and fucking hell do I feel old now, everyone there was in their young teens to the point the bar had no queue as the crowd weren't old enough to drink. I've never been to a gig before and felt old.
  4. Things that annoy you ?

    It's hard to say but if she wasn't both a temp and on her first day it may have been different as for some reason temps are expected to chit-chat less, be more punctual etc (which is odd if you think about it as you'd expect permanent staff to be more professional) so on the first day of an on going role it is about making a good first impression and as their manager is useless and doesn't literally know what the tasks involved in the job are (hence why I had to train her) the only things she will be judged on are punctuality, fitting in etc so when a disruption happens (when she went into a fit I asked the person next to us at the time who the health and safety officer is and since they didn't know and were shocked they just started shouting out health and safety til that person came over which made it alot worse plus the temp was spacey and confused afterwards so we called an ambulance for her) doesn't leave a good impression. That's not me defending the c**t manager btw, just a thought.
  5. Things that annoy you ?

    It was a she but yeah, pretty much. I was told it's not worth the hassle of having a temp who needs to lave i an ambulance. I really do need to leave that shithole.
  6. Things that annoy you ?

    Yep, it really is a shame as she was genuinely happy to just be working and was alot quicker to pick up on the work than people I've trained before or who are with the company right now.
  7. Things that annoy you ?

    Not so much annoying but rather sad is a very capable and nice girl who's a temp in my office started today, I had spent the day training her during which she told me about how happy she was that she finally gotten a job at long last after her previous company fired her for having epilepsy then half an hour later she has a fit in the middle of the office and after she leaves the person who hired her told me they don't want her back because of it.
  8. Films

    I've just watched Under The Skin, not bad but it seems like a very typical student/art film trying to be weird for the sake of it, take away ScarJo's name no one would have given a fuck about it.
  9. Comic Books

    ^Ah shit, I really enjoyed his Catwoman and New Frontier work.
  10. Things that annoy you ?

    The hypocrisy of c**t managers who talk about empty positivity bullshit to fix problems at work but then tries to blame others for their own fuck ups.
  11. WWE

    WWE merch really is cheap crap, I got my baby brothers New Day unicorn headlights (£15 each) which has unprotected soldered wires on the headstrap which has now broken just from them bending with the strap around the head and the shirts (£25 each) are screen printed logos that start peeling after the 3rd wash.
  12. Best Chocolate Bars

    I only really eat chocolate orange protein bars with it's taste on par with the cheap ingredients Cadbury & Nestle use in their bars.
  13. Got any gigs coming up?

    I saw Mark Lanegan at Union Chapel last night, fantastic gig but there was a girl by herself sitting in front of me (it's a church so there wasn't any standing) and she has her headphones on so loud that even during the gig you can hear what she was listening to whilst also pissing about with her ipad literally from start to finish, why the fuck did she even bother to go?
  14. WWE

    Fuck me, I didn't know Ryback was able to say anything besides Feed Me More.
  15. Films

    ^Nah, save it for an Avengers movie. He didn't even learn his lesson with Ultron as then goes and make the Vision with people telling him not to do it.