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  1. @kalifire preaching. Agree with all of the above. Particularly re dance music. Variety is the spice and all that.
  2. More Camplight style pre pitched areas, maybe designate a popular area like Pennards as all pre pitched. Controversial, as per thread title. I figure it'd mean less crap being left behind and, perhaps, designating a popular field would mean some folk might travel lighter and leave less behind.
  3. Sell fewer tickets, book smaller headline acts, stop showing as much on the telly, stop booking "secret sets"
  4. We saw two little girls , no more than seven years old, make a set of "hand cuffs" out of glow stick bracelets and cuff a copper. So sweet. House Gospel Choir was smiles all round.
  5. Just the 37 miles this week, certianly feels like more. My knees are sore.
  6. Killers must be a good bet Beyond that, I've no idea. Maybe someone like Foals if they have a massive album next year. Then someone poppy, Gaga, Swift, Beyonce again maybe. Year after. Fleetwood Mac, a reformed Led Zep, Crazy Horse b2b with Buffalo Springfield.
  7. Prices went from £4.60 to £5.00 for a pint, I'd previously just assumed the prices were set and everyone charged the same. Theatre Bar had Carlsberg Export at £4.80, whilst others had the normal stuff for £5. Odd. All in all, want offended by any of the beers this year. All the larger was cold and the real ale tent had a good (if dwindling at the weekend progress) selection and wasn't too badly priced.
  8. I can offer nothing other than my best wishes. Stay strong bother/sister, drive safe.
  9. Rag Bone crowd was huge, by contrast crowd awaiting Bazza is sparse for a legend slot.
  10. At John Peel for Future Islands and Clean Bandit. Queues were ridiculous, I near soiled myself before legging it too Spring Ground where there was only a mild queue. But John Peel queue was huge, like 15 minutes for a wee huge
  11. Naught more than a morning dew. I've got my boots on but trainers would be fine.
  12. Blimey! Might have laughed out loud at that. I'm so immature.
  13. What's it like underfoot after this morning's showers? Undecided on walking boots or wellies. Didn't seem like the showers were too bad, but we're at Bath and West Showground,so who knows what it's like on site (hopefully someone) cheers.
  14. Wandered past Craig Charles show in Shangri La, crowds created an almost impenetrable barrier for anyone trying to pass through, and that was early afternoon. Luckily there's always space and room to chill in Greenfields etc. But it does feel very busy very early now.
  15. Hard to choose yesterday. Got lucky and really enjoyed everyone I saw. From Elle and the Pocket Belles to Clean Bandit, Hacienda Classical to Margo Price. If pushed, Paul Carrick.