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  1. Pukkelpop 2017

    Well, I have avoided the inevitable for as long as I have been able. The reality is real and I cannot Pukkelpop this year. I have know this for quite some time as my cousin announced her wedding over a year ago. I have avoided the forum as much as I can as I did not want to pain myself further! Finally had a proper look at the lineup, Thursday Main Stage is right up my street, even giving me the opportunity to see Interpol before Editors to see if they do sound as similar as I have made them in my head. Ryan Adams then PJ Harvey would have been great. The Friday run of Flaming Lips, London Grammar, Elbow is magnificent. Saturday is pretty weak for me, there are only a couple of things I want to see and I have seen them before, but it would be a good day to explore bands I have not heard of I suppose. Only 3-4 bands I would want to see though. So, I hope you all have a great time and get to see everything you want to see. I'll offer up a prayer to the weather gods for you and with a fair wind and no family weddings I'll see you here next year. As an aside, Wedding is a week on Friday. On the hen do last weekend the bride (my cousin) broke her ankle, so she'll be in plaster on her wedding day - you have to laugh, or you would cry. have fun!
  2. Neil Young

    I like the sound of that track, I shall be buying this record (now bought)
  3. V Festival banning stage times?

    I've looked at V Festival lineup. It's probably best they don't tell people who's playing. Joking aside, they're clearly trying to stop people selling photocopies of the set times, thus denying V further profit. Surely V is on its last legs. Was at Arcade Fire with my mate, the last V he went to had Morrissey and Radiohead. It's changed, times changed, then V seemingly gave up. Shame, as it wasn't that bad 10-15 years back.
  4. Your favourite bar at Glastonbury?

    The Cockmill, The Avalon Inn and just because I go the a lot Mandela. Always have a good chat with strangers in The Cockmill, plenty of places to sit and decent beers.
  5. 20 years of eFestivals

    20 Years. Blimey. I think I've been here for about 10, seems like only yesterday I was asking stupid questions before V2007, then Glastonbury 2008 and then never looked back.
  6. Trailer Tents in Camper Van fields?

    Mine's 4 Berth. Two double beds. Only small but plenty for the two of us. Have a look here: http://www.rivadandysales.co.uk/ Bloke who owns the place is great, really passionate about the keeping the Dandy brand alive.
  7. Trailer Tents in Camper Van fields?

    Yep, I've taken mine several times. There's quite a few knocking about it all shapes and sizes. I've got an 80's Dandy, it's great. Easy to tow, easy to put up and very comfortable.
  8. Which Fest next?

    I'd definitely favour chilled. The "bantz" approach to festivals doesn't float my boat, civilised is the watch word next year.
  9. Which Fest next?

    I've been looking at Deer Shed. Plus Pukkelpop in Belgium. Looked like there's plenty down Dorset but probably a bit far for me. Cornbury and Latitude look good but bit posh for me I think.
  10. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Drop me a line if you need any Vegas info. I've been 17 times in the last 15 years, so petty au fait with the place. Love it, a lot.
  11. Showers

    Stayed at Bath and West, so was able to have a shower every morning. Given how convenient the bus transfer is, you could if you were that way inclined and camped over towards Gate A, head out on the bus to B&W, shower and head back in the time it would take you to walk to the showers on site and queue up. I wouldn't, but you could if you wanted to.
  12. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    I've been researching ultra-light goretex jackets. Expensive, but a worthwhile ritual sacrifice. I want my 2019 kit to be as light as humanly possible. It'll cost, but a sacrifice I'm willing to make to appease the weather gods.
  13. Random bursting into tears

    Emylou breaks my heart, can't listen to it at work as I just cry. Beautiful song.
  14. John Peel crowds

    I'm only there once or twice each year but really like the new location and thoroughly enjoyed Future Islands and Clean Bandit. Crowds were great for both acts, very lively, totally up for it with little or no dickish behavior. Everyone having a good time and looking out for each other. Minor annoyance, the bar needs to turn their tunes off when a band is playing.
  15. Random bursting into tears

    I've been O.K. since I got home. Feeling quite chilled now, the Manchester bombing had really got me down in the run up and I was quite tearful before the festival. Had a good bulb from the minutes silence at the beginning of Hacienda Classical to You Got The Love at the end. Standard tearful episode to Living Years. Then, after that felt happy again. Oddly, a bit of a wobble at Tilbrook/Difford (same at Squeeze last year, I have a distant post club 3am memory of driving home alone with "Tempted" on the radio, weirdly emotional moment on a country road). All in all, I think a bit of free-and-easy sobbing at Hac' and Carrick did me good.