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  1. General News Discussion

    Miliband was ahead by 12-14 points at one stage. Opposition parties traditionally have done better between parliaments and then the government has closed the gap as the election draws in. Last time was remarkable because it turned that trend completely on its head, but now the public are seeing Corbyn in a more traditional sense as a potential PM rather than an underdog I wouldn't be surprised if we revert back to a similar trend. Especially if and when the Tories get a new leader.
  2. it was ticketday last year today ......

    It's been quite nice to not have that stress, especially as last year we missed out on both coach and general - had to wait six agonising months to see if we'd get to see Radiohead on the Pyramid...
  3. Nick Cave

    Would be great to see him get a good length Other Stage headline spot in the dark rather than the fairly short Pyramid sub headliner where he's playing half to another bands fans.
  4. Nick Cave

    God damn, I'm jealous of you guys who still have this magnificent show to look forward to.
  5. Nick Cave

    I predict we will be seeing that kid headlining the Pyramid Stage in 2037. How the hell did he know Nick Cave's entire back catalogue by heart? I thought I was cool for buying No Surprises on cassette as a 12 year old....
  6. LCD Soundsystem....

    Would've loved to have got Losing My Edge in Manchester!
  7. Kingsman Scene at Glastonbury

    Is your son or daughter 12?
  8. The National

    I really enjoyed loads of the new songs. The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness is an absolute beast. Guilty Party was the highlight of the new ones agreed, not even one of my favourites on the new record but really does sound excellent live. First time seeing them so I didn't know how much of a monster they turned Terrible Love into live. 23 song set list though - cracking value!
  9. LCD Soundsystem....

    I don't know of an act whose gigs go by so quickly. Whenever I see them they play decent length sets but last night felt like it was over in the space of half an hour.
  10. Sigur Ros

    I went to see them Saturday night, they're just so reliably brilliant. I loved the times they played with the orchestra but there's an intensity about them as a three piece which wasn't there before, and the light show is stunning. Popplagio manages to throw the rest of the gig into shade it's that good.
  11. LCD Soundsystem....

    Oh last night was just magical. We stupidly thought it wise to hang back initially as up front was too crowded and we wanted room to dance. That was a terrible idea as the sound was shit and people were talking, manage to get in via the sides during Tribulations and from then on it was just amazing. Obvious highlights were obvious but I always forget what a brilliant song Home is.
  12. LCD Soundsystem....

    Really excited about tonight though would have been mildly disappointed in last nights setlist as much I'm sure it was a brilliant night. Not sure why they're playing You Wanted a Hit and I Can Change (two of their weaker songs IMO) when there's so much good stuff being left unplayed. Also hope they play the title track from American Dream tonight, doesn't seem to have been played last night but maybe James thought it was more of a Sunday evening jam...
  13. Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    Considering one of them spoke on stage applauded and cheered by about 80,000 adoring fans, I would say yes.
  14. Arcade Fire

    Have seen they're advertising this album on prime time TV slots - saw an advert on Channel 4 last night. Can't even remember the last time any sort of rock band advertised their album like this. Just a shame so much of the album is disappointing...
  15. LCD Soundsystem....

    That looks like it was knocked up by a GCSE Computer Science student. Pretty shite. Hopefully the music is much better!