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  1. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    see superorganism have forgot about the midlands! damn!
  2. The Gaming Thread

    anyone played Hearts of iron? worth getting need a good strategy game to get my hands and mind around!
  3. Meltdown 2018

    UMMM Maybshewill....... I thought they split, they are my fav band!
  4. Football 17/18

    3rd time at wembley with Shrewsbury, 3rd loss, my dads 4th and 4th loss, i hate wembley, the trip home is the worst, seeing the other half of the stadium celeberate is the worst. even if its just the checkatrade trophy this had me the most down. If we played our game we would have won, but we let them bully us and let them play their game, didnt turn up at all. hate it!
  5. Football 17/18

    That's what a lot of fans (not all) of bigger clubs think unfortunately
  6. 2000 Trees

    FR, Blood red Shoes and ASIWYFA hmmmmm now I'm tempted
  7. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Saw an Icelandic band called Vok couple of nights ago in Nottingham, spontaneous gig. Pretty darn good live they were! would recommend seeing them think they only have a London date left.
  8. Pukkelpop 2018

    If I end up booking tickets and Justice clash with Kendrick .....
  9. Latitude 2018

    if you are going check out Nelson Can, brilliant Danish band, also preferred them to Royal Blood when I saw them support them in Copenhagen.
  10. Pukkelpop 2018

    Oscar and the Wolf was actually pretty good when I saw him waiting for Muse at Lowlands couple of years back and got a huge reaction don't need to see him again mind! there are some nice bands here and there.. just noticed Death from Above and Grizzly Bear, still not enough
  11. Pukkelpop 2018

    don't have enough holidays left to do a full week, otherwise I would do!
  12. Pukkelpop 2018

    not enough to be honest to fork out the 350+ its going to cost me, shame I have no idea which festival to do anymore
  13. Pukkelpop 2018

    oh hello Incubus!!
  14. Football 17/18

    Photos will be up shortly (well this week, stag do has rendered me useless) Was a great atmosphere, helped by an unbelievable performance by Koln, the reaction when they showed the league table and they were not bottom was brilliant! Leverkusen on the other hand, never seen a poorer performance, showed nothing.
  15. Pukkelpop 2018

    boom Arcade Fire ....now I am tempted, cant afford it, but that's has never stopped me

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