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  1. NOS ALIVE 2016

    playing Superbock so wont be at Nos
  2. Rock Werchter 2016

    Rammstein is definitely a big headliner  
  3. Festival Number 6 - Portmeirion, Wales

    ok lineup ...but still 200 quid ...cant get myself to spend that money on a small festival
  4. Bilbao BBK 2016

    Slaves, Chvrches, Love of Lesbian and Inheaven not a bad little announcement making my choice between this and FIB close
  5. Latitude 2016

    Nope .. That would be switching Friday and sat ..not sat and sun
  6. Latitude 2016

    maybe switch the sat and sun Radio 6 headliners around ...seems to make more sense
  7. Bennicassim 2016

    trying to figure out a cheap way of getting there nothing leaps out at the moment id rather avoid camping but what is it like there? chilled, noisy? and the shade situation   fly to Alicante and then back from Barcelona seems to be the cheaper option atm with the bus from Eufest for transfers
  8. Bennicassim 2016

    nice announcement! that is tempting
  9. Lineup 2016

    anyone ruled out The Killers? ...playing American festivals in July ...(probably should check if they are in August as well) could do the European festivals in august ...This, Pukkelpop, Rock en Seine or if not this then V
  10. Latitude 2016

    Think they are rumoured for bennicasim as well will see today if they are playing ...might not leave a lot of time if they are   id imagine they would play the 15th if they are looking at those dates
  11. Slam Dunk 2016

    id go for Yellowcard doing Ocean Avenue in full that album, not a lot else though which is a shame
  12. Y NOT FESTIVAL 2016

    The Hives make me tempted to go anywhere ....most entertaining live band there is!
  13. Pukkelpop 2016

    chance of Muse now after Sziget announcement
  14. NOS ALIVE 2016

    Bilbao also has a lot more festival competition than Nos has   think that's more to do with it than Budgets
  15. NOS ALIVE 2016

    yeah I think they had Pearl Jam fall through and just bumped Pixies up   smaller on the poster probably because they are smaller bands ..and you would want your main selling points in bigger font don't think Disclosure and Sam smith were as big as Muse on last years poster