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  1. which would be the best train station to arrive at from Amsterdam airport? thanks
  2. Isnt Erwin only on Loan from us? (leeds) showed glimpses of promise last season, would of liked Evans to have given him more playing time towards the end of the season
  3. they still have names to release idea on beer/food prices although i think its on the pricey side ...same with most festivals that dont use a cash based system
  4. one thing that is swaying me is that posh camping is pretty cheap compared to other festivals meaning i can fly easily thanks for the help though!
  5. Hi all Anyone with any tips for this festival? Thinking of going this year. Main Stage in a tent? is it big enough? thats my first question! very good lineup though so it has tempted me away from a 3rd Pukkelpop
  6. hmm does someone clash with the headliners? cos I have no interest in Major Lazer but wouldn't mind some of the other acts on friday
  7. does seem a bit strange although I did hear she was brilliant and one of the highlights at last years festival
  8. never thought I would of liked Florence until I saw her live ...very very good and for sure a worthy Headliner
  9. id classify Pixies and chemical brothers as the same as Stone Roses and Justice a few years ago ...Stone Roses had a very small crowd and only really well received by the british in the crowd wouldn't say for sure that there is another band to come due to only big bands playing the Thursday
  10. playing Superbock so wont be at Nos
  11. Rammstein is definitely a big headliner
  12. ok lineup ...but still 200 quid ...cant get myself to spend that money on a small festival
  13. Slaves, Chvrches, Love of Lesbian and Inheaven not a bad little announcement making my choice between this and FIB close
  14. Nope .. That would be switching Friday and sat ..not sat and sun
  15. maybe switch the sat and sun Radio 6 headliners around ...seems to make more sense