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  1. good timing that I got a ps4 and those games for free! brilliant value, already worth the years ps+ sub
  2. Lowlands has a lot of extra stuff to do as well. one of the better overseas festivals I have done. one to keep tabs on
  3. around 100 I think, very cheap for what you get
  4. teams tend to leave space and attack Everton, while others sit back and defend not leaving space for Tottenham could be another Benteke
  5. yeah I could tell ...only joking, nope sounded fine! I would be a slurring mess, am when im sober so well done!
  6. when driving on Friday I heard an interview with the founder of the facebook page glasto girls on LLs show (I think) now it was either before Radiohead around 8.50ish or when I started driving at about 6.45ish in the evening
  7. time for a next gen console I think, just need to choose now! both cheap enough with an extra controller and a game (under 250) need to look at local multiplayer games and see which have the best, will probs come down to that. shocked at how many more exclusives the ps4 has though
  8. Mastodon and Opeth tours! might go for both
  9. got stuck on tube at Bethnal green for a while before getting off and walking, were not letting people into the tube as far as I could see, we were lucky to not be able to get on the first 4 tubes as we were due to get off at bank. Festival was brilliant! Moderat were amazing King Gizzard were different class, tent went crazy. RTJ were brilliant as well! special mention the Methyl Ethel who pulled a big crowd and put on a great performance as well Toilet, food and drink queues were non existent up the top end away from the barn. definitely the busy area Would 100% go again
  10. can not wait for this, but gutted I will be missing Apex twin though Finishing off with Moderat, Sinkane, Whitney, King Gizzard, Slowdive, then either RTJ or Thee oh Sees debating whether or not to do an after party as well..depends on how much money I spend on the day I think
  11. bit behind just finished Wolf among us...loved it although the ending was a bit ordinary I thought need to get more into gaming which is not just RTS etc...pretty much every game on steam is some sort of RTS or Sim never played Mass Effect 1, love 2 and 3 so have got that on PS3 same with Uncharted. really need to give them a proper go
  12. cheers, they have just tweeted me saying I can scan on gate though! will make sure I double check when im there.
  13. got mine on Dice idea if I have to collect at the box office though
  14. guessing the distance between shackwell and the barn is too far to get from aphex to Thee oh sees so might try and catch some Slowdive before Thee oh Sees not as bad as I was expecting with clashes though which is good
  15. pretty much the exact list I have others you might like, Whitney, Forest Swords, Haelos, Lena Willikens, Moderat, Survive