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  1. Black Peaks are amazing, saw them a couple of weeks ago. a must see
  2. Nadine Shah also very very good and worth checking out
  3. saw him there as well, was great. However saw him at Lowlands last year and was a bit boring
  4. Thursday alone is amazing, clashes all of the place I imagine though
  5. exactly what I would hope for, will end up clashing with PJH and will be a disaster!
  6. much better announcement, but again 2/3 of the headliners do nothing for me at all more likely will go to this than latitude though
  7. close to me, tempted after Latitudes announcement.
  8. must of heard correctly ha
  9. nothing really that makes me want to part with 200 quid Field day might be the only festival I do this year Placebo yes, Fleet Foxes yes but don't think they should headline, couple of smaller bands
  10. pretty sure every festival always says its going to be the biggest line up yet ha im really hoping for Bjork to be announced as the 3rd headliner, I would get a ticket there and then
  11. Lana Del Rey subbing 1975 or co-headlining? would be strong and another reason for upped capacity along with Mumford and sons. then maybe somebody bigger that nobody has thought of due to underestimating the size of the headliners etc.
  12. don't think they could put him in the comedy tent though, surely too big a name and would be more dangerous?
  13. New festival just announced in Hull and Birmingham Hull - 23/06/17 - Primal Scream, Echo & the Bunneymen, Vant - 24/06/17 - The Flaming Lips, Public Service Broadcasting Birmingham - 12/08/17 - The Flaming Lips, Public Service Broadcasting Should hopefully go to the Birmingham date!
  14. dont hate them, but was hoping for someone better if it is true
  15. James Blake only played 2 years ago but I wouldn't be surprised to see him again as he is about