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  1. Rock Werchter 2016

    if that's true I imagine they were unsure of touring in the first place ....shame if it is true...they might as well never tour over here again then
  2. Who's watching what on tv

    leftovers is my fav series on tv atm   season 2 has been brilliant
  3. Sigur Ros

    also watch Heima the dvd ....great dvd, and they play in some stunning locations around Iceland
  4. Latitude 2016

    ignore above with Citadel headlining news
  5. Latitude 2016

    Sigur Ros just announced for Dour Festival the week before  ....maybe a tent headliner now..not sure they are big enough for mainstage unfortunately ..well for me
  6. Who's watching what on tv

    Jessica jones has grabbed me more than Daredevil did...think its better imo   love it!
  7. Got any gigs coming up?

      Leicester for Handmade festival
  8. Got any gigs coming up?

    heard a few news outlest mentioning it might of been targeted due to it being a death metal gig takes one staff member to do a 5 second google to get a news story correct...well that's how it works in newsroom!     anyway back to topic   Maybeshewill, Explosions in the Sky and 65 days of Static in a 3 week period in april ....bring on the instrumental
  9. Football 2015/16

    premier league playing the French national anthem before the games this weekend....Wembley was perfectly done, this just seems like they don't want to be seen missing out...which Is doing it for the wrong reasons
  10. Slam Dunk 2016

    hoping for Turbowolf
  11. The Vinyl Thread

    Sigur ros are re-releasing Takk ...but 45 quid after postage ...hmmmm   would sound great though
  12. Got any gigs coming up?

    Saw Between the Buried and me on Friday night ...on top form once again, brilliant band.   and then bit of a change with Florence and the Machine on sat night ...again really really good. lots of energy and sounded great   only got Turbowolf and Maybeshewill coming up now
  13. Football 2015/16

    I set myself a target of 50 sporting venues by the end of last year ..was on 26 I think and had a year and half ...managed it with the Superdome in New Orleans being my 50th   13 sports in 10 countries   loved it ...need to get back on it though ... just done Aviva Stadium for my first Rugby game so that's 14 sports in 11 countries  
  14. Football 2015/16

    ever been to any swiss games? similar atmospheres and always a great laugh   try to get to watch FC Luzern every year always the most fun I have   just avoid Zurich stadium....worst I have been too       and yes wasn't half bad for a 2nd division team   don't like that they don't release the exact dates and times though fairly close to the game week...makes short weekend planning a pain if trying to catch more than one
  15. Football 2015/16

        think it was 40 quid and pretty much the last two tickets available vs Hamburg   great game though 5-3 ....   Dusseldorf was a good laugh much better city than I expected ...saw them in the 2nd league though and the football was shocking ..dull 1-0 win vs Sandhausen   fancy a trip to Hamburg for either them, Bremen or St.Pauli