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  1. cheers, they have just tweeted me saying I can scan on gate though! will make sure I double check when im there.
  2. got mine on Dice idea if I have to collect at the box office though
  3. guessing the distance between shackwell and the barn is too far to get from aphex to Thee oh sees so might try and catch some Slowdive before Thee oh Sees not as bad as I was expecting with clashes though which is good
  4. pretty much the exact list I have others you might like, Whitney, Forest Swords, Haelos, Lena Willikens, Moderat, Survive
  5. Times announced next week (just seen a tweet from them)
  6. damn the Marquee and the Club on the last day are good!
  7. WWE

    Wasn't sure on jinder....but I have to say he looks brilliant with the belt! was a decent Smackdown
  8. if prices are ok im there for Travis ..who are doing The Man who in full! im probably the only person on these boards excited by that! they are always good live as well
  9. im sure I saw on a facebook comment from FD that they were not as well
  10. just hope Moderat don't clash with Death grips now will probably choose Thee Oh Sees as well
  11. Worst- Minsk to Vilnius hell train, about 2 hours at each border and a train that didn't feel fit to go ..better than Belarusian air though. best- train between Nice and Marseille with what felt like half of Hungary and Iceland on it for the Euros amazing atmosphere
  12. went to Disney world a couple of weeks ago, expected to not like it....but absolutely loved it! amazing time! 1. Lion King 2. Mulan 3. Aristocats 4. Beauty and the Beast 5. Fantasia 6. Jungle Book 7.Aladdin 8. Nightmare before Christmas 9. Peter Pan 10. Bambi
  13. Black Peaks are amazing, saw them a couple of weeks ago. a must see
  14. Nadine Shah also very very good and worth checking out
  15. saw him there as well, was great. However saw him at Lowlands last year and was a bit boring