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  1. Definitely 2015 as the Other stage is the new shape
  2. It's excellent. It runs at set times (around hourly) to different areas of the site such as T&C field and the Park. We've used them on a few occasions and they have never been that busy. It might be a lot busier on the first and last bus of the day mind.
  3. We've had use of the disabled access for the last 3 years. We've always arrived on the Wednesday, the first time we got there just before gates opened and we queued about an hour. The second and third year we arrived at 2ish and there was no queue to get your wristbands only a wait for the buses to get people to spring ground.
  4. One bit of advice I thought was useful. When using a walking stick in the dark tape a couple of glow sticks to it. It means people have a better chance of giving you a bit of space especially after a headliner has finished.
  5. Yes they bus you in to spring ground camping area. Sometimes you can queue for an hour for a bus but the queue is basically getting a number and sitting down until your number is called.
  6. After Joe Strummer died the festival placed a stone where Joe Strummer had his campfires.
  7. He didn't create Strummerville. He had a camp fire every year with friends and anyone could sit there and join in. When he died the stone was placed where the campfire was held. The Strummerville charity was set up after his death by his friends/family. All I'm saying is that it is a shame that it had to move away from the stone and the Strummer stone is now not accessible to the general public. Before Strummerville even came on to the festival the Strummer stone area used to be a brilliant place to sit and chat around a campfire with other random people. You don't have to get to the stone via the SE corner, you can reach it through the craft field so a small area could easily be opened up so people could get there.
  8. It's not the same now it's moved away from its spiritual home near the Strummer stone. Also because of that the stone is now only (officially) accessible to unfairground workers.
  9. evolution_of_man.jpg

    From the album evolution of man