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  1. The jacket was because it was during the Capello era. I had the glasses on as well but they must have come off in all the excitement of us scoring.
  2. Sorry but we won both fair and square. 2009 - you couldn't beat England's number one and we easily won. The chanting from the crowd and scenes at the end when the England fans piled on the keeper were the highlight. 2010 - this one was a bit of a closer game with a couple of dubious decisions I agree but you couldn't get near the two young Geordie brothers in midfield. Highlight of this one was when the lad was getting strechered off on a camp bed and it collapsed. Nal - Not that photo again!
  3. The eFestivals Glastonbury World Cup, England v The Rest of the World charity match for WaterAid happened twice 09 and 10 with the house band Hobo Jones and the Junkyard Dogs kicking things off. Me and Chazeboy organised it and the main reason we stopped was the amount of time it took up before the festival. Michael Eavis set us a target of £6000 to raise in 2010 and this took up a huge amount of our (and others) free time to raise over that. They were both fantastic experiences on the day though and a few of us still meet up at the eFestivals Wednesday meet to reminisce. I meet up with Chazeboy 2/3 times a year now and when drunk we have often talked about doing it again. Then we sober up and remember the effort. Anyway England won two years running so to risk that unbeaten run and the chance for Chazeboy to get hold of the cup would be stupid
  4. Did you leave a hand written sign in the shops near the green fields? I remember we saw a sign saying something like 'I've lost my wedding ring. Hand in if found otherwise I can't go home'.
  5. Definitely 2015 as the Other stage is the new shape
  6. It's excellent. It runs at set times (around hourly) to different areas of the site such as T&C field and the Park. We've used them on a few occasions and they have never been that busy. It might be a lot busier on the first and last bus of the day mind.
  7. We've had use of the disabled access for the last 3 years. We've always arrived on the Wednesday, the first time we got there just before gates opened and we queued about an hour. The second and third year we arrived at 2ish and there was no queue to get your wristbands only a wait for the buses to get people to spring ground.
  8. From the album evolution of man