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  1. I've said this all along, some people are thick as shit.... they are here to protect us, stop moaning is tight, police and dogs . End of story
  2. Well it's finally time, just finishing loading up, and getting on the road. have an awesome time! see you in a field Funk x
  3. The crew campsite,is inside the fence?
  4. Spot in n Neil ! I'm truly gutted this year that we have have this bullshit . I'm a cv this time, but really worried about people in the queue tomorrow in the heat. As the Glasto addiction takes over, many will be knackered from queing overnight, and then potentially sat in the heat. Will this knock on effect those at castle Carey? when I meet the security/ police today, I will politely comment, just to say I'm guted that it's come to this, then thank them for being here, I've got some spare frozen bottles of water in the fridge to hand out, if they are looking a bit baked Funk
  5. Anyone got this stream working ? iOS tunein
  6. I just think taking an axe to site is completely dull, considering what's going on. In the same way I have swapped my claw hammer for a mallet , to assist with tent pegs cmon use some sense
  7. The sock trick works, I used it in Iraq with cans of coke
  8. Maybe don't take an axe , I used to take it be for fires, but it seems fires at camp are very rare now
  9. picking up some "gossip"from Glasto Ch@t From people arriving, bear in mind that these potentially are parking within the fence "There have been a number of posts about the searches, so here is my experience today. Glove box and all cubby holes in the car searched. Under the front seats, around the spare wheel under the boot carpet. And all my bags underwent a thorough poking and prodding. Yes it's going to slow things down.but don't get lippy maintain a sense of humour and we will all remain safe." --------- "Had sniffer dogs in my campervan today and policeman said only trained for weapons not drugs as they don't wanna spoil everyone's fun lol security didn't take long at all" ---------
  10. Don't look back at last year, look forward with a cheeky glint in your eye... you know what's coming!
  11. As always
  12. Nope
  13. i posted this last year, but fancy its time for a repost "The Best Weekend of my Life" Year 95. (age20) After much debate with my mates who couldn't aford to go to Glasto. I decided Feck this I'm going anyway. No ticket !! Woke up on the Thursday morning, grabbed a handfull of clothes, threw them in a bag and caught the train to Cardiff. Whilst wandering around the platform trying to work out the trains, "that "sweet smell wafted my way. I followed the smell to group of peeps hanging about, they looked way more prepared than me. We chatted and they were heading down to Glasto, Ben, Rich & Chris who were also ticketless. We laughed and chilled out on the train. They explained how we could jump the fence. Finally arrived at Castle Cary, joined the queue for the buses, and headed towards the site. I was eager to get a glimpse of Glasto from the bus window, nothing but fence. Got off the bus and was constantly hassled by touts and dealers keen to push their wares. Rich tugged my arm, suggesting we "make a move" and find a way in........ After walking for some time following the steel wall, we met a two guys with a rope ladder. "£20 and your in" they were shouting from the top of the fence. We joined the desperate queue of ticketless excitement. I climbed the ladder paid the guy at the top. I gasped as looked across the site. WTF the site just looked amazing, so many people, so many tents... The "magic ladder man" suggested I hurried as he spotted a landrover heading our way. I flung myself off the fence as the landrover pulled up. Rich and I ran into the tented city, with 4 security hot on our tails . we split up. I felt I gave them the slip, but lost the guys I met on the train. With heart pounding I sat down beside some people outside their tent. After polite introductions, they let me set up my tent next to theirs. As I began to setup my tent I was greeted with the chants "hash 4 cash, Grass, Dreams 4 sale". Three sellers appeared with various goods to buy. everything from ZeroZero, Rocky to Northern lights. I purchased a selection, at a very reasonable price I began to consume the Northen Lights, and passed it around to my new neighbors.. there was a strange noise in the distance, like white noise, it got louder and louder as it travelled towards us.. It was cheering, people screaming and shouting.. we all joined in this overwhelming noise as it passed us and headed around the valley. this "mexican wave shouting", seem to go on for some time, Each time it swept passed we all jumped up and cheered... My god my whole body just glowed with excitement !! It finally hit me..... I'm in Glasto !! My jaw was really starting to ache with my stretched smile, so with tears of joy in my eyes I went for a bimble. ------------------------------------------------------------------ I walked down to the pyramid, and was just amazed at the size of everything, the stage the sound system the field just everything. Listened to the sound check, was like listening to worlds best HiFi. I could hear and feel every bit of the music. They were playing Star 6789 by the orb.. I found the outdoor cinema field that early evening and sat down to “relax” . Leftism started to play and the screen was displaying some amazing video that Leftfield had produced for their album. Was just truly awesome, as the sun slowly sank into the green fields. That evening a total blur, just remember walking around gobsmacked at the sheer size of the place. Getting totally lost, and couldn't even rember where I had camped. Took me 3 hours to find “home” I made some amazing friends, and was always greeted with a smile. The next few days I discovered the other stages , which hosted “the shamen, prodigy, massive attack" I remember watching the old bill giving it serious shapes... the place was kicking as the lasers punched holes through the sky. “we are phorever people” we all chanted....... as the beat kicked us off our feet. Orbital on the pyramid was something else !! ( im the dude with baseball hat and goaty nodding like feck at 7.17 clinging to the front barrier) turbosound kicking, bladder resonating .. Oh my god Pulp on the Pyramid So many amazing things happened that weekend, I felt like I had discovered another life, another part of me that I really never knew existed.....I have never ever felt so euphoric !! So many highlights... I've waffled quite a bit .. This weekend changed my life, I hope it changes yours ! Never ever take Glasto for granted !!!! Can't wait to be back home Funk x 0
  14. Cant wait to be home !
  15. There's many like me and will be a lot more this year ! i will be the one smiling with tears s of joy running down my face, watching the first sunset Wednesday night up on the ribbon Tower Hill. People cheering as the sunset melts, into the valley,