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  1. Glastonbury Keep Sakes !

    in the font used on the handmade signs?
  2. Glastonbury Keep Sakes !

    Found this ! what an awesome idea.. https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/585874863/glastonbury-festival-sign-worthy-farm?ref=shop_home_active_1
  3. What made you cry at Glasto?

    I think you knocked the nail on the head ! I remember sat up by the piano, again at the stones , one guy plays fix you, we all join in.. he was good. Then it went up a notch when a young girl played and sang "someone like you", I look around, everyone is singing, many with tears rolling down, I'm sat on the floor in front of the crowd, looking at these happy people, the moment was something else, so organic, so real!
  4. What made you cry at Glasto?

    Haha , I think we know each other lol
  5. What made you cry at Glasto?

    For me it was three things. meeting the most amazing neighbors, who gave me cake, whilst helping me with my awning, belly ache cake laughs Tuesday afternoon. This year my mission was to get up to the stone circle, first thing, my first point of call so to speak. Put things to bed, and look out over the site thinks by about the year ahead x Well Wednesday I'm up by the stones, under the big tree, in the shade. Contiplating the festival, and chatting with strangers l, whilst starring across the site. Suddenly a transit van drives up , and a baby grand piano is unloaded. This bloke then plays the most amazing music, so ambient and moody, just so perfectly timed, tears were running down my face, thinking I'm Home again, god Glasto how I missed you X Wednesday night, Up by ribbon tower, watching the sunset before the fireworks
  6. Which Fest next?

    This sounds stunning ! Thanks for the replies everyone
  7. Which Fest next?

    Anyone ?
  8. Which Fest next?

    As always Glasto delivered, and now my wife is hooked (her first fest) so looking for another fest this year, not too keen on it being ravey. We appeared to spend more time north of railway. So looking at somethImg Somerset way this summer. Was thinking Whirly Faye, Sunrise, BGG I welcome your assistance, advice, experience Funk x
  9. What made you smile ?

    I met you whilst watching Paul currie
  10. F*cked people 2017

    I really think that this should of been broadcasted on twitter ! Or g app etc, potentially could of helped someone
  11. New security measures in place

    I've said this all along, some people are thick as shit.... they are here to protect us, stop moaning lol....security is tight, police and dogs . End of story
  12. I'm on the road - thread !

    Well it's finally time, just finishing loading up, and getting on the road. have an awesome time! see you in a field Funk x
  13. On site observations

    The crew campsite,is inside the fence?
  14. New security measures in place

    Spot in n Neil ! I'm truly gutted this year that we have have this bullshit . I'm a cv this time, but really worried about people in the queue tomorrow in the heat. As the Glasto addiction takes over, many will be knackered from queing overnight, and then potentially sat in the heat. Will this knock on effect those at castle Carey? when I meet the security/ police today, I will politely comment, just to say I'm guted that it's come to this, then thank them for being here, I've got some spare frozen bottles of water in the fridge to hand out, if they are looking a bit baked Funk