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  1. Chester Bennington

    So over the last few years, many famous people have passed away. This one hit me the hardest, and are by far the best band I have seen live. Chester was something else, his stage presence, his voice was unbelievable. I will forever be saddened by this, and regret not seeing them more. Hope he has finally found peace.
  2. Chester Bennington

    Horrible. Can't believe it.
  3. Lack of facilities and end of Gate D hell

    I heard they handed out a lot of water later on. If you were only, you didn't get it. We prepared for it though so I wasn't too bothered.
  4. Glastonbury Toe

    No glasto toe for me this year. Had it for about 3 months after last year.
  5. Liver damage

    I had 5 days of the runny pellets.
  6. Fake security?

    I had the same, where some guy came up with a walkie talkie, saying I was being dodgy and he would need to search me etc... told him to fuck off. He didn't come back to me after that, so I assume it was a hoax. Up near the stone circle / park.
  7. Ban Grime at Glastonbury

  8. Liver damage

    Had a week off, back on it now.
  9. Dick move of your festival......

    So, my mate go over excited in the foos and punched me in the ribs. Been to the docs today, cracked rib. Wooo
  10. Sexual Assauly at Silver Hayes

    With you on this one!
  11. Did you leave a trace?

    Took everything home and cleared up like any normal person. There's no excuses really.
  12. Money

  13. Glastonbury 2017 Awards

    Best act: Royal Blood Best song: Foos - Run Best discovery: Anderson .paak - never heard of him prior to the line up announcement - absolutely class Most frequented stage: Pyramid
  14. Suicide Tuesday

    Suicide isn't a joke.
  15. Rude,pushy,aggressive young girls

    Strange, I saw couple of strange guys pretending not to be with each other, then looking like they were up to no good. Made my friend feel really uncomfortable so we left.