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  1. Lars Ulrich being present. I expect when I check the webcam in the winter, he'll be camping in the pyramid stage waiting for 2019.
  2. Come to think of it, loads of people were off their faces watching Anderson .paak, it was quite entertaining watching them. One girl had Coke all over her face, she wasn't even hiding it.
  3. 1) don't allow me to drink spirits 2) damn chairs 3) a taxi service
  4. Me, other stage at about 1/2am. I was pissed, decided to have a sit down against a flag pole (bad idea). Fell asleep, woke up in confusion and couldn't move. Had to phone friends to come and get me. Damn I was a state. Apologies for anyone that had to witness that.
  5. The sun going behind a cloud on the Wednesday.
  6. I finally got round to no bones jones. Absolutely lovely!
  7. 57 miles and I thought I got around.
  8. M3 north was closed due to a body being discovered.
  9. I had some good days, and some bad days. I went too hard on the Saturday, and it really ruined my Sunday which was my own fault, still feeling the effects now. Positives: Excellent weather, royal blood, Anderson .paak, major lazer, Foo fighters, deaf Havana, slaves, Biffy & comfortable temperature at nights. Had some great moments of pure joy and escaping to the stone circle when I wanted to get away. Negatives: went too hard on the Saturday night, got slaughtered and was sick. I didn't go with my girlfriend this year, and we've never spent more than a couple of days apart over the past 5 years, so when Saturday / Sunday came around, I was missing her. Lastly, I found people were a lot more friendlier last year. Some utter ignorance from people who are only caring about no.1. Barging people out the way, stopping in groups in the middle of walk ways, I could go on. Overall, I would give this year a 6/10.
  10. I think I can hear a couple of guys hopping from tent to tent. Haven't heard any commotion so I think they are going in tents people have left and having a rummage around.
  11. I hate a feeling he said when Brad Pitt screwed his organised fight up. Haven't watched it in a while though.
  12. Bricktop I think says it too.
  13. I wouldn't watch Snatch if I was you.
  14. Finishing work tomorrow at 15:30, getting dropped off at Andover Station to catch my 5pm train. I will be heading to Bristol Parkway via two changes. Picked up at Bristol by my friend. Off to a pub for a meal somewhere around Bristol followed by a wander round Tesco collecting all the small things. By that point, we will then head to glastonbury, park up, have a beer or 2, sleep. Up at 5/6 to join the queue.
  15. What with handlerbars? I've down graded to just a tasche now as it just didn't look right.