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  1. Headliners 2016

    You could be right about it being deliberate but I also remember them being really pissed off at the reaction of the crowd at R&L and they played V the next year (from memory). You are right. The next two albums have been much better. I thought suck and see was them going back to basics rather than any Great Leap Forward like AM it will be v interest what direction their next album will be in
  2. Headliners 2016

    Just checked. I stand corrected. I remember watching an interview on MTV and they said they wouldn't play anything off their first album. Regardless of my mistake they were still fucking shit
  3. Headliners 2016

    To add to above. It was by far the worst headline set i have ever seen by a band I like and wanted to see
  4. Headliners 2016

    It was worse than that! i was there when they were subbing a few years earlier and the atmosphere was electric. The band couldn't believe the reaction they were getting. Fast forward a few years to the humbug album. And as a band they had collectively disappeared up their own arses. They announced they wouldn't play anything off their first album. Turner was fucked on something and it was dreadful. I think the reaction to the album and that appearance at R&L shocked them and since then their last two albums were good and the state lists much better i enjoyed the Glastonbury headline set. It was good with out being great i always thought turner modelled himself on shakin Stevens rather than elvis
  5. Headliner predictions 2017

    Looks like we have the same source just checked red issue and I assume you have the same username on both sites
  6. Headliner predictions 2017

    I also read this on another forum (red issue) a few weeks ago and posted it on here. The bloke who posted it also got the headliners right for the last two years. Is it the same source?
  7. Headliner predictions 2017

    A lad has posted on a football forum I look at that the other headliners are Sheeran and the Foos. He claims he posted the headliners for the past two years before they were announced and he certainly did so last year but it was much later than this (could have been an educated guess on his part) Dont know if he is ITK just thought I would pass on the info i hope it's correct as its made Mrs Beaker (aka Dotty) very happy that the Foos are playing
  8. Memories of T-Day in 2004

    This was my first time going to Glastonbury. I didn't have a computer do went to a mates. My girlfriend (now wife) stayed at work. I was getting nowhere and fucked up by coming out of the browser. So I went on Efestivals and read your post. Got my tickets 10 mins later. I was buzzing. It was the first of many times this site has helped me get Glastonbury tickets thanks

    If I am there you will be 1 of 99,999 as I don't know the words
  10. Glastonbury 2016 - In Retrospect

    2016 was good but not great. I judge all Glastonburys by 2009 and this didn't match up to it (Blur was probably the highlight of my gig going career) The mud was reason for this. It was such a slog. We didn't manage to get on the campervan fields and ended up on the showgrounds. This had pros and cons but I now know that I prefer to be in the East field (was thinking of trying west) esp at 3 am when you have to walk for an hour from the naughty corner to gate A through the mud! I thought there was less nob heads than usual. I didn't explore the circus fields and the far flung corners of the site as much as wanted to my Thursday night was great as Mrs Beaker (AKA No place like home) took me to new and exciting places which she has never took me to before (at least at a festival)! But i had lots of fun in difficult conditions and cannot wait until 2017 (if i get a ticket)
  11. 2017 Ticket Sale

    Gutted. We also didn't get in the camper van field but didn't complain as we were told we would get our camper van ticket refunded and we didn't want to take the money from the festival. If I knew we could but our tickets hassle free I would have complained
  12. Headliners 2016

    Stuart maconie made a similar point he thought they were to similar to be the headliners
  13. Headliners 2016

    Don't know if it means anything but The music reporter on 6 music reckons that the headliners are muse radiohead coldplay although she did say that it's what she thinks rather than what she knows
  14. New Order

    From another forum Audio http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p034sfzk video http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06hcdky interview http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p034sm8h __________________
  15. New Order

    Currently listening to new order live on 6music They sound fucking class. I can't keep my feet still I am now of the opinion that the only place they should play is headlong the John peel stage with a class light show It would be brilliant if they did