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  1. Headliner predictions 2017

    Looks like we have the same source just checked red issue and I assume you have the same username on both sites
  2. Headliner predictions 2017

    I also read this on another forum (red issue) a few weeks ago and posted it on here. The bloke who posted it also got the headliners right for the last two years. Is it the same source?
  3. Headliner predictions 2017

    A lad has posted on a football forum I look at that the other headliners are Sheeran and the Foos. He claims he posted the headliners for the past two years before they were announced and he certainly did so last year but it was much later than this (could have been an educated guess on his part) Dont know if he is ITK just thought I would pass on the info i hope it's correct as its made Mrs Beaker (aka Dotty) very happy that the Foos are playing

    If I am there you will be 1 of 99,999 as I don't know the words
  5. New Order

    From another forum Audio http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p034sfzk video http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06hcdky interview http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p034sm8h __________________
  6. New Order

    Currently listening to new order live on 6music They sound fucking class. I can't keep my feet still I am now of the opinion that the only place they should play is headlong the John peel stage with a class light show It would be brilliant if they did
  7. New Order

    I remember the last time they played, Neil said (at the risk of being wrong!) that the main Pyramid Booker was a big New Order fan. So if the Booker is the still the same person and on Team Sumner (rather than Team Hooky) they may get an early evening set... Personally I think they would be more suited to Headling JP.
  8. Super Furry Animals!

    I wanted The Man don't give a f@ck for our first dance but my wife put a stop to it. We also put a play list together for the DJ. there was no way we were having any dreadful pop music at our wedding. The first 2 rules were no R&B no you'll never walk alone And because of these rules and our playlist our wedding had by far the best music I have ever heard at a wedding disco. We also looked at one DJ who said on his website I will not take any play lists or suggestions. I have been doing this for X years and I know what works. no chance!

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